Danger of untreated diabetes humanomed

Prolonged elevated blood glucose levels lead to diabetes-specific changes in blood vessels and nerves. The result can be a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or a critical circulatory disorder in the area of the leg arteries, in the worst case a leg amputation. In addition, chronic elevation of blood glucose levels leads to permanent changes in the eye area, which can lead to blindness, and in the nerve area with resulting painful symptoms.

Early diagnosis and adjustment of elevated blood glucose levels is therefore a top priority.

They lead to the following classic symptoms:

– numbness – ant tingling – burning soles – pain in the forefoot – restless legs – unsteady gait

Through the Gefuhlsstorungen it comes to an unbalanced appearance with the sole of the foot, chronic false loads and uberschiebender Verhornung. This leads to prere points, which can lead to ulcers on the sole of the foot if the strain is prolonged. This open area is a permanent danger, since germs can enter here and it can come to heavy infections up to the blood poisoning. In the worst case an amputation can become necessary. To detect prere sores ahead of time, perform regular self-inspections of feet.

Diabetes and kidney

Damage to the small blood vessels in the area of the kidneys is known as diabetic nephropathy. With increasing duration, this leads to an increasingly severe functional impairment of the kidneys, which may subsequently necessitate artificial blood washing (dialysis) or a kidney transplant.

Diabetes and eyes

People with diabetes are often affected by eye damage. Retinopathy is a diabetic damage of the retina. There are classic changes in the back of the eye that can be detected early by the ophthalmologist. In the worst case it can come to bleedings in the vitreous bodies with following retina detachment and blindness. Good blood glucose control is therefore a priority, although the risk potential must be considered on an individual basis.


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