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Business economists hold positions in middle and upper management of a company. Whereby not all business economists are the same. The requested experts on corporate procedures can act in a wide range of areas

Here they perform tasks such as:

Planning and design of operational decision specifications
Determining company organizational structures
Optimization of operational organizational structures
formulating objectives for one's own department

In Marketing and sales Business economists also sometimes look after customers as key account manager, develop Advertising and promotional measures or lay Strategies in product management permanent.

On the other hand, those who focus on Finance and accounting specialized, created Profitability analysis, evaluate statistics and develop Financing plans and other important business-related decision-making principles for management.

business economists who make it into Human Resources skills, take care of the Searching for and hiring new employees. You make for a quick Familiarization phase and making new talent feel at home in the company. For established colleagues they organize Further education and are responsible for Personnel management Responsible.

In the field Production check business economists, on the other hand operational processes and ensure a smooth process. You will procure the appropriate raw materials and machinery and regularly check the profitability of all operations.

With their business knowledge, the experts are in almost all branches of the economy are in high demand and therefore have the best chances on the job market. However, at the moment there are too few of the experts in terms of Work Life Balance diminishes, because more and more work is distributed on fewer and fewer shoulders.

How to become a business administrator?

As a rule, business administrators have completed a degree in an business studies behind. This includes the following areas:

However, the job title not a protected term in Germany. And so there are numerous degrees in this area that both academic as well as non-academic are structured. The State-certified business economist is, for example, the highest non-academic continuing education program that can be completed even without a vocational training qualification. Also for Career changers it is therefore suitable.

Graduates of the further education program also have access to an academic career through the additional acquisition of the advanced technical college entrance qualification afterwards. The degree as a state-certified business economist can be obtained by distance learning or classroom study.

Providers are for example:

The learning material includes general business subjects and electives such as:

Business administration and economics
Business Law
natural sciences
Business informatics (basics)
Personnel and training
Labor and social law
Employee management
Vocational and work pedagogy
Operating organization
project management
Basics of personnel management
Personnel planning and recruitment
Personnel organization and personnel deployment
Human resources management
Personnel remuneration and monetary incentive system
personnel management
Labor law
Personnel training
Personnel development

Jobs as business economists for you:

Business economists are sought by companies of almost all industries and sizes. Predominantly they work in the following sectors:

Salary: What do you earn as a business economist?

The amount of income depends on Industry, qualification and Size of the employer from. Also the Region, in which a business economist works plays a role. The average salary of a state-certified business economist is at 2.900 Euro.

The Starting salary lies at 2.500 euros and after a few years of work experience they can earn up to 3.500 euros increase. Even better salary prospects have career candidates with an academic degree. Here, the entry-level income is already a few hundred euros higher than that of colleagues and can increase in the further course of the career to up to 9.000 Euro per month increase.

Entry-level opportunities: the outlook for business administrators

The career prospects for dedicated young professionals who put time and effort into successful continuing education are generally very good.

Application: How business economists score

The requirements for applicants are sometimes quite high. It is important to be able to demonstrate relevant professional skills in your application documents:

Completed studies / completed further training
Foreign language skills

The requirements to be brought along are also soft skillsare relatively high:

Career: The development opportunities as a business economist

The career prospects for economists are consistently good. With the acquired advanced technical college entrance qualification, state-certified business economists can, for example, supplement their theoretical knowledge with a subsequent University degree once again extend. Some universities even recognize benefits from further education.

Those who, after their training or studies, want to enter the Middle Management If an employee has achieved this, he or she can advance in the further course of his or her career to the ranks of the "top" or "bottom" Management move up. Some business administration graduates even make it to the post of Managing Director.

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