Corona in the rems murr district current case numbers incidence vaccinated stand 29.04. Rems murr circle time

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Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, we have been looking at the coronavirus case numbers on a daily basis: How are infections, incidences and ICU bed occupancy evolving?? We provide current figures for the Rems-Murr district and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Active Corona cases and seven-day incidence

– In the Rems-Murr district there are currently 3334 infected persons in quarantine(As of Friday, 29.04.). This is 453 fewer than on Thursday (28.04.). – The 7-day incidence is currently at 903(As of 29.04.).

Hospitalization incidence& Occupied intensive care beds

– The Hospitalization incidence in Baden-Wurttemberg is 4,2. – The Number of intensive care beds, which are occupied in Baden-Wuerttemberg with Covid-19 patients is 150(as of Friday, 29.04.).

The Corona Ordinance regulates the measures still in force for Baden-Wurttemberg.

97 percent: Omicron subvariant BA.2 dominates germany

Total number of Corona infected and deaths

– Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Rems-Murr district has seen 132.884People infected with Covid-19(as of Friday, 29.04.).
– Currently in the circle 587 deaths known in connection with a Corona infection (as of Friday, 29.04.).

The situation in the Rems-Murr clinics

– Currently there are 41 Corona patients in inpatient treatment in the Rems-Murr clinics. – Of these, three patients are being cared for and ventilated in the intensive care unit (as of Friday, 29.04.).

Lauterbach for negative test after shortened Corona isolation

Vaccinations and boosters in the Rems-Murr district

– Currently, in the Rems-Murr district 292.499 persons (68.5 %) vaccinated at least once. 295.416 persons (69.1 %) are fully immunized.
237.039 persons (55.5 %) have received a booster vaccination (as of Tuesday, 26.04.).

Notes on the numbers

Update Friday (25.03.): Since both the District Office and the State Health Office no longer publish current figures on weekends, we are unable to publish key figures on Saturdays and Sundays. For the status of the respective values, please refer to the information in parentheses resp. for graphics of the labeling. – In individual cases, it is possible that covid deaths are removed from the statistics again. According to the district office, this happens if, after reporting a death, it turns out that the person in question does not reside in the Rems-Murr district.

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Hello Mr. Schwammlein, since the district office on

Hello Mr. Schwammlein,

because the district office does not update the Corona dashboard with the case numbers in the Rems-Murr district on weekends, we can only publish a few key figures in the article on Saturdays and Sundays. The status of the respective values can be taken from the information in parentheses or. in graphics of the caption (see also note in the text).

Kind regards from the online editorial office

What is this topicality? In the over

What is the actuality? In the headline, the Corona case numbers – still updated at 19:03 – for the 28th day of the year are mentioned.08.2021 and when you read on, you only come across figures from the previous day, the 27th day.08.2021. By the way, in the Allgauer newspapers one receives at the hour already the figures for Sunday, the 29th day of the year.08.2021. Sleep on .

I am eagerly waiting for the 4 vaccines that are to be approved on

I am eagerly waiting for the 4 vaccines that are based on well-tried principles of action (death vaccines and protein vaccines) and that should be approved by the end of the year at the latest and, according to the company doctor and family doctor, should also be suitable for people like me. I have intolerances to essential ingredients of the currently offered vaccinations and no one wants to vaccinate me. I can only know very little about the status of approvals of these vaccines ect. be known. Would be great to know more about it. For people like me, who can't be vaccinated with mRNA and vector vaccines, this is the hope to be vaccinated after all.

I am interested in how many people are vaccinated

I am interested in how many people are vaccinated and would still test positive. But the policy does not want to know that. Therefore also no test obligation for inoculated ones. But how many of the patients were already vaccinated?? Also this number remains hidden, because it could harm the vaccination morale. By the way: Most people I ask: Why did you get vaccinated?? Answers: So that I can move more freely. Can go on vacation. There is rarely any talk of fear of the disease.

Are the cases now only positive – or are they i

Are the cases now only positive – or are they infected – or even krnak with symptoms?

