Breed portrait australian shepherd everything about the aussie

What is an Australian Shepherd? It is also called Aussie, because it originates from Australia. But the first breeding of this breed comes from Arizona, USA. Immigrant shepherds used the dogs to herd and drive their sheep. Even today the dog prefers a green environment. Is therefore unsuitable as a city dog. We tell you what you should also consider if you want to get an Australian Shepherd. In addition, you will learn interesting facts about the character, care, and health of this dog breed in our guidebook.

Breed Profile:

Body Size: females 46 – 53 cm and males 51 – 58 cm

Weight: bitches 16 – 25 kg and males 25 – 32 kg

Character: Intelligent, alert, little quarrelsome

Education and Attitude: Enduring& very active, family friendly

Diseases: MRD1 defect, merle-merle mating, stubby tail

Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years

How does an Australian Shepherd look like? From Blue Merle to Red Tri

Externally, the Australian Shepherd is very similar to the Border Collie. In their original use. But these dog breeds differ in stature.

The breed is not fixed on a certain color. In terms of "outfit", the Australian Shepherd displays a colorful variety that few other dog breeds can match. If the proverbial "colorful dog" belongs to a breed, then it is probably that of the Australian Shepherd.

The most common is the combination of black, white and brown, also called "Black Tri". Red Tri" is the color combination of brown-red and white.

In most Australian Shepherds, the fur on the underside resp. belly to neck. White colored from the muzzle to the forehead.

In addition, there are mixed coat colors, which always have white as the base color. In the "Blue Merle" version, the white coat has black patches, which fades to white with slight gray tones, which can even make it look slightly bluish.

On the other hand, the Aussie may have the "red merle" color pattern. Just like Blue Merle, the coat of this variety is spotted. Instead of the black spots, the coat of Red Merle is brown or slightly reddish tones.

One breed, many colors – the Australian Shepherd is a "colorful dog."

How old do Australian Shepherds live?

Life span varies from 12 to 15 years, depending on how healthy and fit they are. To help this breed live a long and comfortable life, take good care of adequate exercise and healthy diet.

It is also important to take good care of him and consult a veterinarian if there are any signs of physical or mental changes. Always keep an eye on your colorful pet, the Australian Shepherd has a higher life expectancy and will give you a lot of joy for a long time.

Australian Shepherd – Lively temperament with character

Is the Aussie a family dog? The question can clearly not be answered with “yes”. Basically, the Australian Shepherd is up for any fun and loves sports activities and learning new skills. If he is busy, the Australian Shepherd is a loyal buddy in all situations of life. An underchallenged Australian Shepherd can cause problems, however: As a herding dog, it not only has a pronounced guarding instinct and tends to be shy or even aggressive towards strangers at times. If the dog is underchallenged, this can also show in increased irritability – some representatives of this dog breed then tend to snap. The low stimulus threshold could be difficult for families with small children. Therefore, this dog breed is more suitable for families with larger children.

As a herding dog, the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog, which by nature has good endurance. It is perfect as a herding dog, because it is highly concentrated and always thinking along. Eager to learn, bright and clever as he is, he enjoys learning new things and is enthusiastic when he is allowed to do tasks for his human that correspond to his abilities. If you prefer it cozy, you should not get an Australian Shepherd: The Aussie is very active and needs a lot of exercise and “something for the head”.

breed portrait australian shepherd everything about the aussie

Typical Aussie – the character at a glance:

– Family friendly (families with older children) – Very balanced – Little quarrelsome – Alert – Intelligent – Sporty

Australian Shepherds can also save human lives They are known for their intelligence and their particularly fine nose. Therefore, Australian Shepherds are also used as tracking dogs by the police or mountain rescue, for example, to track down missing persons. Special avalanche dogs are trained to search for buried persons, in order to be able to carry out a rescue as quickly as possible. Aussies can not only save lives. They are also used as a tracking dog for the search of persons abandoned for manhunt, in order to be able to track down fugitives faster and more precisely. On the other hand they are also used as drug dogs for finding narcotics in cars or trucks. When it comes to the sense of smell, the Australian Shepherd is clearly ahead of the pack!

Australian Shepherd – For whom it is suitable. And for whom not.

If you are looking for a lap dog, you are at the wrong address with the Australian Shepherd. Cuddling is not necessarily one of his favorite activities. As a partner for extended excursions into nature. On the other hand, it is perfectly suitable for sporting activities!

Much occupation for the clever sportsman is important, so that he remains content. When jogging, cycling or riding the dog likes to be there and impresses his human there with his endurance.

But because he also likes to work with his head, many Australian Shepherds really get into activities like agility and obedience. Dog sports are a great way to keep his alert mind on its toes. If he is challenged, the Australian Shepherd does not get stupid ideas and wants to please his human in everything. However, if you have not been active in sports at all or only a little before buying an Australian Shepherd, the new dog could be a challenge: If you don't suddenly turn into a jock, your Aussie will probably be underutilized.

The Australian Shepherd is a real sporting cannon!

Diet: no problems with overweight

Many dogs tend to be overweight because you have too little exercise. Aussies are “frugal in consumption” – as herding dogs they have a reduced energy requirement as they usually metabolize their food very well. Therefore, it is also true for the Australian Shepherd that regular exercise is necessary to keep him in shape. Being the “light eating athlete” that he is, it is important that you provide your dog with high quality food. And make sure that the amount is adapted!

How to keep your Aussie in shape

Weigh food ration or use measuring cup

Treats only in moderation and subtract from food

Buying suitable dog food

Only you as dog owner feed

Do dog sports like z. B. Agility or obedience

Walk your dog every day

What food is suitable for an Australian Shepherd?

The feeding of the Australian Shepherd should be adapted to his activity. A dog that is constantly “in action” or whose daily routine includes challenging, physical missions, therefore requires more energy. An Aussie whose exercise program includes only extended walks or occasional sports activities, on the other hand, needs much less. The amount and type of food must therefore be chosen very individually. You are welcome to ask for advice on this from our feeding experts.

Puppies should not be fed adult food, as the young will grow too fast, which can lead to joint problems as they grow. For puppies there is special food, which promotes the development and healthy bone structure.


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