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How is it going with you. With your practice business?

The year has progressed and you are in the middle of "year-end business":

You can have a good outcome? Are things running as smoothly as you would like them to?. Above all, how you planned it…

Or is Everything is as it was?!

– unpunctual patients or even staff members – misunderstanding communication – missing arrangements – the printer or fax machine is on strike – there is a lack of material – and and and…

You have the choice to change "that"!

I can't wait to help you with it. You're well advised to do so..

– We talk about your practice situation and what optimizations or even changes you would like to see – for what reason and where the journey should go. – You receive from me an offer, which "support" attraction points for a larger profit, more content patients and engaged coworkers are. – We find the appropriate framework so that the business benefits and your personal added value grow really well.

"In every success there is a beginning" Let's start with a phone call in the district of Muhldorf and Munich: 08631 – 988 05 05.

I look forward to hearing from you, your Karen Bernschein

Listening hour, instead of consulting hour: This does not only concern the doctor or pharmacist..

From the "practice" – "views" of patients and clients – and how you – the doctor, dentist or pharmacist, can successfully "get rid of" these people and lose them as patients…

This is not your goal?

You are concerned about how to retain your patients and clients in your practice or pharmacy. Very good! Value-added concepts and hedgehog services are an integral part of your "practice" business for this purpose: patients experience a "healthy" waiting room with exercises for a strong back, are educated about the first signs of a stroke or other emergencies. Team photos flicker across the screen with smiling employees who turn to patients, clients or even customers in a friendly manner, are helpful to them and radiate joy in what they do.

Now if this were also the case in reality..

Medical professionals are often good at organizing or diagnosing, but unfortunately not good at communicating to. This often starts at the reception desk, which is often the co-criterion for a good relationship of trust between doctor and patient. Bad experiences a patient has at the "reception desk" – and they can be:

– The patient is not noticed at all because the staff first does his job, does not look up and does not or insufficiently greet the patient. In the worst case even unfriendly: "What do you want…??" – Appointments are made that cannot be kept due to emergencies or poor planning: The patient is not informed in a friendly manner at the outset, or not at all, that unfortunately there may be undesirable waiting times.. – The staff does not feel responsible for inquiries that go beyond the actual job: "I don't know, I'm not responsible for that, how should I know…" – This is a valid question, by the way, because asking questions shows interest and a willingness to address the patient's concerns. That's part of the job resp. should be like this..

Unfortunately, you as the boss and entrepreneur "doctor or pharmacist" no longer get the displeasure of your potential patients and clients, because they may have taken flight before the actual treatment or examination. With the memory of the unreflective behavior of your staff in mind. As an opinion-forming ex-patient: "You don't need to go to this doctor – to this pharmacy; you will be treated badly there… You therefore don't need studies that prove the economic relevance of polite, appreciative communication between doctors, medical staff and patients. One look at the reception and in your waiting room – the view and the experience of your patients and clients – is enough and increases at best your "Return on Investment". If you are happy to invest money, train your staff for a good tone on the phone and for the first impression. Because for this one, as you know, there is no second chance…!

Added value for patients in your dental practice

What do you get out of it?

Properly "stuck", kinesiotapes develop their effect as follows:

– They promote pain relief. – They activate the lymphatic system and thus contribute to the solution of concatenation effects, which often manifest themselves as descending disturbances from the teeth via the spine downwards. – They help to relax muscles and have a positive influence on the muscular and nervous "masticatory" system.

It's more than just a service. Above all, it is a meaningful care. Prudent treatment of your patients. Because they are often anxious and tense in the treatment chair. This can diminish the success of treatment in advance – correct? You can use kinesiotaping to treat edema. Neuralgias "get to the root of the problem", so to speak. Here it is not about cooling instead of giving cortisone, for example, but about stimulating the system via good blood circulation. It is intelligent and costs you nothing – on the contrary : it is economical. You can even "prescribe" dental kinesiotaping as a hedgehog service. Nevertheless – and this is important – you should learn taping beforehand.

Blog health makes career

You can experience an idea-rich workshop with the following contents:

– Basics and areas of application – Indications and contraindications – Taping forms and application examples – Learning the technique – Recommendations for the right approach to your patients

You book such a workshop on a Saturday or outside your practice opening hours. Of course you will receive an individual offer for this. I am happy if this is of interest to you and look forward to hearing from you on 08631. 988 05 05 ⋅ 0172. 89 00 575.

From walk-in customers to regular customers

…and how to secure a satisfied customer base in your pharmacy!

You will succeed,

– by training your sales staff in front of and behind the "consultation table" to become communicative and motivated employees who inspire your customers to recommend your pharmacy to others. – by laying the foundations for a trusting relationship with your customers – including excellent consulting skills. – by finding and using ideas and strategies for new -/customer acquisition, which go beyond the daily business and above all are economical. – by developing and leading an intelligent relationship management with the surrounding doctors and dentists. – by ensuring the availability of pharmaceuticals through optimal stock management. – by creating and "marketing" a unique selling point and pharmacy mindset.

Experience shows that we humans are "operationally blind" and need the view from "outside" to achieve our goals, to lay the foundations for this or to correct directions. Here I support you gladly. You gain. Keep satisfied customers.

This is what you can experience and take away in my trainings and coachings:

– I advise and guide you to find goals and strategies and to implement them well and profitably in your daily pharmacy routine. – You promote and optimize your know-how to develop your employees into committed and professional top performers. – We promote the action and communication skills of your staff through a good personal management style.

You wish a meeting? I look forward to hearing from you at 08631. 988 05 05.

Yours, Karen Bernschein

"Healthy climate in the dental office"

Your Benefit – because you benefit from motivated employees: They connect, strengthen and steer the practice. In harmony with you – the entrepreneur dentist -. As a team with your patients.

Blog health makes career

"If the bite isn't right," note that on

– conflicts in the team – critical patients – lack of time and practice processes in need of optimization – fluctuation and difficulties in finding good employees

Beautiful, well-kept teeth are therefore also or especially a result of a personnel "best equipment": people who like to work in your practice are with their know-how and especially with their motivation the key to success.

Your patients feel this and they thank you with a sensitized prophylaxis awareness and a great satisfaction that they communicate. Recommendation is also a guarantee for success, even more a basis for economic growth of your practice.

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