Never mind. To the incidence they are counted all the time!

Eiegntlich I can write this every day, since it is

Eiegntlich I can write this every day, because the WKZ editors purposefully ignore it:

Positive cases are not infections, that is the most important thing because PCR tests alone cannot detect diseases. Only together with anamnesis of a doctor. In case of a serious illness nobody would have to sit at home unattended!

On 16.4 were from all "infections Only 3 according to the data of the RKI with symptoms. So, according to the official data, there are only 3 sick people. Thus probably one in reality incidence !

You can do the math yourself with the material from Hendrik Potschke from 4466hp on Youtube

Is it possible to find out the numbers of newly infected people?

Can you perhaps write the numbers of newly infected times clearly in the text? Especially on mobile devices it is hard to hit the right bar in the graph. And the number of just infected, while interesting, doesn't say much about incidence.

Thank you for the current figures. A good Sa

Thank you very much for the actual numbers. A good thing I find yes the vaccine truck. Much more tests would be important. One notices in the meantime: Everyone knows what they can do themselves against the pandemic.

By the way Mr. Thomas Ross. In the video the mi says

By the way Mr. Thomas Ross. In the video, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis says about the viruses and the PCR test personally and obviously even himself. that's why the video. And that's what "fact checkers" have then refuted. Your judgment could also fail the fact check very quickly!

I expressly commend Mr. Wiedemann for his work

I praise expressly Mr. Wiedemann for its exemplary social kind, which it extends surely also to the morticians of the 20 million additional hunger deaths in the poorest countries. I also praise the federal government for reducing the number of intensive care beds by 32.000 in July 20202 to below 25.000 today, in the absence of a further training offensive for intensive care nurses. In the case of Mr. Kleiber, on the other hand, I suspect that he did not wear 2 masks on top of each other or touch them constantly, because in spite of the general obligation to wear masks, 3 times more people allegedly died of corona in the fall than in the spring, although the total number of occupied intensive care beds according to the DIVI intensive care bed register did not increase nearly as much as the "corona cases" at the same time. Mr. Kleiber how else is this possible?. Conspiracy experts speak of a relabeling by gezeiltes kranktesten. How just at Aldi and Co. for sale yourself. I wish the 13 patients in the intensive care unit (12 are ventilated) all the best. I would like to thank the staff of the invasive department in particular.

I see just, that Thomas Ross below one of these

I just see that Thomas Ross below is one of those completely ignorant, intransparent and always conspicuously one-sided "arguing" people I would like to thank the self-appointed fact-checkers, who suddenly and very conspicuously and self-appointedly control the net as truth police.

Here the video with Kary Mullis as reality to the controlled propaganda of the alleged fact checkers:

"Decisive for the report of a Corona case

"According to the district office, the date on which the report of the findings is prepared in the laboratory is decisive for reporting a Corona case. These reports are transmitted with a delay."!

PCR test alone cannot detect infection. Only up to a certain Ct-value genetic fragments can be detected. Is about the same as a hair on the sofa alone can not convict a murderer.

By the way, that the PCR test cannot detect infections has always been emphasized by its developer and Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis.

You can additionally obese the incidence by increasing the number of tests, increasing the ct cycles or reducing the targets. Or have you ever heard of these values with nTest or. are they reported or taken into account at all?

If one would test 14285 healthy persons daily, the known error rate of at least 1.4 percent would always result in an incidence of 200. If only a quarter of them were tested it would be 50!

So it is possible to control the numbers – and the more you test the safer the numbers stay up without really having detected an infection, because the PCR-test alone can't do that.

One must visualize that times: Number of

One must visualize that times: Number of deaths Germany-wide in each case within a month: 07.08.2020 – 07.09.2020 = 144 07.11.2020 – 07.12.2020 = 7693 23.11.2020 – 23.12.2020 = 13856

Nice overview as I find.

Nice overview in my opinion.

The claim that the inventor of the PCR test Ka

The claim that the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis rejects its use for viruses, circulated already in the U.S. and was refuted there by fact checkers of the news agency Reuters.

