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You have already completed a commercial apprenticeship. Want to expand this qualification with a distance learning course to become a business economist? No problem! Here you will find everything you need to know about distance learning in business administration, from the content, process and costs to suitable distance learning colleges and academies. Inform now!

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– Ways to the business economist – Business economist remote study: All offerers – First view of the business economist remote study – Conditions – acknowledgment – study contents – expiration of the remote study – costs – the alternative: Business economist operational readiness level course

Ways to become a business economist

Continuing education in business administration is equally popular and useful. As a business economist, you will perform commercial and business management tasks and are thus qualified to work in a wide variety of corporate areas, such as marketing, human resources management, sales, logistics or controlling. So you can take the next step in your business career with a business administration distance learning program.

But not all business economists are the same!

If you decide to study business administration at a distance, you first have two basic options:

1. Further training to the business economist: It concerns here a non-academic further training, which is variously common. The range of distance learning colleges. Academies in the field of business administration is therefore very high. 2. Part-time study of business administration: this is the academic option where you can pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in the business administration program.

University tip

Furthering your academic education alongside your job? You can do this with the IU and its wide range of exciting distance learning courses, such as z.B. Business Administration. Details can be found in the info material.

Thus, in the first step, you have to choose whether you want to complete the part-time study program as an academic or a non-academic option. The classic business administration distance learning program is a non-academic degree. But there are also differences, which we would like to explain to you briefly here.

First possibility: the state-certified business economist

Most people interested in distance learning in business administration are looking for offers in the field of state-certified business administration. The state-certified business economist is in Germany the highest non-academic education, that can be achieved in the commercial sector. On the basis of the German Qualification Framework, which is defined by the Federal Institute for Education and Research and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany, The business administration degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree. So you can achieve a kind of bachelor with this form of distance learning business economist. Specialize in the field of business administration. For employed persons the remote study to the national examined business economist is absolutely meaningful therefore, since it opens new career perspectives.

Second possibility: Business economist further education

Most of the distance learning universities that offer the further education to become a state-certified business economist also train in-house business economists. This means that you complete a classic further education course to become a business economist, learn comparable business management and commercial content, but do not take a state final examination. You will only receive a university-internal certificate, this degree is then also not equal to the bachelor's program.

Third option: Technical Business Administrator (IHK)

Some distance learning colleges also offer the distance learning course Technical Business Administrator (IHK). This is an official IHK further education, which also ends with the internationally recognized and renowned IHK degree. However, the Technical Business Administrator is not aimed at the same prospective students, since this distance learning program is designed for the interface between technology and business administration and trains specialists in the field of technology and management.

Distance learning in business administration: This is how it works

Suitable universities and courses

As already mentioned above, a distance learning program in classical business administration can only be completed with a non-academic degree. In this list you will find all providers.

Distance learning courses

Classroom courses

First insight into the distance learning program in business administration

Business economist distance learning provider cost content

The distance learning course to become a business economist primarily imparts comprehensive business management and commercial knowledge. Your basic knowledge, which you have already acquired due to your vocational training or previous professional activity, is expanded within the distance learning program and extended with specific specialist knowledge.

For this reason, many offers of distance learning in business administration have already specialized in a specific direction in advance. The course can be called "State-certified business economist – finance", "State-certified business economist – business informatics" or "State-certified business economist – sales/marketing". All of these business administration courses teach fundamentally comparable basics. Differentiate then only with the individual specializations from each other. This would allow you to develop in a certain professional direction at an early stage.

University tip

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If you are interested in a distance learning course to become a state-certified business economist and want to register for the corresponding business economist exam, you must meet the following requirements:

– Completed commercial vocational training – Certificate of completion of vocational school – At least twelve months of work experience

Important note: With a distance learning business economist it is decisive, that you meet the requirements at the time you register for the state examinations. You can therefore already start with the distance learning program and, for example, still be in an apprenticeship or have not yet completed all of your work experience. The main thing is that the moment you sign up for the final exam, you meet all the criteria.

In addition, depending on the distance learning university or course provider, there are always numerous exceptions. Access criteria may also vary from state to state. Depending on the initial situation, special permission may be granted for admission. In any case, you should inform yourself again on the homepage of the provider of your choice or at the respective student advisory service.

For this reason, some institutes also accept applicants who have not completed their vocational training, but instead have a high school diploma and at least seven years of work experience. As you can see Many paths lead to distance learning in business administration – You only have to find the right supplier!

