Breast cancer in first place half a million people develop cancer in germany each year

Breast cancer in first place : Half a million people are diagnosed with cancer in Germany every yearA report by the Robert Koch Institute shows: For many types of cancer, the rate of disease tends to decline. But the total number will continue to rise.

In Germany in 2016, around 492.000 people newly diagnosed with cancer. This is according to an estimate of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which was presented on Tuesday.

For 2020, experts predict an increase in the number of new cases to about 510.000 cases. "Fortunately, for many types of cancer we are observing declining rates of disease, but nevertheless the total number of cancer cases is increasing due to the aging of society", explained RKI President Lothar Wieler.

These are most common malignant tumors:

– Prostate cancer: 58.800 – Colon cancer: 58.300 – lung cancer: 57.500 – Men developed cancer on average at age 70, women at age 69 – Mean age at death was 75 for men, 76 for women

Data on anal and small bowel cancer for the first time

In the 12. Cancer in Germany" report data from cancer registries of all federal states were included. The figures are based on estimates, as the individual registries are full to varying degrees, as stated by the RKI.

For the first time, the publication contains data on Small bowel cancer and Anal cancer. Both tumor types are relatively rare, but the experts registered an increase in new cases and deaths among them. In addition, this edition contains for the first time nationwide data on tumor stage as well as survival rates depending on tumor stage.

Five years after diagnosis, they range from 20 percent for malignant tumors of the lung, liver and pancreas up to over 90 percent for black skin cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

Comprehensive report expected in 2021

The figures for the mostly non-life-threatening light skin cancer are not included in the total number of new cancer cases, but are documented in a separate chapter. Accordingly, about 230.000 people diagnosed with a non-melanotic form of skin cancer in 2016, about 1000 people died from it. Cancer is one of the most common diseases in Germany. Among the leading causes of death worldwide. Among other things, the cancer registry is intended to help make rising disease rates for individual types of cancer visible and to monitor the effect of early detection programs and preventive measures.

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"cancer in Germany" is published every two years. Every five years, next time in 2021, the RKI publishes a comprehensive report on cancer in Germany.

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