Bike sport and meditation meditation has a positive effect on your performance simple bikepacking

With regard to cycling seem meditation. sports seem to be two very different activities. While cycling is active, fast-paced and sometimes adventurous, meditation is a very calm, static and decelerating activity.

You do not have to be particularly spiritual or believe in the supernatural to meditate. What exactly meditation is and what the effects on your athletic performance are- you will find out in this article.

In addition, I have some Meditation apps tried out, which I'll briefly introduce to you in this post.

Guest article – This article was written by a guest author. More information about the author can be found in the author's box at the end of the article. What is meditation. Mindfulness?It seems to be like a new trend: Both the Meditate as well as the subject Mindfulnessare currently on everyone's lips. Because these topics are common across so many cultures, it's hard to say how long meditation has been around.

But meditation is probably a practice as old as mankind itself. Your Origin has the meditation in Asia and is currently spreading more and more in our western world.

What is meditation

Meditation is the application of techniques such as Mindfulness or the Focus of the mind to a specific object, thought or activity.

In Kung Fu Panda Master Oogway said to Po:

"You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There's a saying: 'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present'."

We are constantly worrying about what was and what will come, but rarely about this, what is now. Meditation brings us closer again, helps us to be more concentrated and not to lose focus.

What does mindfulness mean

Mindfulness is the mental state, in which we focus our attention focus on what is happening in the here and now. It means the moment, observe a condition, the environment or a thought without evaluating it.

We often tend to judge everything – being mindful means not doing just that. Often in life we find ourselves as if in Autopilot, trapped in our thought carousel we drift through our life.

By practicing mindfulness, you regain more personal responsibility and improve your ability to make your own decisions consciously.

The effect of meditation on health

Sports scientists see meditation as one of the most effective and yet most underutilized methods of Stress and anxiety in sports and competitions diminish. In addition, it can Regeneration promote and help to cope with the ever-changing environment in a competition.

"A meditation a day keeps the doctor away."

With this saying we connect of course primarily not the meditation, but the apple. Nevertheless, it has been scientifically proven that meditation exercises have a positive effect on our Health Can Have an Impact. Here we explain to you each of three physical. Three mental effects on your health.

Physical effects

A strengthened immune system

Due to Relaxation of the muscles the blood vessels are dilated (sog. vasolidation). This releases molecules and Hormones released, which have strong anti-inflammatory properties (z.B. nitric oxide or protacycline). Thus, the immune system is strengthened and you are less susceptible to viruses.

Faster regeneration

Many sports blogs often address the topic of regeneration, because of course in sports it is a very important process. The connection between body. Spirit is omnipresent to all of us.

If you relax your mind, your muscles will also relax and can regenerate faster. Even a short meditation exercise of 5 to 10 minutes per day reduces the state of tension of the muscles.

Higher oxygen content in the body

Breathing is central to meditation. By taking controlled and deeper breaths during meditation, you can more oxygen are absorbed. Especially breathing through the nose filters dirt and toxins from the air. How we breathe cleaner air. Higher levels of oxygen in the body increase physical and Performance.

Mental effects

Stress Reduction

stress is according to scientists a great driver of Diseases. If we reduce our stress in everyday life and learn to cope better with stress, we can also live healthier lives.

By concentrating on the moment, we leave our everyday life behind for a moment during a meditation exercise. Here's how reduces stress levels.

Better sleep

That sleep is an essential ingredient for health and the Wellbeing is clear. Why most people sleep poorly? A restless mind, too many thoughts, dissatisfaction with oneself. Meditation and mindfulness can help with all of these ies. Because we are more satisfied with ourselves and let our thoughts rest, we also sleep better.

Help with anxiety

Anxiety can overpower our minds. Study showed that meditation helps reduce the amygdala – the fear center of the brain – to calm down. A short meditation practice a day allows our minds to effectively deal with life's anxieties. About the positive effect on well-being. the immune system beyond (Davidson et al. 2003), mindfulness was found to increase gray matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processes (hippocampus), emotion regulation (prefrontal cortex), self-referential processing, and perspective taking (temporal-parietal junction).

(Colzato, L.S., Kibele, A. How Different Types of Meditation Can Enhance Athletic Performance Depending on the Specific Sport Skills. J Cogn Enhanc 1, 122-126 (2017).

Meditation exercises for everyday life – and your bikepacking tour

Meditating can be done pretty much anywhere, you need to no utensils, not gadgets, just for you. Especially on your bike tour through nature you will find countless places where a meditation exercise is appropriate.

A bench by the side of the road, a tree trunk, a piece of green meadow, a stone – no matter where. You sit down, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and arrive – in the here and now.

You're looking for a mediation app? Then just read on..

Meditation apps

In the app stores of this world there are countless meditation apps as little helpers. I have taken a look at some apps and tested them for you. I am happy to give you an insight into my test results.

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