Book spa vacation on sylt the health resort with healing climate here

Cure vacation on SyltWho would like to find the deserved recovery on its vacation journey and at the same time also a quantity for its health do, finds on Sylt the suitable arrangements for it. Several providers on the North Frisian Island have specialized in fasting and spa vacations and offer a wide range of corresponding treatments.

Where better place to unwind than in a wellness accommodation on the island of Sylt? Warm, clear water, heavenly peace and soothing massages – including dunes, sea air and the calls of seagulls. Wellness hotels are the right choice for those in need of recovery!

Sylt Health Center

Health has an immense influence on our quality of life. Maintaining physical and mental well-being, this is what the Syltness Center helps you to do. A highly specialized team of doctors and therapists will guide you on the path to better health and well-being after a thorough examination and creation of an individualized treatment plan.

The health offer in the Syltness Center includes, for example, physiotherapeutic treatments. Physiotherapy carried out in the house on a doctor's prescription relieves, for example, complaints of the musculoskeletal system and helps to build up disturbed functions. Paralysis, Parkinson's disease, rheumatism and other diseases of the central nervous system are treated by target-oriented therapeutic approaches. Complementary offers such as respiratory gymnastics, medicinal baths, full-body massages and Thalasso treatments additionally increase vitality.

Offers at the Syltness Center

cure vacation on sylt the health resort with welfare climate here book

book spa vacation on sylt the health resort with healing climate here

Spa vacation

It's one thing to do something for your health while on vacation in Sylt, but to do it all at once? This is difficult in view of the beautiful beaches, the many attractions and the delicious food on the North Sea island. The optimal combination of therapy for body and spirit and "correct" vacation offers a ambulatory cure.

Open or even outpatient cure, which means: you look for a cozy hotel and book nearby cure applications on your own terms, according to your own schedule. Thus you are not sonicated around the clock with the topic health, enjoy after the water gymnastic still another calm day at the beach and are not bound to the schedule of a cure hospital. On Sylt an ambulatory cure is problem-free possible for example in the Syltness center in Westerland.

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