Catching up on your high school diploma while working – this is how it works

The Abitur opens up numerous career options. If employed people would like to catch up on their high school diploma, they can attend an evening school or a vocational school. of an evening high school. After work you can get your high school diploma within a few years. The following article explains what you need in order to catch up on the Abitur at the evening high school while working.

The evening high school as a good solution for working people

In order to catch up on the Abitur, there are several options. For working people, attending an evening school is a good option, as they can study and take the necessary exams after work. The evening school is an educational institution with three types of schools. In addition to the Abendrealschule and the Abendhauptschule, the Abendschule also includes the so-called Abendgymnasium. This is a state-run general education institution, which offers the possibility of catching up on the Abitur in the second way of education. The evening high school does not only address employed persons, but also military and civil service personnel as well as housewives and househusbands. If you are planning to catch up on your school-leaving exams and you are employed, evening classes are a good solution for you to take your school-leaving exams outside working hours.

As a rule, the lessons of the Abendgymnasium take place in the evening, which makes it easier to integrate school attendance into your daily work and life. At the same time, the classes consist of like-minded people, mostly of the same age. Also the attendance of the evening high school can be free of charge, since many evening high schools are promoted by the state. If the budget you can invest in your education is less, the evening high school will help you save a lot of money.

Requirements and admission conditions for an evening high school

If you would like to catch up on your Abitur at an Abendgymnasium, you must meet certain requirements. Unlike traditional high schools, the evening high school is usually reserved for students aged 19 and older. Likewise, you should have a main or. Realschulabschluss and a completed vocational training must be available. If you have not completed vocational training, a minimum of three years of professional experience is also sufficient. These prerequisites vary in each federal state, whereby some federal states only require the completion of compulsory schooling. If you start evening classes, you will also need to show a great deal of discipline.

How to catch up on your high school diploma at an evening high school while working

The evening courses, including learning and examination phases, greatly reduce your own free time, so that perseverance and self-discipline are obligatory for evening students. In case of relocation or other reasons which make it necessary to change the evening high school, the courses can be resumed at the beginning of the semester. At the same time, valid reasons allow the interruption of schooling for a maximum of two years. An overview of all evening high schools in Germany can be obtained from the Bundesring der Abendgymnasien (Federal Association of Evening High Schools).

Necessary documents

In order to participate in the Abitur evening classes, you usually need to submit an application. The respective application documents usually vary from evening high school to evening high school, so you have to inform yourself well. The best place to do this is at the school you have chosen, as you will receive detailed and immediate information here. In principle, the application consists of a curriculum vitae in tabular form, a photograph, a copy of your identity card with front and back, the leaving certificate of your last general education school and, if applicable, proof of vocational training or a professional activity.

Enrollment procedure at evening high schools

After a successful application, you will be enrolled at your chosen evening high school by default via an admission interview. You will need to make an appointment, which is best done by phone. Since each school has different application deadlines, it is imperative that you observe them. Application forms are usually available online, so you can print them out and fill them out in advance. The application form and the registration form you add to your application documents.

Class times of the Abendgymnasium

Since the evening high school is primarily aimed at people who want to catch up on their high school diploma while working, the teaching times are outside of working hours in the evenings. You can find the exact class times in the information material of your evening high school. Classes are usually held from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., although each institution can set its own times. On average, a class consists of 15 to 20 students who attend classes two to three times a week.

The evening high school has at the same time the general attendance obligation, whereby the attendance of the courses is obligatory in the instruction times. So-called exceptional cases can arrange morning courses at some schools. However, attendance at these courses is subject to strict prerequisites. First, you must be the mother of children who are at least two years old and who attend kindergarten or. attend school.

People who care for a dependent person living in the household can also attend the morning courses. At the same time, their own working hours can be such that attending evening classes is impossible. Only people who meet one of these three requirements can attend the morning classes. All other students are open to evening classes.

Duration of the evening classes

If you attend an evening class, the length of time you spend at the institution depends on your previous education. If you have a high school diploma, you must have approx five to seven semesters respectively. two and a half to three and a half years schedule until you have your high school diploma. With a secondary school diploma, the learning time is slightly prolonged. As a rule, evening classes comprise about eight semesters or. four years. From the fourth semester on, it is possible to apply for BAfoG if you have certain requirements. Just like normal schools, evening high schools have vacation periods. These align with each state's vacation schedule. There are no classes during the vacation season.

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