Chronic diseases and trying to get pregnant ava

Women suffering from chronic diseases must have the disease under control before they become pregnant. It is good to know that you can have a safe pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby if you are well prepared. some chronic diseases require special treatment during pregnancy. These include hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease and asthma. In order to deal with such and other conditions in the course of your pregnancy in the best possible way, you should consult your trusted specialist in good time. It can tell you if you need to change your permanent treatment before you try to get pregnant.

In no case should you stop your permanent medication without the recommendation of your doctor. Once you are pregnant, a chronic illness can also affect the baby. Epileptic seizures are z.B. Not only dangerous for the expectant mother. May also have significant effects on the health of the fetus and, in the most severe cases, may even be fatal. For this reason, be sure to discuss treatment options with a specialist who can tell you how best to manage your condition if you want to become pregnant.

For each woman, although different symptoms of her chronic illness appear during pregnancy. However, below we have listed the most common chronic diseases and their implications for pregnant women:


Research has shown that in about one-third of women with asthma, symptoms worsen during pregnancy, in one-third symptoms do not change, and in one-third symptoms improve. Ask the doctor who regularly treats your asthma about the right medication when you are planning your pregnancy.


Women with diabetes are more likely to have an induced labor or cesarean section. But this does not apply to all women who suffer from diabetes. If your diabetes is properly controlled ahead of time, you can reduce the risk to you and your baby. Ask your diabetologist for more information before insemination.


Folic acid is important for all pregnant women, but it is vital for women with epilepsy. Medication with the right dose of folic acid must be precisely balanced to keep epilepsy under control. Some women experience fewer seizures during pregnancy, while others find they stay the same or get worse. Consult your doctor if you suffer from epilepsy and plan to become pregnant.


For a healthy pregnancy, it is important to keep blood prere under control. Therefore, you should have your blood prere checked regularly during your pregnancy checkups. Also make an appointment with the doctor who takes care of your high blood prere before you get pregnant.

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