Of course, in addition to the formal requirements for admission, some personal qualities are also necessary. For whom is the business economist distance learning at all suitable? The state-certified business administration degree is suitable for all those who are interested in business administration and commercial topics and would like to take on responsible positions in their job. In addition you should be able to handle stress well, be ready to limit your spare time for some years and bring along commitment and perseverance.

Did you know that .

. it would take 136 billion A4 sheets of paper to print out the Internet?

. the US Department of Defense is the largest employer in the world?

. the car manufacturer Porsche made more profit than sales in 2008?


The correspondence course to the state-examined business economist is very recognized Germany far and also enjoys a good international reputation. As this is the highest non-academic degree you can achieve in the commercial sector, the further education is equally popular and appreciated. Any hiring manager is aware of the importance of a business degree and can therefore assess your skills and qualifications. The state-certified business economist is a degree that has a positive effect on your career in any case and is recognized everywhere due to the state-regulated final examination.

However, please note: The difference between the state-certified business economist and the business economist with an internal institute certificate is not only noticeable in the course and content of the distance learning program, but also in the general recognition. If you complete a distance learning program in business administration with a certificate from the provider, this is a good and, depending on the provider, also recognized continuing education program, but it is not comparable with a state-certified business administration degree.

Study contents

Business economist correspondence course provider cost content

Distance learning in business administration is a type of continuing professional education, and is divided into three study phases. In the first two semesters the Basic Studies takes place, here different business contents from the ranges of the economic sciences are brought up for discussion. From the third semester onwards, the Study focus.

If you have already decided in advance on a focus by choosing the appropriate business administration course (z.B. financial management), you will now mainly work through content from this specialization. Within this time for this reason founded special knowledge is obtained. If you have chosen a general government business degree in advance, you can select a specialization at the beginning of the concentration program. Then, in the third step, a Project work made. This project work, which is also called business administration work, includes a written elaboration and is to clarify the abilities to the scientific work as well as to the industry-related way of thinking.

Due to these three mentioned study phases (basic study, focus study, project work) you may encounter the following course contents in the business administration distance learning program:

– Business Administration – Business Law – Accounting& Controlling – Project Management – English / Communication – German / Communication – Employee Management for Vocational and Work Education – Specializations: Financial management, marketing/sales management, logistics, human resources management, business informatics


business economist distance learning provider cost content

The distance learning course in business administration usually runs in such a way that the learning materials are made available to you in the form of study booklets. You are then, typical for a distance learning program, responsible for your own learning progress and learning schedules. Depending on the provider, the distance learning program is designed for 12 to 36 months. Many distance learning colleges also offer their students the opportunity to extend the duration of their studies again, in many cases this is even possible free of charge. In addition, many providers offer you the chance to test the distance learning program for four weeks free of charge.

Depending on the provider, the workload is reduced to 10 to 20 hours per week calculates. This is the time you have to spend in addition to your job to study and prepare for exams. As this happens in self-direction. Only with the help of the learning documents or some online courses.


Distance learning costs money in any case. It does not matter for which provider or which variant you decide in the final effect. Above all, you do not get the degree of a certified business economist for free. A further training of this kind always brings also financial expenditures with itself. We have researched some examples of the costs for you here.

Please note that these are only examples and the figures may vary depending on the provider of the distance learning course in business administration. Nevertheless, these costs are a good guide:

4.755 euros (including examination fees)

4.366 euro (inclusive examination fee)

3.900 Euro (excluding examination fee)

Promotion by BAfoG possible, payable in monthly installments

Subsidies possible, payable in monthly installments

Finally it can be stated that with the business economist correspondence course study and examination fees between 3.000 and 6.000 euros.

The alternative: Business economist attendance course

Business economist correspondence course provider cost content

If you are in the middle of the working life or in your everyday life already otherwise full-time involved, there are nevertheless two options, in order to train to the operation manager occupation-accompanying further. A part-time evening or weekend course always opens up new job prospects and gives your career new impetus. The correspondence course in business administration is a very popular variant in this respect. Studying flexibly in terms of time and independent of location is the ideal qualification option for many working people.

Nevertheless, there is also a second possibility to obtain the business economist beside the distance learning business economist beside the occupation. It concerns thereby part-time attendance course, where you attend classes on regular dates at the university or academy together with other students. Advantages of this in-service training are the regulated. Structured processes as well as contact with fellow students.

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