Dba baunatal german vocational academy sport and health

The German Vocational Academy of Sport and Health

The special dual study program with a lot of practice and perspective

The dba is a real asset in the German educational landscape and is the first vocational academy to offer the opportunity to study sports science in the dual training system. The didactic concept is consistently oriented towards the professional requirements as well as the integration of scientific basics in the essential fields of action typical for the profession. Here, the goals of teaching lie in a theory-practice transfer. Permanent cooperation with rehabilitation facilities, companies, health institutions, fitness centers and clubs ensures knowledge transfer for mutual further development. Our university of cooperative education is state-recognized by the state of Hesse. All study programs have been successfully accredited by the Accreditation Council. They are thus equivalent to bachelor's degrees from state colleges and universities and entitle students to use the title Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) to lead.

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Future markets prevention, sports, fitness, health and nutrition

Our population is getting older and older, and awareness of the need for a healthy body and mind is growing rapidly. 21. In the second half of the twentieth century, the most important driver of economic. Social development worldwide. In the 21st century, the most important engine for economic. Social development worldwide. A large proportion of new jobs will be created in the health sector. People in all developed countries show a significantly higher willingness to commit to their health and spend more money on it. people are getting older and older. These need to be medically cared for. Highly qualified specialists are urgently needed. At the German University of Cooperative Education exactly this highly qualified personnel is trained . The very high practical component during the attendance phases ensures that students are quickly qualified and receive a sound practical education. Combined with the latest scientific findings, this results in an optimal mix of theory and practice.

Experience since 1983

Sports, fitness and health education has a long tradition in Baunatal. In 1983, Claus Umbach founded the Baunatal Sports Studio. After co-founding the German Fitness instructor Association e.V. (dflv), he has designed qualified and recognized training models in the fitness and health industry since 1989. With the slogan: "Advantage by direct instruction" we helped very many participants/inside by the qualitatively high-quality instruction to the appropriate authority stages and thus to vocational success in the health and Fitnessmarkt. Our professional instructors with years of professional experience ensure that all training content is conveyed in the best possible way. Our training offers occupy future-oriented fields of activity and this creates professional security and perspective.

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