Current corona rules in erfurt league of political interests and self-representation of people

Current corona rules in ErfurtThe Lord Mayor of the state capital of Erfurt, as the lower health authority, orders the following general decree to protect public safety in accordance with Section 28, Paragraph 1, Sentences 1 and 2 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Humans (Infection Protection Act – IfSG) in the currently valid version in conjunction with Section 35, Sentence 2 of the Thuringian Administrative Procedure Act (ThurVwVfG) in the currently valid version.

According to Section 13 of the Second Thuringian Ordinance on Basic Infection Protection Rules for Containing the Spread of the Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus (Second Thuringian Sars-CoV-2 Infection Protection Basic Ordinance – 2. ThurSARS-CoV-2-IfG-GrundVO -) as amended from time to time (hereinafter referred to as the Thuringian Ordinance), further orders of the competent authorities in derogation of the aforementioned ordinance remain unaffected.

In addition to the provisions of the Thuringian Ordinance, the Thuringian Ordinance on Extraordinary Special Measures to Contain a Surge in the Spread of the Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus (Thuringian SARS-CoV-2 Special Containment Measures Ordinance – ThurSARS-CoV-2-SonderEindmabnVO -), as amended from time to time (hereinafter referred to as the Special Containment Measures Ordinance), shall apply with priority.

Thus, unless already decreed by the Special Containment Measures Ordinance, the following regulations, which go beyond the orders of the Thuringian Ordinance, are decreed for the entire city area. In all other respects, the Thuringia Ordinance, supplemented by the Special Containment Measures Ordinance, shall apply, in each case as amended.

1. The wearing of mouth-to-nose coverings in public areas is decreed as follows:

(1) Every person has to stay beyond the distance specified in § 6 para. 1 (public passenger transport) and § 6 para. 2 (stores with public traffic) of the Thuringia Ordinance regulated areas beyond in the following areas under the following conditions to wear a mouth-nose covering in the city of Erfurt:

1. in publicly accessible areas of accommodation and catering establishments (corridors, foyers, elevators, guest rooms) for customers and staff, excluding persons sitting at the table, 2. when entering and staying in covered traffic areas of shopping centers, 3. when using private transport services with the exception of persons of the own household in the city area of Erfurt, 4. in medical and therapeutic facilities, especially medical and therapeutic practices, medical care centers and hospitals for patients (for staff medical mouth-nose protection), 5. in handicraft enterprises or service enterprises, as far as they are not to be kept closed according to the Special Containment Measures Ordinance; when using and providing services close to the human body, as far as they are exceptionally permitted according to the Special Containment Measures Ordinance (medically necessary), the employees shall wear an FFP2 mask without exhalation valve, supplemented by protective goggles or a face shield, as mouth-nose protection, 6. When entering and staying in/at places for the distribution of food and beverages to take away resp. Deliver, 7. outside of buildings in the public space of the following streets, paths and squares, namely if the minimum distance of at least 1.5 m according to § 1 of the Thuringian Ordinance cannot be observed:

Streets, roads, Squares Allerheiligenstrabe Am Hugel An den Graden An der Stadtmunze Andreasstrabe Anger Augustinerstrabe Augustmauer Bahnhofstrabe Barfuberstrabe Bechtheimer Strabe Benaryplatz Benediktsplatz Biereyestrabe Binderslebener Landstrabe Bonemilchstrabe Bonifaciusstrabe Borngasse Boyneburgufer Bruhler Strabe Comthurgasse Cusanusstrabe Dalbergsweg Dammchen Domplatz Domstrabe Domstufen Drachengasse Eichenstrabe Farbengasse Faustgabchen Fischersand Fischmarkt Fleischgasse Franckestrabe Furthmuhlgasse Futterstrabe Georgsgasse Glockengasse Glockenquergasse Gorkistrabe Gormersgasse Gothaer Platz Gotthardtstrabe Grafengasse Grobe Ackerhofsgasse Grobe Arche Grunstrabe Gunterstrabe Gutenbergstrabe Hefengasse Heilige Grabesmuhlgasse Heinrichstrabe Helmut- Kohlstrasse Henning-Goede-Strasse Herrmannsplatz Hirschlachufer Holzheienstrasse Horngasse Hugo-Preub-Platz Hutergasse Huttenstrabe Johannesmauer Johannesstrabe Junkersand Juri-Gagarin-Ring Karl-Marx- Platz Kaufmannerstrabe Keilhauergasse Kettenstrabe Kirchgasse Kirchhofsgasse Kleine Ackerhofsgasse Kleine Arche Klostergang Koenbergkstrabe Kramerbrucke Krampferstrabe Krampfertor Kreuzgasse Kreuzsand Kronenburggasse Kronengasse Kupferhammermuhlgasse Kurschnergasse Lachsgasse Lange Brucke Lauentor Lilienstrabe Lowengasse Ludwigstrabe Lutherstrabe Mainzerhofplatz Mainzerhofstrabe Malzgasse Marbacher Gasse Markgrafengasse Marktstrabe Marstallstrabe Martinsgasse Martinskloster Maximilian- Welsch-Strabe Meienbergstrabe Meister-Eckehart-Melanchthonstrabe Mettengasse Meyfartstrabe Michaelisstrabe Mittelmuhlgasse Mohrengasse Moritzhof Moritzstrabe Moritzwallstrabe Muhlgasse Mullersgasse Neuwerkstrabe Nonnengasse Ottostrabe Paulstrabe Pergamentergasse Petersberg Peterstrabe Petrinistrabe Pfeiffersgasse Pflockengasse Pilse Placidus-Muth-Radegundenstrasse Rathausbrucke Rathausgasse Regierungsstrasse Reglermauer Rudolfstrasse Rumpelgasse Rupprechtsgasse Schafgasse Schattenwandgasse Schildgasse Schlosserstrabe Schluterstrasse Schottengasse Schuhgasse Seengablein Severihof Spiegelgasse Steinstrabe Stiftsgasse Studentengasse Stunzengasse Taschengasse Taubengasse Theaterplatz Theaterstrabe Trommsdorffstrabe Turniergasse Venice Vor dem Moritztor Waagegasse Waldenstrabe Walkmuhlstrabe Warsbergstrabe Webergasse Weidengasse Weibe Gasse Weibfrauengasse Weitergasse Wenigemarkt Wilhelm- Kulz-Strabe Willy-Brandt-Platz Ziegengasse Zur Grunen Schildmuhle

current corona rules in erfurt league of political interests and self-representation of people

Enlarge Map: Annex to the general decree of 12.01.2021 (scope of application) Map: © Erfurt City Council

The area of application defined in this way is attached to this general decree as an appendix (map).

In addition, in the entire city area, the obligation of a mouth-nose covering, if the minimum distance of at least 1.5 m can not be maintained, applies to:

– weekly markets established on the basis of the weekly market statutes, – bus stop areas designated in accordance with the StVO (sign 224), – pedestrian zones designated in accordance with the StVO (sign 242), – pedestrian zones designated in accordance with the StVO (sign 242).1) as well as – in street underpasses.

(2) Mouth-to-nose coverings must fit tightly against the nose and mouth and fit snugly. Visors or shields without additional mouth-nose covering are not permitted. Do not comply with the obligation under § 6 of the Thuringia Ordinance.

(3) The following exceptions to § 6 para. 3 no. 1. and 2. of the Thuringian ordinance remain unaffected: Children up to the age of 6. Persons under the age of 18 and persons for whom the use of a mouth-nose covering is not possible or reasonable due to disability or health reasons are exempt from the obligation to use a mouth-nose covering. The exemption is to be applied for to the health department. To be made credible in a suitable manner. For the plausibility of the impossibility or unreasonableness for health reasons in accordance with § 6 para. 3 no.2 of the 2. ThurSARS-CoV-2 IfS-GrundVO a medical certificate is necessary, which contains the technical-medical designation of the clinical picture (diagnosis), the Latin name or the classification of the illness according to ICD 10 as well as the reason, from which the exemption arises. There are no other exceptions to the obligation to use a mouth-nose covering.

