Candor faq infrared cabins application use equipment technology

General questions about infrared cabins / heat cabinsNo, the infrared radiation is not harmful. Generally, infrared radiation is a component of normal sunlight, which, however, also contains harmful UV rays. Since these UV rays are not produced in our infrared cabins, you are therefore also protected from sunburn. They use only the positive heat effect without the harmful influences as they occur with the sunlight. Further information can be found on our page Infrared Radiation.

We equip our infrared cabins with infrared surface radiators as standard, which produce long-wave infrared C-radiation. This IR C radiation penetrates only into the upper skin layer (epidermis) and is absolutely harmless. due to their arrangement around the wall, they achieve homogeneous body irradiation with high effectiveness. Infrared panel radiators generate a lower air temperature in the cabin compared to a sauna between 38 °C and 45 °C and thus for healthy users to no strain on the heart, respiratory tract and circulatory system.

How does an infrared cabin work?

In contrast to the classic sauna, the infrared cabin does not heat the air in the room, but only the physical bodies that are in the infrared cabin. The persons as such are heated as well as the cabin walls, which again radiate the heat into the interior of the infrared cabin. Special infrared heating technology is used, which emits infrared radiation in different IR radiation ranges depending on the type used. You can find more information on our page Infrared radiation.

How healthy is an infrared cabin?

In an infrared cabin, as in a classic sauna, beneficial heat is generated, which can be used specifically for heat treatment of various diseases or functional disorders. Please talk to your doctor or alternative practitioner about the treatment options suitable in your personal case by means of heat treatment.

How deeply does the infrared radiation penetrate the skin?

Candor faq infrared cabins application use equipment technology

Depending on the infrared heating technology installed in your infrared cabin, infrared radiation is generated in different wavelengths. short-wave infrared radiation penetrates deeper into the skin layers than long-wave infrared radiation. The adjacent graphic shows at a glance how deep which infrared radiation penetrates into the human skin layers. Here you find further information to the infrared radiation.

Infrared cabin or sauna – which is better??

Both types of cabins rely on heat generation, but in the infrared cabin a dry heat is generated and in the sauna a moist heat is generated. Accordingly, it is first a question of your personal taste which heat you find more pleasant. With regard to health suitability, it should be emphasized that the temperatures generated in the infrared cabin (38 – 55 °C), depending on the radiation technology used, are significantly lower than the temperatures in a sauna (60 – 100 °C). Our infrared panel radiators generate in the cabin z. B. an air temperature between 38 °C and 45 °C and thus lead for healthy users to no load for heart, respiratory tract and cycle.

Generally dry warmth is felt by humans as more pleasantly, which is a clear plus point for the infrared cab. Also regarding the room climate in which the infrared cabin was set up there are clear plus points for the infrared cabin, because the steam and wetness input into the surrounding space, which occurs through a sauna, is omitted with this kind of heat treatment.

What do I need to consider when using an infrared cabin?

Depending on the infrared radiation technology installed in your cabin, it is recommended to use eye protection, especially for the full-spectrum radiators (IR A – C) and for the red light radiators (IR A). already know from the use of a classic red light lamp.

As with other sweating cures like e.g. B. in the sauna you should make sure to drink plenty of fluids (pure water). We recommend a water quantity of min. 2 liters a day. May I use the infrared cabin before. Use after sports?

Yes – and we even recommend it! An application before the sport provides for an optimal warming up, loosening and relaxation of your musculature, the connective tie and the joints. This promotes blood circulation and improves the extensibility of tendons, ligaments and muscles. This serves to reduce the risk of injury. Many sportsmen use the sweating in the infrared cabin for the purposeful functional training of the blood circulation and for the optimization of the heart economy.

When not to use an infrared cabin?

Although the infrared radiation can have very positive characteristics and effects on the human health, there are also situations, in which a heat treatment should be clarified before medically as e.g. B. in case of high blood prere, epilepsy, varicose veins, circulatory problems, acute infections, thromboses or open injuries. If you are not sure whether you are pregnant with your disease or. If you should use an infrared cabin due to an injury, please consult your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Can I use the infrared cabin every day??

In principle nothing stands in the way of the daily use of an infrared cabin for healthy humans. We recommend using it three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. In case of existing pre-existing diseases resp. In case of injury, please consult your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Can I use the infrared cabin when pregnant??

In principle, the use of an infrared cabin during a complication-free pregnancy does not pose any risks for mother and child, as the infrared radiation does not reach the uterus or amniotic fluid (see our comments on the penetration depth of infrared radiation into the skin). Pregnant women, who just in the last pregnancy phase heat effects no longer tolerate so well or z. B. If you suffer from circulatory problems, you should consult your gynecologist (as is generally the case whenever there are complications during pregnancy).

Can I use the infrared cabin if I am ill??

In the case of many illnesses, heat treatment can have a positive effect on the course of the illness. However, you should be careful if you already have a fever or a bacterial infection. Because then the use of an infrared cabin is not advisable. The same applies u. a. also for high blood prere, epilepsy, varicose veins, circulatory problems, acute infections, thromboses or open injuries. Here we ask in advance for consultation with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

How to use the infrared cabin?

