Cancer in dogs symptoms to look out for

Every fourth dog gets cancer in the course of his life. About half of all deaths in dogs over the age of 10 are due to cancer.

Unfortunately, a malignant tumor in a dog can metastasize much more quickly. This means that it is always a race against time and cancer detected too late can unfortunately have a sad ending.

cancer in dogs symptoms to watch out for


The most common cancers in dogs

– Mammary tumor (cancer of the mammary gland) in bitches – Lymph gland cancer – Mast cell tumor (a type of skin cancer) – Bone and soft tie cancer – Mouth cancer

Also on cancers such as spleen tumor, bone cancer, lung cancer, etc. can sicken a dog.

In short, dogs can get the same types of cancer that humans do.

Are there signs of cancer in dogs?

In the following I present you some signs which CAN mean cancer.

However, these signs can also indicate many other diseases. They do not necessarily mean your dog has cancer. In addition, depending on the type of cancer, the signs can of course vary greatly.

Therefore, I can only keep encouraging you to see your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your dog.

How to tell if a dog might have cancer?

The following list shows you signs that could indicate cancer. Please do not hesitate and present your dog to your veterinarian as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs in your dog.

Cancer can progress very quickly, especially in dogs. Therefore please act quickly!

Do not make the mistake that many owners of older dogs make: do not attribute everything to the natural aging process. Only the veterinarian can distinguish between normal signs of aging and cancer. Distinguish serious signs of illness!

12 signs that should definitely lead you to the vet:

Lumps on or under the skin

Loss of appetite, weight loss, or unusual weight gain

Pale gums and other changes in the mouth

Unpleasant exhalations

Difficulty breathing or coughing

Frequent and prolonged diarrhea, bloody vomiting, and bloody diarrhea

Problems with excretions

Bleeding from the mouth, nose or ears

Strongly decreasing stamina, up to lethargy

Open sores or wounds that do not heal

Pain when moving or pain when touched

Behavioral changes

All these symptoms CAN indicate a cancer / tumor in your dog. They MUST but not!

Please do not panic – in many cases the symptoms listed have far more harmless causes than cancer.

It reads very frightening and especially in our dog oldies will almost always show one or more of these signs.

Therefore, promptly have everything clarified by the veterinarian that seems suspicious to you in any way!

It is also possible for cancer to occur completely unnoticed?

Yes – unfortunately, there are cases where no obvious sign can be seen. No behavioral changes. No other recognizable symptoms. Only when the cancer is already far advanced does it become noticeable in such cases.

Can you prevent cancer in your dog?

Basically, it is difficult to prevent malignant tumors in dogs because the exact causes of most cancers are unknown. However, there are a few preventative measures they can take to lower the risk of cancer:

– Regular check-ups with the vet – even if the dog seems to be doing well. The earlier a cancer is detected, the better the treatment options are. – Good oral care can prevent the occurrence of oral cancer. – Do not smoke indoors when your dog is present. – Pay attention to high-quality food without chemical additives. – Regularly scan your dog for small changes under the skin

Your dog has cancer – what now??

If the examination at the vet has shown that your dog really has cancer, the question naturally arises: What happens now??

Of course you want the best possible therapy for your dog. A patent remedy against cancer exists unfortunately neither with humans nor with the dog.

Basically, 3 treatment options come into question (often combined with each other):

Surgery – Chemotherapy – Radiation

Which of them makes sense for your dog depends on many different factors, such as e.B. the type of cancer, the stage of the disease and the general constitution of the dog. Only your veterinarian can tell you more details.

If you have the feeling that your veterinarian is overwhelmed with the cancer treatment, then please do not hesitate to visit an animal oncologist with your dog.

Does a cancer diagnosis mean your dog will die soon?

In many cases the answer is: NO! Many types of cancer can be treated very well surgically and are curable. Here, of course, it is very important that the tumor is detected in time, before the cancer cells begin to spread. Nevertheless, one should never take this disease lightly. There are quite cases where z.B. several organs are already affected or the cancer is inoperable. The probability of a complete cure is then often no longer given. Then also the life expectancy of the dog is usually lower. With appropriate medication, your four-legged friend can usually still have a livable dog life for some time to come -. You can prepare for the inevitable farewell to your dog.

Cancer has many faces – also in dogs. How different the symptoms can be you know now. Therefore: Always at the slightest suspicion to the veterinarian. In most cases, he will be able to give the all-clear!

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cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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Cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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Cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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Cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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Cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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Cancer in dogs symptoms you should watch out for

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