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Dental assistant EFZDental assistants support dentists in the examination and treatment of patients. They also sterilize instruments after treatment, take x-rays, receive patients and are responsible for appointment management, files and invoicing.

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Dental assistants greet patients and take their data. Then they accompany them to the treatment room.

During the procedures, dental assistants hand the instruments to the dentist and extract saliva, blood and drill dust from the patients.

Dental practices must always be impeccably clean and disinfected to protect patients and staff from infections and diseases.

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Strict hygiene regulations also apply to the instruments, which are sterilized according to precisely defined work steps and with special equipment.

Dental assistants prepare patients for intraoral radiographs. They create the recordings. Archive.

The professionals control the material stocks and order if necessary. Contaminated instruments are disposed of correctly.

The dental assistants give patients tips on oral hygiene, cleaning teeth and the correct use and cleaning of their dentures.

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Appointment scheduling, telephone calls, correspondence, bookkeeping and invoicing: administrative work is part of the daily routine.

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The film shows the daily work of a dental assistant EFZ and informs about tasks and requirements in this profession.

The film from the series "A look at…" was produced in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Dental Assistants SVDA

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The short film provides a concentrated overview of the profession of EFZ dental assistant.

More information about the profession can be found in the corresponding "EinBlick auf". " film.

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Sterilizing instruments, answering calls, explaining dental prophylaxis: All of this is part of the daily routine in the profession of dental assistant EFZ. The dental assistants receive customers, assist with treatments, take X-rays and carry out administrative work. Good interactions with people are. A great awareness of hygiene is important.

From the TV series "Job profiles from Switzerland

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They perform the following activities:


– greet patients and guide them to the waiting room or directly to the dental chair – create a climate of trust – make phone calls, assess the urgency of a request and make appointments

Assistance during treatment

– Prepare instruments and equipment needed for the planned treatment – Assist dentists with treatment: hand them the instruments they need and shape filling materials (cement, amalgam, composite) and impression compounds – Take x-rays on the dentists' instructions: cover patient with a protective apron while doing so and show her how to position her head – Process analog or digital x-rays to be recorded in the patient's file

Cleaning work

– Clean, sterilize and put away medical instruments and disinfect chairs and equipment after each treatment – Keep practice neat and tidy – Dispose of waste in an environmentally sound manner

Administrative work

– Keeping files up to date while respecting data privacy – Managing inventories of medications, mouthwash, cement for crowns, and other paraphernalia and placing necessary orders – Handling mail and bookkeeping, such as mailing estimates or invoices



Education in professional practice

In a dental practice or dental clinic

School education

1 day per week at the vocational school

Occupational subjects

– Implementing general treatment processes; assisting with special treatments – Implementing hygiene regulations and hygiene measures; carrying out maintenance work – Performing imaging diagnostics – Looking after patients; carrying out administrative work

Inter-company courses

Practical learning and practicing of professional basics. 10 days during 3 years.

professional baccalaureate

If you perform very well at school, you can attend vocational baccalaureate school during basic training.




– Completed compulsory school


– Interest in natural sciences – sociability – empathy – dexterous hands – reliable, careful work ethic – good health (leg and back strain) – no hypersensitivity to chemicals – confidentiality (doctor-patient confidentiality)

Further education


Offers from vocational schools, dental and other health schools, as well as professional associations and foundations, z. B. School dental care instructor (SZPI)

Association diplomas

Prophylaxis assistant Practice administrator or medical secretary

Higher technical school

Dipl. Dental hygienist HF


Dental assistants work closely with dentists, dental technicians as well as dental hygienists. Sometimes they also perform educational and preventive tasks by recommending basic oral hygiene measures to certain patients. When performing procedures, always wear a protective gown, mouth guard, goggles and gloves to protect themselves and the other person from the risk of infection.

Professionals work in dental practices, dental clinics, polyclinics or dental institutes. You can also be employed by an insurance company or a dental products company. Depending on the workplace, they have irregular working hours. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can lead to longer working days.

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