Can drinking too much tea harm my enjoyment

Can drinking too much tea harm?There is no question: tea is – next to coffee – one of the most popular hot drinks in Germany. According to the figures of the German Tea Association, every German drinks on average about
28 liters of tea per year. The question "Can drinking too much tea be harmful??" can be not all-inclusive The physician can only answer one question without hesitation – not only the types of tea and their ingredients are too different, but also the tea consumers themselves. In addition, the preparation of the tea plays a role in terms of effect that should not be underestimated. Basically, every person reacts different for tea, which is why a generally valid statement Regarding the potential quantitative harmfulness of tea hardly possible appears.

Which teas can be drunk without hesitation?

Absolutely without hesitation and without restriction you can Fruit tea drink. At green tea and black tea on the other hand, you should not overdo it and enjoy them well dosed – because these teas contain caffeine. At Herbal teas you should change the varieties more often in case of high consumption. Here you can drink quite 1-2 liters a day, as long as it is not a medicinal tea.

But not only the type of tea proves to be of crucial importance in terms of health, but also the particular consumer group. For example pregnant women keep a close eye on their tea consumption: Too much caffeine can harm not only the young woman herself, but also her unborn child. Pregnant women are therefore recommended to Maximum limit of about three cups Green tea or Black tea not to exceed per day. In addition, teas with cinnamon, cloves or raspberry leaves should not be drunk until the last weeks drunk before childbirth – they may have a labor-inducing effect. even during breastfeeding should be used with caution, both peppermint and sage can have the Milk production inhibit. In contrast, a fennel-anise-cumin tea can stimulate these.

Can drinking too much tea harm my enjoyment

Preparing tea “correctly” in terms of health

With Preparation Many people sometimes make a crucial mistake, which can even make them ill. So that the tea pleasure never mutates to the Health risk mutates, you should follow the instructions on the packaging under no circumstances disregard. There you will usually find the recommendation to drink tea with boiling hot water to pour over. those who do not take this to heart expose themselves to the potential risk of falling ill after drinking tea.

You should never forget that tea is a Natural product is, in which germs such as bacteria, but also yeasts or molds can be contained. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, also known as the BfR, advises that it is especially Herbal tea and Fruit teas after infusion with boiling hot water to steep well – at least five minutes! Because while almost all germs are killed via brewing, spores manage to survive – the latter can even germinate in warm water. Another hint: Water from hot water dispensers with a temperature range of about 80 to 85 degrees is not able to kill all germs.

Can drinking too much tea harm my enjoyment

do not drink tea too hot

In this country, tea can't be hot enough for many – some even drink it at a temperature of more than
65 degrees. This is in international comparison by no means unusual: In the traditional tea like China and Japan, tea usually comes to the table at temperatures around 70 degrees – sometimes even higher. But this procedure appears not unreservedly recommendable. Too hot drunk tea, as well as coffee drunk too hot, can attack the esophagus. No question, you can continue to drink tea without worrying – but first let your tea stand for a few minutes and/or stir it longer.

Listen to your body

The formula “a lot helps a lot” is generally considered to be extremely effective healthy tea consumption is not; rather you should consider “your” healthy measure find tea. A good indicator is your personal “feeling of well-being”. If you are currently pregnant, do not drink tea in excess, so no more than three cups a day – this is especially true for Green tea and black tea, which relatively much caffeine include.


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