Business plan bos controlling

Business PlanWhat do you do with your company figures?? Do you only control them or do you actively use your existing figures to control your company??

Good and actively practiced controlling is not to be equated with control. It has even less to do with nitpicking, red pencils, hot air, or technical jargon.

Controlling is rather a management tool for every company, no matter what size, no matter what age. Controlling creates transparency and helps you as an entrepreneur to make important decisions correctly on the basis of data, figures and facts!

Figuratively speaking, our activity can be compared to that of a family doctor:

Your family doctor will take care of your personal health with you and will draw up your own personal treatment plan on the basis of a joint discussion, initial examination and further diagnostics.

As a controller& Support managers we do the same for your company. We care about the financial health of your business!

So that we can then rightly say:

Business plan bos controlling

From the practice

A successful horticultural company in growth offers two services:

1. Garden design – seasonal business with strong dependence on weather and fluctuations in turnover. 2. Indoor greenery – weather-independent year-round business with stable turnover.

For strategic reasons, the company owners want to know which line of business will yield more profits and have better prospects for the future.

Revenues are reported separately in accounting for both business units. But the material, personnel and general costs are not. What to do now? Together we get to the heart of the numbers. your business to success!

Satisfy customers

Aleida Bos was very professional in helping us submit our funding application to open the biXpack studio in Schlachthausgasse and guiding us to a positive outcome. With their technical expertise, years of experience in banking and good contacts with credit institutions as well as funding agencies, they energize and keep you fit!

In the course of my business acquisition, Aleida Bos was tirelessly at my side. Acted as a catch-net and backup, so to speak – from mathematical review of purchase documents, creation of the business plan, to submitting the grant application and conducting bank meetings. Your knowledge, performance and negotiation skills are an absolute asset!

As a master of her trade, Aleida Bos understands her craft. She crisply and succinctly put the planned realignment of my carpentry shop into text and figures, and added her creative ideas. Your masterpiece is our business plan "Fit for the future through innovation and investment", With which we got a valuable grant from Wirtschaftsagentur der Stadt Wien and could win a bank as a financing partner.

Just as I am enthusiastic about health, Aleida Bos is enthusiastic about business management. She explains in an understandable and skilful way, spiced with a good pinch of humor, what is important from a business point of view and supports me energetically in the financial area. BOS controlling, the best tool for the health of my pharmacy!

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