PCR tests alone cannot detect an infection

PCR tests alone cannot detect infection. By the way, Kary Mullis, developer of the PCR test and Nobel laureate for it, said! The RKI, the government, almost all politicians and authorities – and above all the press – have been spreading fake news about this for months, with considerable consequences for all areas of our lives and the future of our children.

Only a doctor's diagnosis can diagnose a krnak disease!

AHA rule: work gone — house gone — everything gone!

Hello Mr. Klenk, I do not know what you are talking about

Hello Mr. Klenk,

I do not know what exactly you do not understand about my legible and argumentative statements?

At the same time, I don't find anything of substance that you suddenly find so great in the other article.

With this transparent trick, they try to "without having or naming any clues," to paint me as somehow "out of touch" Person with alleged "incomprehensible stuff (academic, physician) to devalue.

Content is nothing at all!

"The current coronavirus testing strategy of many countries is not

"The current coronavirus testing strategy of many countries is now being questioned by leading U.S. researchers, reports the New York Times.

In fact, the commonly used corona tests, called PCR tests, offer only a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

That is according to Dr. Michael Mina, epidemiologist from Harvard University inadequately. Whether the positively tested patient is actually infectious, however, can not be said by the standard test. In his opinion, it is therefore important to determine the viral load of an infected patient.

The scientist demands to determine a threshold value of the Sars-CoV-2 viral load in a sample. It is the so-called Ct value (Ct stands for "cycle threshold") that is important in the evaluations of laboratory findings. The higher the Ct value, the lower the virus concentration in the sample tested. The RKI recommends a Ct value of 30. A reasonable limit value lies according to Dr. Michael Mina at 30 to 35. With this threshold, 70 percent of previous positive coronavirus tests would be classified as negative, writes the New York Times, citing a U.S. virologist. Actually infectious people, on the other hand, would be detected by the."

I repeat myself and wonder that my ar

I repeat myself and I am surprised that my argumentation was not checked.

A positive test is not an infection. The PCR tests are not validated (verified in their accuracy). Not approved for clinical diagnosis. One is sick with symptoms. After diagnosis by a doctor. And if you push it even further: Stupidly, the symptoms of all respiratory diseases (fever, cough, loss of smell) are similar, so that, for example, other untested pathogens could always be the cause. There were very suspiciously few flu deaths this year.

You find what you are looking for.

The PCR tests have an error rate of 1.4% according to ring tests by the RKI. The proportion of positive tests in relation to the test frequency has been consistently (with a small exception of 1.35%) less than 1% for many weeks. Ie. the positive test rate is full. Consistently in the error range. Test rate is full. Consistently in the error range. Aha!

And all this fits, if the tested have no symptoms at all and are tested simply times at borders quasi forcibly – or it as good as no Schwerrnaken in "empty" Clinics there.

According to the results of the sentinel practices of the RKI, rhinoviruses are currently circulating: Sore throat, cold, headache, in children like bronchitis.

Incidentally, SarsCOV2 has not been detected in acute respiratory symptoms since early April in the long-established, exemplary monthly surveys by RKI sentinel practices (to assess the infection situation in Germany).

Such drastic measures as in the Corona crisis must be justified and the figures and data must be discussed openly and critically. Did they know these numbers? They check these nevertheless, although it was actually their task of the WKZ, instead of kommetarlose amption without any references!

Very weak summary. The ratio is missing

Very weak summary. The relation of positive tests to the quantity of tests is missing. The more tests the more positive findings.

The most important thing is whether the people who test positive really have symptoms, i.e. are really infected with something.

According to the monthly sentinel surveys of the RKI, despite the protective masks, only the summer-typical rhinoviruses are circulating, which cause colds with the typical non-specific symptoms such as sore throat, cold, cough, headache and feeling of illness . In children, fever is often observed in addition. And then there would be the current hospitalization rate. The bed occupancy in the Rems-Murr -Kreis important. Den without thisKnowledge or thesedecisive numbers for the seriousness of the "Infekionen" it is never possible to assess the pandemic situation.

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