Coronavirus bw faq to corona regulations no 3g and mask obligation swr aktuell

Corona rules in BW: What continues to apply in Baden-WurttembergAccess restrictions and mandatory wearing of masks indoors no longer apply. However, some Corona rules still exist. Questions and answers about quarantine, schools and co.

On Saturday (2. April), almost all everyday restrictions have expired nationwide under the Infection Protection Act.

An overview of what remains – and what measures no longer exist.

No more contact restrictions?

The Infection Protection Act no longer provides for contact restrictions or upper limits on persons at events. So anyone and everyone can meet. Events can again take place in front of a full house.

Where the mask obligation still exists?

Masks no longer have to be worn in a sold-out soccer stadium or concert hall. In general, the mask requirement falls also in most indoor areas – also in schools. However, the end of the mask requirement does not mean that masks may no longer be worn. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and also Baden-Wurttemberg's Minister President Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) repeatedly called for the voluntary wearing of masks to continue, especially indoors.

By the way: supermarkets could basically enforce that masks have to be worn when shopping. Legally this would be possible. Only in very few exceptional cases could a mask requirement in retail be illegal:

After Corona loosenings house right: Mask obligation in the retail trade further possible

The mask obligation falls – also in the supermarket. However, if operators insist on the mask on clients, that would probably be permissible from a legal perspective in the vast majority of cases. more.

About the 3. April more remain masks for protection against corona in the following facilities mandatory:

– in shared accommodation for refugees – on public transport, i.e. buses and trains, as well as airplanes and passenger ships. The situation is different for coaches: They are not part of the public transport system, here the mask obligation does not apply – however, it can be demanded by house law – in doctors' practices – in hospitals – in facilities for outpatient surgery – in preventive or rehabilitation clinics – in dialysis facilities – in day clinics – in outpatient nursing services, for example for intensive care in facilities, residential groups or other communal forms of living – in fully or partially inpatient facilities for the care and accommodation of the elderly, people with disabilities or people in need of care. Exception: Offers for assistance in everyday life according to § 45a, paragraph 1, sentence 2 of the Eleventh Book of the Social Code – in shelters for the homeless – in rescue services

Is there still a testing obligation (for the unvaccinated)??

Testing obligations are eliminated everywhere – except in the following facilities:

– in day care centers for children – in schools – in hospitals – in outpatient care services for outpatient intensive care in institutions, residential groups or other communal forms of living – in fully or partially inpatient facilities for the care and accommodation of elderly, disabled or persons in need of care or comparable facilities, as well as for outpatient care services and companies providing services there. Exception: offers for support in everyday life according to § 45a, paragraph 1, sentence 2, Eleventh Book of the German Social Code – in shared accommodations for refugees – in correctional facilities, detention centers for deportees and detention centers for persons under detention pending deportation as well as facilities with permanent custodial placements, in particular psychiatric hospitals, homes for youth welfare and for senior citizens

Boostered, freshly second vaccinated and convalescents are mostly exempt from the testing requirement – where fresh means within the past three months. In detail, the regulations for exemption from the testing obligation can be found in the ordinances on schools, daycare centers as well as hospitals and care facilities.

Remain rapid tests free of charge?

The Federal Ministry of Health has announced that the free Corona tests extended until the end of June 2022.

Access restrictions – does my vaccination status still play a role in everyday life??

In the everyday lives of very many people, access restrictions play a role according to Vaccination or convalescent status no longer a role. Rules such as 2G Plus or 3G no longer exist. Clubs and discotheques can also be partied in again without restriction. Only in the above-mentioned facilities – such as daycare centers, schools, hospitals or in the rescue service – there will continue to be a testing obligation and thus also access restrictions.

In schools and daycare centers, the following applies until the beginning of the Easter vacations: Who "quarantine exempt" is boosted, freshly second vaccinated or recovered from Corona – where fresh means within the last three months – is offered two quick tests per week, but does not have to get tested. (A list of "quarantine exempt" persons) there is in the Corona regulation segregation in §1, sentence 11.)

In nursing care, the facility-based Corona vaccination requirement applies nationwide.

What do I have to keep in mind when traveling?

Where vaccination status, convalescence status or test results continue to play a role in Travel abroad and the Entry into Germany. Which rules apply precisely when entering other EU countries, the EU has under summarized. For entry into Germany, the following applies until 31 March. May that individuals twelve years of age and older must carry proof of their vaccination, convalescent status, or a negative test result. Those entering from a virus variant area must still be quarantined. More information from the German Foreign Office can be found here. Do I have to report my Corona disease. In quarantine or isolation?For private persons still no obligation to report. Also the rules on quarantine. Isolation still apply. Contact persons of infected persons do not have to be quarantined if they have a booster vaccination, are freshly double vaccinated or have recently recovered. As "fresh a period of up to three months applies.

Quarantine or isolation: What is the difference??

In Quarantine Those who are suspected of being infected with Corona must go to the hospital. For example, because they have close contact with a person who is proven to be infected.

Those in whom an infection has already been detected must isolate themselves. In Isolation therefore, all those who are themselves infected with the coronavirus must.

For infected or not vaccinated contact persons ten days quarantine apply, which can be shortened: after seven days with a negative PCR or a certified rapid test.

For students who are considered contacts, the shortening of the quarantine period by a negative PCR or a rapid antigen test is possible after only five days. Otherwise the quarantine period is also ten days. Can be shortened after seven days with a negative PCR test or certified rapid antigen test.

Employees of hospitals, nursing homes and institutions for integration assistance can end quarantine early only with a negative PCR test and after 48 hours of freedom from symptoms.

Which Corona rules apply at the workplace?

Until 25. May need to take so-called basic protective measures at work. Employers need a mandatory hygiene concept, In which they determine measures for the protection against infection suitable for the respective work situation and the premises. This can further be:

– Minimum distance of 1.50 meters – Reduce personal contacts in the company, for example by avoiding or reducing the simultaneous use of rooms by several people. A means to this can offer. Allowing home office to be. – infection-protection-compliant ventilation of indoor rooms used by several people to reduce the viral load there – mandatory use of masks wherever technical or organizational measures do not provide sufficient protection – regular in-house testing offers

Since 20. March, the 3G rule has already been dropped in the workplace – exceptions like hospitals are listed above under mandatory testing. There is also no longer a home office obligation.

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Coronavirus bw faq to corona regeln kein 3g und maskenpflicht swr aktuell

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Coronavirus bw faq to corona rules no 3g and mask obligation swr aktuell

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Coronavirus bw faq to corona rules no 3g and mask requirement swr aktuell

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