Deaths in forest fires in the us state of california

deaths in forest fires in the us state of california

In the face of a forest fire that raged for days in the state of california, u.S. President donald trump declared a state of emergency. Federal funds will be released to fight the fire, the weibe haus announced.

Here’s how the U.S. Government wants to prevent a disaster in northern shasta county. The fires have so far claimed the lives of at least five people. Two firefighters and three residents were killed in the flames of the so-called carr fire near the town of redding, about 350 kilometers north of san francisco, authorities said late saturday night (local time).

Almost 40.000 people were currently on the run in the region. Several people were considered missing. Across california, more than 7,000 firefighters were deployed to battle the forest fires. Winds, high temperatures and vegetation that has dried out after years of drought have facilitated the spread of flames.

More than 3,400 firefighters were involved in the fight against the "carr" fire alone. The flames that had been raging around redding since monday had spread dramatically fast on thursday. So far, they have destroyed more than 500 houses and threatened another 5,000 buildings in the wooded area north of the 90th parallel.000 residents paying city. The residents of entire neighborhoods as well as the nearby town of shasta lake city were brought to safety.

The "carr" fire stretched over a flat 33 meters, according to saturday’s data.000 hectares (330 square kilometers), which is about half the size of the asian city-state of singapore. It had doubled its coarse with it in only one night. The flames are only five percent under control, the state fire suppression agency calfire said.

Another fire, the "ferguson" fire some 500 kilometers southeast of redding, most recently extended to 20.000 hectares and was 29 percent under control, according to calfire. It was the fire that had authorities most concerned before the "carr" fire spread so quickly.

The state on the west coast of the u.S. Has repeatedly struggled with forest fires. More than 40 people died in a series of brush fires in northern california last october. At times, there were 100.000 people fled the fires, with estimates that more than 9000 structures were destroyed.

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