Cat diseases russian blue breed cats

Russian Blue are generally very healthy animals. The breed has hardly any previous exposure, because it is a naturally evolved breed.

As it is everywhere and with all living beings, however, there are exceptions and mutations. Since I am at least not clairvoyant, my animals are regularly tested for "heart and kidneys" according to the current state of medicine. They have all passed a breeding test. Are on the current state of immunization according to the StIKo.


– Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) sound in dr. Robert Hopfner, Specialist Veterinarian for Small Animals – Cardiology at the Small Animal Specialists Berlin – LABOKLIN FIV Antibodies, Leukosis (FelV), FIP – Patella Luxation PL, our veterinarian is trained and registered at the "bundesverband praktizierender Tierarzte e.V." – Investigation LABOKLIN cat genetics / breeding suitability – investigation polycystic kidney disease (PKD) PCR

We have some more research that you are welcome to look at when you visit us.

Caution is advised with .

Cat toys

Risk of injury from wire, glass, metal, or plastic parts in fur toys, hard plastic in toys, or when toys are suspended, risk of strangulation of body parts. With wool threads or wool balls there is a danger of ingestion.

Cat toilets

Cat litter boxes with a lid and additional door flap are questionable, ventilation problems can arise and the cat can consequently become unclean. Toilets should have a minimum size of 60×40 cm with a sufficiently high border.

Cat litter

Litter with pointed and sharp-edged stones should not be used. Dusty and perfumed litter should also be avoided.


There is a great danger of hanging up to strangulation by the collar. In addition, there is a very high risk that the cat will push its front paw into the collar while grooming, causing significant injury to its armpit. Bells on collars are also useless, because cats are lurking and jumping hunters and not chasing hunters. Cats should be identified by a chip, not a collar.

Cat protection nets

The mesh size should not exceed 3 x 3 cm, otherwise the cat's head will fit through it. Rabbit wire is recommended.

Tilt window

Tilting windows are life-threatening, they should be appropriately secured by guards and grills. Scratching trees should be room high. Be sure to stand. Sitting is part of normal cat behavior. Watching from elevated observation places. The cat tree must be at least so large that the cat can stand up with stretched front legs in full height.

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