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HumidifiersParticularly in winter, many people suffer from dry indoor air. As we heat our homes during cold periods, the relative humidity indoors decreases. In a normal living room temperature is ideal humidity around 55%, but in winter at home the humidity sometimes falls only 30%. A humidifier prevents dry air and check the humidity in the house.

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– With LCD display – programming the desired humidity level

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– Additional water tank for 12 liters of water – Can be operated by hand and via the app (Bluetooth)

– Ventilation system for cold air – Fights dry air and unpleasant odors

– Water tank of 1.8 liters – Suitable for rooms up to 25 m2

– Polar bear with steaming ears (cold steam) – Maximum evaporation: 300 ml / h

– Modest size: 31 × 17 × 17 cm – Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters

– Auto mode with digital hygrostat – Removable tank

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– Light and compact – wetting capacity: 100 grams / hour

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– Safe hand-warm steam – With digital hygrostat

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– Range: up to 60 m2 – Reservoir capacity: 4.5 liters

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– Plasma function – Cool fog setting

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– Suitable for children – Capacity of 1.2 L

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– Capacity: 230 ml / h – Low noise

Free Return shipping – Verified webshop – Secure shopping – Personal and trustworthy

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– Includes descaling cartridge, brush and Ionic Silver Stick – Easy to carry water tank

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– With adjustable hygrostat – display with indicator lights clear

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– 3 power levels – Illuminated display

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– Misting function with 3 positions – With timer function

– Suitable for rooms up to 20 m² – Humidification emission up to 200 ml / hour

– Automatic shut-off – night mode

– Automatic shut-off – Water tank capacity: 4.5 liters

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Put an end to dry air in your home

Air is the basis of our existence. We breathe about 20.000 times a day on and off, with more than 12 daily.000 liters of air flow through our lungs. The quality of this air determines our health and well-being. A common problem is the low humidity of the air. Above we have already mentioned low humidity in winter: often around 30%, while 55% is the ideal humidity level. Too dry air in the home can lead to dehydrated respiratory tract, burning eyes, decreased resistance and other annoying physical and sometimes even psychological ailments (see below for more information). Dry air is also an attack on your furniture and wooden floors. It is therefore very important to maintain the humidity and climate in your living room, bedroom or office area. This range includes not only humidifiers, but also dehumidifiers (to stop domestic humidity), air purifiers, scrubbers and other instruments for monitoring air quality.

How does dry air affect my health?

In addition to the negative impact on your furniture or wooden floors, dry air can cause unpleasant health problems:

– Feeling cold at normal temperature – Dried or irritated mucous membranes in nose and throat – Scratchy throat – Dry cough – Dry, flaky skin – Cracked lips – Dry, burning eyes – Irritant contact – Irritated airways – Increased risk of infection – Reduced resistance – Headaches – Fatigue – Concentration problems

To reduce such discomfort or prevent a humidifier can provide a solution. Humidifiers can be used in different ways. In our store you can find humidifiers in all shapes and sizes, for example, the leading Swiss brands Stylies and Stadler Form. Whether you're looking for an ultrasonic humidifier, a vaporizer or evaporator (even as a vaporizer), Frank will find the ideal humidifiers.

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