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My name is Angelika Schmid. I have been married since 1970. Have two sons. Since my childhood I write short stories, poems, experience reports and much more and am a writer with full passion.

Since the year 2000, I have been nursing my husband with ever-increasing intensity. He suffers from an insidious and long-lasting hereditary disease called Huntington's disease. This is a severe, incurable and rare nervous condition. The disease accompanies the family our whole life together, after all, for fifty years already. His mother and an aunt had had the disease since the 1960s. The older brother has been bedridden for a very long time in need of care.

Due to the fate of a family hereditary disease, I have decades of care experience. Over the decades, countless disputes with authorities as well as health and long-term care insurance are behind me. I organize the entire daily life. The many different grooming tasks. As deputy chairwoman of our regional association of the Deutsche Huntington-Hilfe Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., I also put my knowledge voluntarily in the service of other affected persons and their relatives. I have managed to lead a contented life. I live happily and look positively, both back and into the future. I am happy to pass on the caregiving experiences and strategies for positive living to my readers.

Caregivers provide a wonderful service, not only to family members, but to society as a whole. However, they are often forgotten. Not only the sick are forced to live with the disease and their fate, the relatives too.

In order for you to succeed in your caregiving time, financial, psychological and physical conditions are an essential foundation. To avoid financial hardship, it is important to get your good right. For this I give you in my guide series care& Precaution COMPACT all important information at hand. To make sure you also don't miss out on any government assistance, I've compiled my practical knowledge on all topics related to care for you. The entire guidebook series care& I have published Vorsorge KOMPAKT.

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