Danger aids it will be okay

Education about contraception. AIDS has been on the school curriculum for many years. Already from the 4. From the first grade on, children are warned about the dangers of AIDS at school. But the information obviously does not reach the students. You don't know anyone who is affected. So one trusts in one's luck and thinks: "It will be all right." Sometimes that is a fatal mistake.

Nurse Judith cares for the terminally ill AIDS patient Ronald Akkerman. (Source: Moving Theatre)

The sad result of this casual, carefree attitude: in recent years, the number of pregnant teenagers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has risen. In Germany alone there are now more than 20.000 every year. And also the deadly immunodeficiency disease Aids continues to spread among young people in Germany.

At the Georg-Buchner-Gymnasium in Kaarst, the topic was not only dealt with in biology lessons. Aids was also the subject of an exciting play, as youth reporter Michelle Goroncy reports. You too can help children-. Becoming a youth reporter. Join in! (Source: Helles Kopfchen)

Because the number of HIV-infected teenagers in Germany has risen dramatically in recent years, we at the Georg Buchner Gymnasium in Kaarst produced the theater play "Dossier: Ronald Akkerman performed. The play of the group "Moving Theatre and "Theater Play deals with the course of the illness of the AIDS patient Akkerman until his death.

At the beginning of the play, nurse Judith comes back from the funeral of "her" friend patients and would now like to close the medical file. The last 18 months with Ronald Akkerman are replayed before their eyes – from the first meeting and the arguments to the end. She goes through how the initial prejudice on both sides, the mistrust, helplessness and reticence have gradually changed into friendship and deep understanding. Only after this renewed confrontation with Ronald can Judith really say goodbye to Ronald.

Everyone was deeply moved

The students of the Georg-Buchner-Gymnasium in Kaarst are moved by the play. (Source: Hans-Josef Wagner)

I was surprised by the calmness with which all 150 students from five classes of grades 8 and 9 followed the play for more than 70 minutes. The tension of my fellow students. Classmates were recognizable because of the excellent production. In the discussion that followed, led by the two performers, many classmates impressed with numerous contributions of words and profound evaluations of the play.

The topic of the play had been intensively prepared in class with our biology teacher Hans-Josef Wagner. We had also received extensive information material from the AIDS counseling service. The central questions were: What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? How to protect yourself from the infection? Are some common opinions regarding infection routes wrong?? What is the course of the disease? What treatment options are available? Is AIDS curable?

Topic Aids during the project days

Michelle is interested in the deadly immunodeficiency disease Aids. (Source: Hans-Josef Wagner)

The class, and especially the play, were the reason that I, like many of my classmates, have since become very involved with the topic.

Due to our great interest, the topic "Aids" was added subsequently also offered as an optional topic for our project days. Since the topic touched me very much, I signed up for it along with 15 other classmates.

The aim of the project was to develop an easy-to-understand AIDS guide and to create a corresponding website. Because no guidebook that we read during our research answered all our questions briefly and precisely.

The newly created guidebook will be used at our school in the future during AIDS education classes in middle school. Youth reporter Florian tells you how it came about and where you can watch it on the Internet, if you click on "Next" click.

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