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BKK ProVita: Healthy sleep despite shift work "Healthy sleep despite shift work, is that possible??", the employees of the BRK senior citizens' and nursing home and the rescue station in Waldmunchen asked themselves. Nurses and paramedics work in shifts and thus sleep disorders are virtually pre-programmed. If it goes against the circadian rhythm, sleep quality is impaired and this has physical and psychosocial effects, such as increased susceptibility to infectious agents, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and much more.

The BRK senior citizens' homes and the Waldmunchen rescue service recognized this problem and, together with BKK ProVita, the Cham district association and the Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate district association, held two health days for the employees, each with three workshops – adapted to the shift structure – devoted to the topic of "healthy sleep.

Sleeping well means living better

Monika Eberhardt, qualified trainer for health promotion programs, has almost 30 years of experience with shift work herself. She gave short presentations on the latest scientific findings on the health, physical and psychosocial risks of shift work and worked out individual plans of action with the participants. These included daily structure, sleep-promoting rituals, and identifying and avoiding sleep inhibitors.

The focus of the workshop was on easy-to-learn body-mindfulness exercises based on the principles of relaxed movement and relaxation in motion. Through the body perspective, even people who have little access to meditative relaxation exercises find this training helpful and appealing. "For me, the exercises work convincingly well," said Mr. Paa, the home's director, who himself participated in the workshop.

As an accompanying program, employees were able to expand their knowledge of sleep phases during a tour of the facility. Last but not least, there was an opportunity to sample plant-based vitality snacks. The kitchen of the retirement home prepared these special "nighttime pick-me-ups". Healthy caffeine alternatives like z. B. Cocoa with guarana could be tasted The highlight for the participants was the "Golden Shot", which contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, plant milk and fruit without any added sugar.

The topic of healthy break catering is to be explored in greater depth next year.

A health manager from BKK ProVita was asked questions about nutrition during shift work, and the participants received a compilation of foods that correspond to the categories "pick-me-up" and "pick-me-up". Tiredness project.

The feedback on the campaign was very positive, and the benefits for everyday life were rated particularly highly.

Bkk provita healthy sleep despite shift work bkk umbrella organization


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Gyorgyi Bereczky-Lochli is responsible at the BKK umbrella organization for workplace health promotion in nursing, the Health and Work Initiative (iga), and third-party funded projects such as Mental Health in the World of Work (psyGA) and the Gesund. Strong. Successful. responsible. The sports scientist and consultant for systemic organizational development and change management has many years of experience in the implementation and further development of occupational health management and in advising companies.


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