Bladder cancer disease progression dkg

Bladder cancer, urinary bladder cancer – course of the diseaseIn 75% of affected patients, the tumor is diagnosed at an early stage (stages pTa, T1, CIS) discovered and therefore has a very good prognosis. After surgical removal by the transurethral resection (TUR-B) regular controls are important. The rate of tumor recurrence depends on the number of tumors, the aggressiveness and the Depth of penetration from. Based on this information, the risk of recurrence can be calculated, which is 50-70% in the first five years and may be reduced by 20% with local immunotherapy or chemotherapy in the urinary bladder. Occurrence through regular examinations. Appropriate resection (TUR-B) can be kept under control.

Up to 25% of patients have carcinomas in the bladder already at the beginning higher stages or develop these in the further course of a superficial tumor disease. They will be treated according to the invasive bladder cancer Treats. Most often, radical bladder removal is attempted, alternatively TUR-B with combined radiation/chemotherapy.

After Radical removal urine is usually passed through a Urostoma or about a Bowel replacement bladder, which are linked to the urethra is connected, derived. 70% of patients have no problems with the bowel replacement bladder, 15% suffer from permanent incontinence (uncontrolled urination) and 15% from nocturnal urine leakage Incontinence. Depending on the tumor stage, the 5-year survival rate for urinary bladder removal is between 80% (Stage pT2) and 20% (Stage pN1-3 with Lymph node involvement).

If the cancer has spread with Daughter tumors in lung, liver or skeleton the prognosis is much worse. With systemic chemotherapy, the average survival probability is just over one year.

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H.-J. Schmoll. K. Hoffken, K.

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