Bronchipret first choice for cough and acute bronchitis

Bronchipret ® – First choice for coughs and acute bronchitisCustomers with colds usually seek help first in the pharmacy: the reason for this is the well-founded consultation. This is confirmed by the PTA who participated in a recent online survey in the PTA Tester Club. Because with the large selection of herbal. Chemical-synthetic drugs good advice is needed. For customers suffering from a cold with viscous mucus or acute bronchitis with cough, PTA prefers to recommend Bronchipret® .

Bronchipret® Saft TE is already approved for children over one year of age. Yvonne Glodeck from Muhlendorf is convinced by the preparation and recommends it as a “well-tolerated herbal medicine, excellently suitable for children as well as adults”.

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Why do PTA recommend Bronchipret®? 77 %: Because the combination of thyme. Ivy has a stronger effect than the respective individual plants. – 68 %: I have received good feedback from customers. – 60 %: I myself have had positive experience. Works quickly. Effective. Dissolves stuck mucus in the bronchial tubes naturally. Anneli Michl, Lubeck

Ivy and thyme belong to the best researched medicinal plants. It makes no difference whether the cough is productive or dry. It's anti-inflammatory, expectorant and soothes coughs. Luiza Paul, Markdorf

It is super compatible, has few side effects and is suitable for young and old due to the different dosage forms. Nicole Rothe, Bremerhaven

A very good herbal cough remedy, which is also very much recommended by our lung doctor next door. Nicole Andree, Frankenthal

The combination of thyme and ivy works particularly well against the irritation of the cough, but also to loosen stuck mucus. I often recommend it if the customer has already been to the doctor and he advised him to be patient.


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