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Everything about the dachshund / dachshund dog breedThe dachshund – small, cheeky and absolutely popular – is a very popular dog in Germany, as a rough-haired or short-haired dog, in families or for hunting. He is also known as a basset hound or a dachshund. In the meantime, the small dachshund is somewhat out of fashion, according to the VDH, the dachshund is becoming more popular again in recent years. The modern dachshund is popular with young and old as a well-balanced family dog.

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When do I have to bathe my dachshund?

Dachshunds can also mutate into little mucky bunnies. But this does not mean that you have to bathe your dachshund regularly. On the contrary, the bath. What is with the coat. Paying attention to the skin of the dachshund? The amount of grooming a dachshund needs is based on the length of its coat. We have already learned.

How old does a dachshund get?

Also with the dachshund nothing speaks against a long life. It can live up to 15 years. Giving much pleasure to its owners. To.

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Dachshund profile

What you need to know about the Dachshund

The Dog breed of the dachshund possess a pronounced self-confidence. This is at the Hunting on defensible game, especially the badger (hence the name Dachshund), very helpful. In the badger or fox den, the dog is a lone hunter and must make his own decisions, as the handler cannot guide him here. The willingness of the dachshund to bond is less intensively pronounced.

Their training requires a loving consistency and a knowledgeable handler and should start as early as possible in puppyhood. This also concerns the influence on the dachshund in dealing with other dogs and people: The dachshund's strong self-confidence can sometimes mean that it has too little respect for larger dogs and confrontations can occur here.

The breed standard of the dachshund

The VDH classifies the Dachshund in the FCI group 4 section 1. In Germany, the German dachshund club has been entrusted with the breeding of this breed since 1988.

The fact is that the Dachshund is one of the oldest dog breeds. Their origin goes back to the time of the Celts. The small hunting dogs can already be recognized on pictures from ancient Egypt. Thus, the dachshund is the breed that has been the longest in the service of man. Only over the formation of the Pedigree dog breeding in Germany originated the modern Dachshund, as we know him today and as he is also known as a Family dog is popular. The German dachshund club was founded in 1888. Belongs to the oldest clubs keeping stud books. At the same time this is the second oldest breed association. Now the Dachshund as such has reference to a historical group of use. Thus, the main task of the dachshund is to crawl into the burrow to hunt game.

In the technical language is the talk of the construction hunt or the construction hunt in the badger's den. The handler sends the dachshund into a burrow or a den. The quadrupeds must not show fear when they meet a marten in the den, which can quickly reach twice their weight. Welding work. The tracking. A trademark are the short legs. The elongated body. Nevertheless they are very muscular. walk proudly through the world with an upright posture.

healthy dachshund, Lauren Rathbone on Pixabay

In principle, today's appearance is the result of selective breeding and selection. We can offer different variants. Distinguish sizes. So there is the shorthaired dachshund, the longhair– and the Roughhaired Dachshund. These coat structures exist in several color variants as multicolored dachshund or brindle dachshund. Excluded from breeding are black dachshunds without brand or white dachshunds. But this does not matter for most private owners, because they often do not have the ambition to visit a dog show.

In breeding, a distinction is made between a hunting dog line and a companion dog line. At the dog shows you can see mostly the companion dogs. In the criticism are exaggerated breedings, which go at the expense of the health. This always happens when the dogs are bred too low or too long. Some breeders are also of the opinion that the coat color is one of the decisive quality criteria.

One thing I would like to make clear at this point: A good dachshund has no color. The standard that is not drastically exceeded or undercut should always be used as a guide. The spaniel was once crossed with the longhaired dachshund, while the terrier is one of the progenitors of the roughhaired dachshund.

Whether you like the breed Dachshund, Dachshund or Dachshund name, plays a subordinate role, all three designations are important. Derived the Middle High German "Dahshunt" from the badger from the 18. Century. Continued to Dachshund. From this one made in the second half of the 18. century the dachshund, which in the 19. In the nineteenth century in its cose form became the dachshund.

Another distinctive mark of the dachshund are your floppy ears, which must not sit too far forward. At the same time the ears should not be too round or too long. Let us read together in the breed description of the VDH.

Thus, the FCI assigns the Dachshund the standard number 148 of the Dachshunds. This corresponds to the FCI group 4 and the pedigree dogs that have a working test. How should it be different for hunting dogs, which go underground to hunt for small animals? After a lull, the Dachshund seems to be gaining in popularity. This is how it can be read on the pages of VDH Breeding. Today, not only the hunters are still interested in the small Dachshund, but also private owners who appreciate him for his exceptional nature as a companion dog and family dog.

The dachshund is one of the typical old German dog breeds who take the plunge into the modern today have managed. Already in the Middle Ages we have bred the dachshund for the hunt. In addition to the hunting suitability of the dachshund in the 19.

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