Consumer tip what good is aloe vera really

Consumer tip: What is aloe vera really good for??consumer tip what is aloe vera really good for?

Aloe vera helps with skin problems. (Photo: dpa) Products with aloe vera are a big hit. Aloe vera extracts are contained in creams and lotions, in juices and also in teas or yogurts. 160 active ingredients are contained in the plant, such as vitamins A, C, D and E and proteins. The active ingredients are said to heal wounds, nourish the skin, and inhibit inflammation. But consumer protectionists urge caution "There is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of aloe vera preparations", says Angela Clausen from the consumer advice center of North Rhine-Westphalia. We tell you what aloe vera products are really good for and what to look for when buying them.

Effect not scientifically proven

The consumer centers had even written to manufacturers of aloe vera products and asked whether the effects of internal use are scientifically proven. "In all cases, the answer was "no", says Clausen. According to the consumer center Bavaria there are five scientific studies to the internal use of Aloe Vera, which all went out without positive result. Only the intake of preparations as a laxative could be proven.

Unnecessary for internal use

Consumer advocates advise against food supplements with aloe vera. "The vitamins and minerals can also be found in other foods such as fruit and vegetables, so you can safely do without aloe vera preparations", says Clausen. In addition, the amounts of vitamins in aloe vera, for example, are so low that they may not be advertised on the packaging of dietary supplements. "If this does happen, they are added externally", Clausen says.

It can help with skin problems

Aloe vera is more recommended for external use. Clinical studies show that ingredients such as Aloverose can accelerate wound healing when applied externally. In addition, the gel of the plant contains special enzymes, vitamins and minerals. "Therefore, dermatologists recommend aloe vera creams and lotions for the treatment of wounds, sunburns, for the regeneration of the skin after peelings or after skin surgeries", says Gertraud Kremer, dermatologist from Berlin. Kremer recommends, only creams or lotions, which have a very high portion of Aloe Vera. "It should be at least 80, better 90 percent," says Clausen, according to the dermatologist. The purer the better.

Do not buy anything from aloe vera consultants

On the package of aloe vera products there is usually nothing about what diseases the product is supposed to help against. "That is not legally permitted also, since it does not concern medicaments", according to Clausen. The promises of miracle cures usually come from self-employed consultants who sell expensive remedies. "Buying with the hope of such promises is wasted money", according to Clausen.

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