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Continuation of pay sick childIf a child is sick, he or she should recover as quickly as possible. If the parents are employed, there is an entitlement to children's sick pay for the days on which the child has to be cared for at home.

Extended entitlement to children's sick pay also in 2022

The current law amending the Infection Protection Act and other laws on the occasion of the repeal of the determination of the epidemic situation of national scope now provides that – analogous to the regulation in 2021 – also limited in time to the year 2022 per parent a

– entitlement to children's sick pay for each child for a maximum of 30 working days, – for single parents for a maximum of 60 working days, – the total entitlement is limited to 65 working days if there are several children, and to 130 working days for single parents.

The entitlement to children's sick pay due to pandemic-related care of the child (z.B. Daycare and School Closure), according to the bill, is to be 19.3.2022 exist. The Bundesrat approved the law on 19.11.2021 approved. On 23.11.2021, the law was published in the Federal Law Gazette.11.2021, and on 23.11.2021, the law was published in the Federal Law Gazette.


– The child has reached 12. The age limit does not apply to disabled children). – The doctor certifies that the sick child needs care. – Another person living in the household cannot provide the care. – Parents will incur a loss of earnings due to unpaid time off from work. If, on the other hand, the leave is granted on the basis of a contractual agreement (z.B. If the employee is paid according to the collective agreement), there is no entitlement to sickness benefit for children. Low-income employees who are co-insured with their spouse are also not entitled to child sickness benefits. – The child has statutory health insurance (family insurance or member).

Duration of child sickness benefit

If a child is ill, each parent receives up to ten working days of children's sick pay per calendar year, or a maximum of 25 working days if there are several children.

Single parents are entitled to a maximum of 20 working days if one child is ill, and a maximum of 50 working days per calendar year for all children.

Special rules apply to parents whose child is seriously ill.

Amount of children's sickness benefit

Children's sick pay is paid from the first day that a parent is absent from work. The entitlement ends when the child reaches the age of 12 during the illness. When the child reaches the age of 18.

90 percent of the lost net earnings will be paid. If one-time payments were made in the previous 12 calendar months, the benefit increases to 100 percent of net pay. However, children's sick pay may not exceed 70 percent of the daily income threshold for health insurance contributions (2021: EUR 161.25). In 2021, the maximum limit for children's sick pay is therefore 112.88 EUR. Contributions to pension, unemployment and long-term care insurance are paid from the calculated children's sick pay.

If you would like to apply for children's sick pay, please answer the questions on the certificate ied by the attending physician (you will receive this from the attending physician) and send it to IKK Innovationskasse. Your employer sends us the certificate of earnings for the calculation of sick pay. As soon as we have all the documents, we will check your entitlement.

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