Cockapoo all information about the breed the animal experts

CockapooThe Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. The breed is not officially recognized, but is steadily increasing in popularity.


Cockapoo fact sheet

shoulder height: | 25 – 45 cm

weight: | 3 – 10 kg

Life expectancy: | 13 – 16 years

color: | from white, over red and brown to black

Coat: | medium length, slightly curly

Character: | lovable, docile

Price: | Cockapoos cost 1200 – 1800 Euro

Alternative name: | Cockerpoo, Spoodle

Cockapoo – Breed description

The Cockapoo is a crossbreed of American or English Cocker Spaniel with an Poodle. It is a dog of small to medium size, which is available in a wide range of colors. Depending on the crossbreed or. backcross he comes among others in white, silver, beige, apricot, red, brown and black. It exists both unicolored and multicolored. Depending on which variant of the Poodle is bred (Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle), quite different sized Cockapoos can be produced. The same applies to his coat, which can be only slightly wavy, but also relatively strongly curled. A general statement that he is basically for allergy sufferers is suitable, you can not do. However, it has good conditions, which must be examined individually.

Pictures of the Cockapoo

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

The coat of the Cockapoo is wavy to slightly curly (photo:Hurworth)

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

This Cockapoo puppy is just twelve weeks old (Photo:Themastereditor3000)

Cockapoo all info on the breed the animal experts

From white to black there are the most different colors

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

Cockerpoos are very sociable dogs (photo:Hurworth)

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

Time to chill (Photo:Themastereditor3000)

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

Few weeks old Cockerpoo puppy (Photo:Hurworth)

Cockapoo all info about the breed the animal experts

When the coat becomes too long, it should be trimmed (Photo:Themastereditor3000)

Character and nature of the Cockapoo

The breeding goal for the Cockapoo is a healthy, lovable, docile and active dog. Due to its manageable size, friendly nature and easy upbringing, it is basically suitable both as a Beginner dog suitable as well as an ideal companion for Children. He is not a big barker and in general has no excessive hunting instinct, unless the primitive nature of the Cocker Spaniel as a retriever dog asserts itself a little more strongly. Due to his docility, for which poodles are known, you can train him but quite well off. Cockapoos are very adaptable: they are suitable for both urban and rural life. Its affectionate nature and small size are also good prerequisites for using it as a therapy dog.

Origin and history

Cockapoos are becoming more and more popular in Germany. In America this is already longer the case, because from there they originate. First crossbreeding probably took place in the 50's, a written mention of the Cockapoo was found in 1960 in the Oxford English Dictionary. Nevertheless, it has not yet become a purebred dog, but in England it is now considered the most popular hybrid dog, even before the Labradoodle. The difference between the Cockapoo and a crossbreed is. Other hybrid dogs like z.B.B. the Goldendoodle, Maltipoo and Puggle, that the breeding is not left to chance, but the selection of the dogs (at a responsible breeder) is made very carefully. This has the advantage of reducing the incidence of hereditary diseases within the respective race. But this is not a guarantee. Inexperienced or careless breeders may not take genetic screening too seriously. Thus increase the probability of hereditary diseases.

With the Cockapoo there are 4 different sizes::

– Teacup Cockapoo: 2 – 3 kg / 20 – 30 cm – Toy Cockerpoo: 5 – 6 kg | 25 – 35 cm – Mini resp. Zerg Cockapoo: 6 – 9 kg / 30 – 40 cm – Maxi Cockapoo: 8 – 14 kg / 35 – 45 cm

The size is mainly related to the choice of the poodle (Toy poodle: 24 – 28 cm; Mini poodle: 28 – 35 cm shoulder height).

The attitude

Keeping a Cockapoo is relatively uncomplicated. The advantage of their small size is that they can easily be taken everywhere with them. Of course, they need daily walks – because they are considered relatively active. Accordingly, they are also enthusiastic about many kinds of dog sports. See what dispositions your Cockapoo has and choose the appropriate sport, such as agility, dogdance or obedience. Maybe he is also a good tracker or loves to fetch. The main thing is that he is challenged not only physically, but also mentally.

Regarding the diet should be the general Basic rules should be taken into account. A special susceptibility is not known.

The education of the Cockapoo

Even a small dog must be educated, otherwise it will soon dance around on your nose. But the nice thing about the Cockerpoos is that the education is relatively easy. He does not make it unnecessarily difficult. Nevertheless, a certain consequence is necessary from the beginning, in order to have later an agreeable dog at its side. It is best to start with the first small training exercises shortly after the dog is born Puppy moved in with you is. General education tips you will find in our Parenting Guide.

Care of a Cockerpoos

The coat of the Cockerpoos varies from dog to dog. Accordingly, the coat care can also be somewhat different. The disposition of the poodle means that he hardly loses fur. Which does not mean that he does not need grooming! On the contrary, due to their relatively long hair, regular combing is necessary to avoid tangles. In addition, it should also be cut at certain intervals. Decide for yourself if you want to reach for the scissors or give the task to a groomer.

Diet of the Cockapoo

The food for the Cockapoo influences its health to a large extent. In order to inform you in detail about special dog food and dog nutrition, you will find a variety of professional articles:

Cockapoo diseases

Crossing two breeds can minimize the risk of hereditary diseases. However, this is not a guarantee! Fortunately, both breeds are not overbred and are basically quite healthy, which is also true for the Cockapoo. Most of them become very old. Reach an age of over 15 years. A risk exists – especially in small specimens – with regard to patellar luxation. Thereby the kneecap of the dog jumps out of its natural position. Considerably affects the locomotion. A certain frequency also occurs with regard to various eye diseases. You should also keep an eye on the ears of the Cockapoo. To prevent infection, they should always be clean and dry.

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