Black tea healthy these 5 health benefits he has wmn

Black tea healthy: these 5 health benefits it has

Is black tea healthy? These are the 5 benefits of tea& these are possible side effects

by Neele Tomkotter 15.02.2022 – 12:01 h 15.02.2022 – 12:01

You want to know if black tea is healthy? Then find out here what ingredients the tea has and how they affect your body.

Black tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. Millions of people drink this tea every day. But is
black tea ever healthy? We at wmn have gone to the bottom of this question and show you here what you should pay attention to when drinking black tea in any case.

Is black tea healthy – here's what to expect:

What is black tea?

Black tea is mainly grown and then harvested in countries such as Kenya, Indonesia, Nepal and Rwanda. Depending on the variety, the tea can taste either spicy, strong, nutty or even sweet. The most popular varieties are:

The Darjeeling is the most popular among black teas, because it tastes very fine. The Assam tea, on the other hand, has a rather malty note. The Ceylon is very aromatic.

Tip: If you are unsure about the cultivation and working conditions of your black tea, it is better to choose an organic tea from fair trade.

Is black tea healthy? These are the ingredients

But is black tea really healthy? We have taken a look at
Ingredients more closely viewed:

1. Caffeine

As in many other teas, black tea also contains caffeine, which in this case is called teein. Although black tea contains far less caffeine than, for example, a real cup of coffee, but are
20 to 50 milligrams of caffeine per cup not bad at all.

2. Besides a good amount of caffeine, essential oils can also be found in black tea. detect secondary plant substances such as tannins. Tannins are tanning agents of plants. Have a health-promoting effect in smaller amounts.

For example, tannins can Relieve inflammation on the skin and mucous membranes or help with diarrhea. So far one could prove them even a krebshemmende effect.

3. Methylxanthine

Theobromine and theophylline are among the so-called methylxanthines, which are used in various health care applications. In small quantities they are also contained in black tea. They mainly provide Reduced symptoms of fatigue, but at the same time have a calming effect on the muscles of the bronchial tubes.

What are possible side effects of black tea?

However, in addition to the numerous health benefits, there are also some side effects of black tea. Mainly due to its relatively high caffeine content, black tea now and then provides for nervousness, palpitations and sleep disturbances.

If you have these side effects, you should probably reach for another kind of tea. Like other caffeinated beverages, black tea has a strong diuretic effect, which can cause important vitamins and trace elements such as iron, calcium and vitamin C to be flushed out of your body quickly.

The moreover by a increased consumption of black tea also tooth discolorations come about. This happens even faster than with coffee. And also people with sensitive stomach should better beware of large amounts of black tea.

The tea can irritate the stomach wall under certain circumstances. In addition, the tea can cause migraines or allergic reactions in some people, but this is an absolute exception case with almost all teas and usually no reason not to consume the tea.

Tip: Pregnant women should also limit their consumption of black tea to just a few cups a day or switch to a different tea.

Conclusion: Is black tea healthy??

Despite some side effects, black tea nevertheless has a largely positive effect on the body. Not only can its consumption lower cholesterol levels, but it can also increase brain power.

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