Building a digital collaboration platform for diagnostics

Digital collaboration platforms also offer decisive advantages to the healthcare industry.

23. November 2020 | By Antonia Wagner

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to place new products on the market on their own. Knowledge from a wide variety of fields is needed to gain a competitive edge. An acquisition is usually associated with high costs for companies. Collaboration with other companies, on the other hand, is more cost-effective and also provides access to knowledge, technologies and new markets.

Digital platforms drive innovation through networking

Merging different companies creates the opportunity to focus more on their own strengths and core processes. In addition, customers are provided with integrated services that enable them to stand out from the competition. The healthcare industry also offers a wide range of opportunities for companies to develop innovative products and services through cooperation and collaboration in order to achieve national and international success.

Diagnostics network as a digital pioneer in the healthcare industry

The DiagnostikNet-BB (Network Diagnostics Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) is an association with more than 70 partners that bundles the interests of medium-sized companies and internationally active research institutes from all areas of in-vitro diagnostics in Berlin-Brandenburg and regions beyond. The network covers the entire value chain, from the development and manufacture of in vitro diagnostics to medical laboratory testing, and offers a wide range of services and products for medical care.

Survey results within the association have shown that there is a desire to network more closely and more efficiently, to find suitable and trustworthy cooperation partners for themselves and to jointly drive forward marketable developments in the network.

In vitro diagnostics includes all medical products that are used to examine samples taken from the human body (tie, blood, etc.).) are used. This is how diseases are diagnosed. Health conditions monitored.

The idea: Establishment of a digital cooperation platform

Based on survey results, the managing director of Diagnostik-BB GmbH, Prof. Dr. Jorg M. Hollidt, together with his colleague Hannes Thonagel and the business developer Patrick Halek (blueformance), developed the idea for a digital cooperation platform with which Diagnostik-BB GmbH can professionalize its management processes more quickly and with improved service quality for customers in the future.

Prof. Dr. Jorg M. Hollidt, Hannes Thonagel, Dr. Frauke Adams

In addition, through the involvement of the DiagnostikNet-BB office management, Dr. Frauke Adams, ensure that the concrete needs of the companies with regard to cooperation are implemented. A digital platform offers the opportunity to network and organize cooperations under the active support of Diagnostik-BB GmbH in order to jointly develop products and services and to combine existing strengths. The management of the cooperation platform is carried out by Diagnostik BB GmbH – a subsidiary of the association. The management is responsible for the commercial success and leads the projects initiated in the network into marketable products and services for interested customers all over the world.

Support from Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Communication

In the realization of the digital cooperation platform, it is not only the technical know-how but also the human perspective that contributes most to a digital platform fulfilling its usefulness. A detailed examination of the needs of the target group is important for this, in order to create positive user experiences, so that the platform is accepted and established by.

When it comes to corporate collaboration, the ie of "trust" plays a particularly significant role. When building the digital platform, it is therefore necessary to examine what trust-building indicators are for shaping business relationships and how these can be mapped digitally. Once the first positive experiences have been made with the platform, uncertainty is reduced and confidence in the technology grows.

Diagnostik-BB GmbH's project to develop a digital collaboration platform makes it clear that the first step toward a sustainable digitization strategy begins with a willingness to change. It all starts with an idea that is fleshed out through intensive exchange and the integration of expert knowledge.

In order to accompany Diagnostik-BB GmbH on its journey, four Mittelstand 4.0 competence centers have joined forces to provide optimum support and expertise for the project. The four centers pool their expertise in the following areas:

Medium-sized business 4.0-Competence Center Communication

– Expertise for change management, communication as well as trust in technology and networks

SME 4.0 Competence Center Usability

– Expertise for developing positive user experiences

Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center IT Economy

– Expertise for networking technologies and IT security

Medium-sized companies 4.0 Competence Center Rostock

– Expertise for the healthcare industry and medicine

By bundling the competencies, Diagnostik-BB GmbH is provided with a holistic solution for the realization of a digital cooperation platform taking into account the internal processes. In the future, existing and new services of Diagnostik-BB GmbH can be combined, creating added value for customers and generating more revenue for Diagnostik-BB GmbH.

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