But the opportunities were even greater

ZDF heute reports on "Health 4.0"-Study by SPECTARISThe digitization of the healthcare industry holds enormous opportunities: According to a new study by management consultants Roland Berger, the medical technology industry will develop great potential in terms of sales and jobs in the coming years. But the opportunities would be even greater if politicians would now create suitable framework conditions. The study, which was presented at MEDICA and commissioned by the industry association SPECTARIS and Messe Dusseldorf, is based on a survey of more than 200 medical technology companies as well as numerous other expert interviews with providers, start-ups, health insurance representatives and politicians. ZDF also reports on the study here (from minute 6).

Voices of our members

Medical technology companies operate in a market environment with constantly changing framework conditions.

Companies in the medical technology sector operate in a market environment with constantly changing framework conditions. Aesculap is a member of SPECTARIS not only because the association purposefully represents the interests of our industry in politics and in public and offers a powerful network of experts. Networking the expertise of member companies also creates unique and valuable synergy effects, and we all benefit from this.

Dr. Joachim Schulz, Chairman of the Executive Board Aesculap AG

But the chances were even greater

The community makes us strong! For us medium-sized companies, the SPECTARIS association forms a bridge between the government and the industry. Our interests – the community makes us strong here! We appreciate both the very helpful continuing education program within medical technology. Benefit from the organization of a wide variety of delegation trips. Through our membership in SPECTARIS we are also guaranteed a regular update of new legal requirements.

Maik Greiser, Managing Partner / CEO ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH& Co. KG

But the opportunities were even greater

The association offers perfectly tailored to our needs.

Our industry association SPECTARIS is a strong voice for the interests of medium-sized, owner-managed companies like us. It is just as important to us that the association provides a platform for open dialog among member companies and offers services that are perfectly tailored to our needs, such as industry reports or thematically focused events.

Managing partners Juke Systemtechnik GmbH, Martin Hovestadt (left) and Heinrich Jurgens (right)

But the opportunities were even greater

A mouthpiece for medical technology

For us as a manufacturer of medical technology, SPECTARIS represents an important mouthpiece vis-à-vis politics. Particularly in view of the current MDR, it is immensely important to have a strong and effective association to represent our interests. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. Feel well represented.

Regina Kirchner-Gottschalk, Managing Director KaWe – KIRCHNER& WILHELM GmbH + Co. KG

But the opportunities were even greater

Surviving in a dynamic environment

Regulatory requirements are increasing, markets are becoming more complex – but the greatest challenge, which the medical industry must also actively face, is digitalization. With it, the speed of development increases significantly. Innovative processes and products push the boundaries of previously familiar standards. As a SPECTARIS member, we are part of a strong association with which we will survive in this dynamic field of tension.

Rainer Kliewe, Managing Director Ofa Bamberg GmbH

But the chances were even higher

A globally strong industry needs a strong association.

A globally strong industry like German medical technology needs a strong association. SPECTARIS just! Communication, regulatory affairs, representation of interests, economic and technical competence – that's what you'll find there.

Norbert Aumann, Managing Director Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH

But the chances were even coarser

We particularly value the technical expertise of SPECTARIS.

As a medium-sized company in the field of medical technology, Richard Wolf benefits greatly from the broad SPECTARIS network. We particularly value the technical expertise.

Management Richard Wolf GmbH, Mr. Pfab, Mr. Steinbeck

But the opportunities were even greater

Participation pays off!

In times of rapid and far-reaching changes in the medtech industry and a challenging regulatory environment, SPECTARIS is an important partner for our company and indispensable as a lobby group in Berlin and Brussels. Participation is worthwhile!

Bert Sutter, Managing Director, Sutter Medizintechnik GmbH

But the chances were even more rough

Valuable exchange of information

As a producer of nursing and hospital beds, we closely follow the current developments in health care policy. When it comes to questions about important changes in the law, we are happy to fall back on the well-founded information provided by SPECTARIS. The network of well-known, committed companies also enables an intensive dialog among each other, which we appreciate very much.

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