1. Drink a lot
Since you sweat a lot in the infrared cabin, you should make sure that you drink enough liquid (ideally water) before and after the infrared heat bath. Please do not take any liquids or drinks into the cabin.

2. Showers
Many users prefer a shower before using the infrared cabin, because this cleanses the skin and evtl. existing dirt or also MakeUp is removed in such a way. It is also ideal if you tie a bath towel around yourself, as you would when visiting the sauna.

Both contribute not only to better hygiene in your infrared cabin, but also optimize detoxification through sweating out. In addition, the opened pores do not allow dirt particles to reach deeper layers of the skin. We also recommend jewelry in advance. take off your wristwatch.

3. Temperature / time setting
Set the cabin to the desired temperature and time of use and sit down relaxed in the infrared cabin. Most users choose a usage time of 30 minutes. The Candor infrared cabins are immediately after temperature-. Time setting ready for use.

4. Relax
Sit and or lie down in a relaxed position in your infrared cabin and enjoy the soothing warmth. A small tip from us: Try to combine your infrared heat bath with autogenic training. You will feel like new born afterwards! Alternatively, you can also listen to relaxing music in your infrared cabin. For this we offer optional integration of Bluetooth speakers. Very popular is also our relaxing LED-colored light system over which you can adjust the light mood in your infrared cabin completely after your desires. You can find more here on our equipment page. Accessories of our infrared cabins.

5. Regenerate
After your heat bath we recommend a 5 to 10 minute regeneration phase outside your infrared cabin z. B. on a wellness couch. For this we recommend you to wrap yourself in a large bath towel or wear a bathrobe.

6. Showers
Since you have been in the infrared cabin and detoxified through the skin, we recommend that you also take a shower after the infrared heat bath.

Can I take my cell phone, iPad or e-book into the infrared cabin??

No – you should not bring any other technical devices into the cabin! If you like to listen to music in the infrared cabin, you do not have to do without it of course. You can have your CANDOR infrared cabin optionally equipped with Bluetooth speakers (compatible with smartphone, tablet PC and web radio).

Should I take a shower after using the infrared cabin??

Yes, you should not only take a shower after using the infrared cabin, but urgently before as well. This is the only way to ensure that you do not carry any impurities into the infrared cabin and that you remove all dirt, germs and z. B. also remove makeup before the infrared bath. Please note that the heat opens the pores of your skin. By sweating a detoxification process is set in motion. And of course you should remove these sweated out toxins by taking a shower after the infrared bath.

How warm / hot it gets in the infrared cabin?

Our infrared cabins work in a temperature range of 38 – 55 °C, whereby this depends on the heating technology used in each case. Our infrared surface radiators reach a lower temperature, which is, however, very evenly distributed within the cabin. The magnesium oxide or red light radiators reach a higher temperature in the direct area of the radiator.

How long do I have to preheat the infrared cabin?

To achieve the best results, you should preheat your infrared cabin for between 10 and 15 minutes. You will feel a clear warming already after 10 minutes.

How many times a week I can go to the infrared cabin?

In principle, healthy people can use the infrared cabin daily. It is recommended to use them 3 times a week for 30 minutes each.

What should I wear in the infrared cabin??

Many people ask us if they can use the infrared cabin with clothes on. This is possible in principle but not recommended. You should keep in mind that you will sweat in the infrared cabin. Therefore we recommend to take a shower before and after using the infrared cabin and to use the cabin dressed only with a bath towel.

Can I lie down in the infrared cabin??

Yes, our infrared cabins of the model series "Family" and "Small Family have adjustable comfort-relax couches as a standard feature. You can decide whether you want to bend your upper body and / or knees. Our infrared cabins of the "Single" model series and "Double are purely sitting cabins and are suitable for places where space is limited.

Can I take drinks with me into the infrared cabin??

No – you are not allowed to take any drinks into the infrared cabin. However, you should make sure that you drink enough fluids before and after using the infrared cabin.

Can I freely choose which infrared heating technology is installed?

Yes, you can freely choose which infrared heaters we should install in your cabin. Basically all our CANDOR infrared cabins are equipped with infrared surface radiators (IR C) all around the wall. In addition, you can supplement your infrared cabin with the following emitters:

– full spectrum radiators (IR A – C) – magnesium oxide radiators (IR B – C) – red light radiators (IR A)

Here you can find further information about our infrared heating technique. When choosing a suitable infrared heating system, you may find our advice on the depth of penetration of infrared radiation into the skin useful.

Which wood is suitable for an infrared cabin??

Usually we use different types of wood for the construction of our infrared cabins depending on the component requirements. However, cedar wood is predominantly used for this purpose. Of course we can make your cabin in the type of wood you desire. More information can be found on our page Types of wood for infrared cabins. However, when building infrared cabins, it is important to use untreated, well-dried, splinter-free and non-resinous wood. And we pay very close attention to this.

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