2. Prohibition of sale of alcohol

Within 22:00 o'clock to 5:00 o'clock a general sales prohibition of alcohol exists. The sales ban extends in particular also to gas station enterprises. Mixed establishments of the pub trade with retail trade.

3. Special markets

In addition to the prohibitions pursuant to §§ 6 and 8 of the Special Containment Measures Ordinance, special markets within the meaning of § 68 of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act are also prohibited, unless they are expressly prohibited by § 8 Para. 2. sentence 3 are excluded from the closure.

4. Restrictions on the number of participants at meetings

The permissible maximum number of participants at gatherings is limited to 100 in the urban area of the state capital Erfurt if the incidence value of 200 new infections is exceeded.000 inhabitants within seven days on five consecutive days

(a) to 200 persons in the case of outdoor gatherings, and (b) to 50 persons in the case of indoor gatherings; and

if the incidence value of 300 new infections is exceeded in 100.000 inhabitants within seven days on five consecutive days in any case to 25 people. The number of participants, which is updated daily thereafter, is posted on the announcement board at the Burgeramt, Burgermeister-Wagner-Strasse 1 and can be viewed on the website ef136830) can be accessed at.

5. Deviating from § 7 Abs. 3 of the Thuringia Ordinance applies to non-public events:

Non-public events, especially funeral ceremonies, whether indoors or outdoors, with more than 10 participants are prohibited. For civil marriage ceremonies, the total number of persons may not exceed a maximum of 5.

6. Religious events or gatherings

Religious events or gatherings can only take place within the church buildings in compliance with the relevant infection control regulations. Exceptions may be made for delineated church gardens as well as yards with the permission of the lower health authority. The infection control concepts must include specifications for limiting the number of visitors, a seating or, if applicable, a. The general decree shall contain the following information: the management of standing room reservations, the location of the necessary separate entrances and exits, the time limits for the event, ventilation breaks, choir performances, and requirements for the use of mouth/nose protection by all participants.

7. Visits to hospitals

In deviation from § 9a of the Thuringian ordinance, visits to hospitals are generally prohibited. For medical and ethico-socially indicated visits, in particular visits to maternity, children's and palliative wards or hospices, deviating regulations can be made by the facility management, provided that a sufficiently high level of infection protection is ensured.

8. Buildings of the state capital Erfurt as named:

– Community centers, – House of social services, – City hall, – Sports facilities, – Fire stations, etc.

may not be used for events in accordance with Section 7 of the Thuringia Ordinance. Sporting events without public traffic with confirmed infection protection concept are exempt from this rule.

9. Effectiveness

This general decree shall take effect on the day following its publication and shall apply up to and including 03.02.2021. The general decree on measures required to contain the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus of 16.12.2020 will be repealed when this general decree takes effect.

Legal notice:

An objection to this general ruling can be lodged within one month of notification. The objection must be lodged in writing or in writing with the state capital Erfurt, Health Department, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 150, 99084 Erfurt. The objection can also be sent by e-mail with sender confirmation as defined in § 5 Para. 5 of the De-Mail Act to the De-Mail address [email protected] be levied. The filing of the objection by means of a simple e-mail, on the other hand, does not satisfy the requirements for the written form.

This order is immediately enforceable. This means that an objection has no suspensive effect (§§ 28 para. 3 i. V. m. 16 para. 8 IfSG, § 80 Abs. 2 S. 1 no. 3 Administrative Code). This means that the general decree must be followed even if it is challenged with an objection. An application may be made to the Weimar Administrative Court, Jenaer Strabe 2, 99425 Weimar, for an order suspending the effect of an objection.

According to § 41 Abs. 4 sentence 1 ThurVwVfG, only the enacting part of the general ruling is to be made public. The full text of the general decree can be viewed at the state capital Erfurt, health department by telephone arrangement.

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