Cockatiels buy or sell deinetierwelt

Two nest young cockatiel chicks are ready for delivery. They have just turned 7 weeks old, and are feeding solidly. This is the best time to get the two siblings hand-tame. We have a chick in gray. One in yellow beaded. The sexes of the.

Cockatiels buy or sell deinetierwelt

The couple lives in a large cage. Both are healthy fit and lively They like to eat everything salad fruit vegetables. They get along very well If you have any questions just contact me I put them in here for someone To self collectors.

Cockatiels buy or sell deinetierwelt

I am looking for a new home for two cockatiels. A wild colored cock. A wild white-headed hen. The cock is a little less than half a year old, the hen a little less than a year old.

Buy or sell cockatiels deinetierwelt

Unfortunately I have to give away my male cockatiel Paul. Unfortunately he does not get along with his fellow parakeets, attacks them and plucks out their feathers. I have to go to the vet all the time because he hurts the others. One my nympens.

Cockatiels buy or sell deinetierwelt

We have a pair of cockatiels to give away the pair should cost 100 euros.Please inquire by telephone under 0151/15501144.

Young cockatiels given. August 2021, for sale from free flight aviary In the picture the male is pied.

With a heavy heart I would like to give my cockatiel pair into loving hands. Unfortunately, due to illness, I no longer have the time for the two that they need. The two are called Bruno and Pippi . They are 7 and 8 years old. They both come b.

I offer here the two parakeets of my son. This one does not manage to take care of them adequately anymore. The hen is beige, the cock is gray, both come from a Potsdam parakeet breeding and live for 7 years with us. The hen is s.

I'm giving away one of my three taps: Merle, a head-spotted pinto, 3 years old, chipper! He is a small personality, rather timid but also very funny, you often have to laugh about him 😉 He is not tame in the sense of crawling, but still trustworthy.

I am selling my lovely cockatiel rooster as he was mistakenly sold to me as a hen. A DNA test falsified this. He is one year old and ringed, he also likes to eat from the hand. He is a cheerful, curious and a good singer.

Cockatiels (STANDARD cockatiels) for sale: fritillaries, pearl fritillaries and wild colored; young and ready to breed. Mostly closely related to winning birds at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Bundesschau in Kassel, Germany, and the standard cockatiel Vereini.

Sell standard cockatiel kittens from 2021 in different colors. They come from top breeding lines. Are kept in cold conditions all year round. They are used to the best food mixes and lots of variety in their diet and also AZ- bering.

I have to part with my pair of cockatiels. The cock is ca. 2 years old and the hen about 3 years old. The cock is halay tame – the hen is quite shy. Would prefer to give them in an existing flock. It is important to me that they.

Giving away because of hobby abandonment. I give my cockatiel group away. Delivery only as a group. If necessary, the aviary incl. Accessories to be given away. Price for animals.

Protection against fraud

Small advertisements in the animal market: Informs you before the animal purchase and learns, how one recognizes unserious offers and cheats.

Before buying a cat

You would like to take a cat? We tell you what things you should definitely consider before buying a cat.

Before you take in a dog, find out what keeping one entails and what to look for when buying one. A dog purchase should always be well considered. Not to be a spontaneous thing. This is something you should definitely consider before buying.

Buy or sell cockatiels: At DeineTierwelt it is very easy!

The yellow face, the orange cheeks and the characteristic feathered cap on the head – cockatiels are simply cute fellows, to which one loses his heart quickly. Do you feel the same way? Therefore, would you like to buy cockatiels as pets or place your feathered friends with loving keepers? Then DeineTierwelt is the optimal place for you to contact! Our diverse pet market brings together sellers and interested parties. Buy cockatiels from us directly from the breeder or from reputable private sellers. Do you have animals to give away? Create with us free of charge. Uncomplicated your advertisement. In this way you sell cockatiels safely and quickly to real lovers!

Finding your dream bird has never been so easy!

At DeineTierwelt you can buy cockatiels from all over Germany. Thus the selection is naturally large. To find what you are looking for, use our handy filters. By searching the area you can see, for example, which cockatiels you can buy nearby. In addition, we offer not only different plumage colors such as snails, lutinos or white heads. Decide also between young or older animals. Buy from us z. B. Cockatiel babies, young birds, hens or a proud cock.

3, 2, 1…sold!

You have cockatiels for sale? Place your ad with us! Only a few steps are necessary:

– Take photos: If you want to sell cockatiels, appealing pictures are helpful. Get your pets in front of the camera take some nice pictures. – Write a profile: introduce your birds briefly. Give z. B. Age. Sex on. B. Age. Gender. Age and sex. Also inform interested parties whether you have only single cockatiels or a pair for sale. – What does your pet cost?If a prospective customer would like to buy your cockatiels, the price is a crucial argument. As a rule, older animals are traded from 40 euros upwards. Young cockatiel chicks are sometimes already from 25 euros to have.

In the last step upload your ad and wait until interested people contact you. Of course, you can always reply to suitable requests.

This is what you need to consider when keeping cockatiels

To anticipate: The exotic pet birds are not necessarily suitable for newcomers. There are some requirements that you should meet in order to keep the animals species-appropriate:

– Cockatiels are flock birds: Keep them therefore never alone. If you decide to buy a cockatiel, it is best to get a pair right away. Otherwise your new pet will be unhappy. Expresses this by loud screaming. Also the attitude together with other bird species is not recommended. – The feathered fellows need space: with a small cage it is not done! It is best to create a spacious aviary with enough space to fly. You will also do your cockatiels a big favor if you give them a few hours of free flight at your home every day! – No time for boredom: If you buy cockatiels, there is always something going on with you, because the exotics need a lot to do. Branches, ropes as well as bird toys of all kinds may not be missing therefore.

We have summarized everything at a glance for you once again in our tips for species-appropriate bird keeping.

How to tame a cockatiel?

You want your new pet to form a bond with you? Two factors are particularly important for this: time and patience. To get cockatiels used to you slowly, you should consider the following:

– Give your pet time: compared to other pet birds, cockatiels learn quite quickly. However, you should not push them to anything. Otherwise they feel uncomfortable. Withdraw. – Provide a quiet environment: Unrest or noise disturb the training with your feathered companions. If you buy a cockatiel and want to tame it afterwards, a relaxed atmosphere is the most important thing. – Repetition desired: So that your pet birds z. B. If you want your birds to leave the cage or learn small tricks, you have to practice with them regularly. Bribery is allowed:. Although in the form of treats. For example, you can get your pet to eat out of your hand.

Last but not least, never forget to praise your birds. Follow our tips. Your animals will soon become hand-tame. By the way, it is a bit faster if you buy cockatiels from hand breeding. They are used to human closeness from birth. Build up thereby fast confidence to you.

You want to buy parrot or white-headed cockatiels or are still looking for a suitable female for breeding? Then create your profile at DeineTierwelt today! With us you find with a few clicks the ornamental bird, which fits into your family. Whether you want to buy or sell young or older cockatiels – we help you with it!

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