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Dental excellence. KaVo – The partner for your dental laboratory

One-stop shopping for your dental lab or. Dental laboratory: drives, handpieces, equipment, extractors, articulators, facebows and functional diagnostics.

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Dental technology excellence: KaVo – The partner for your dental laboratory resp. dental laboratory

KaVo has nearly all the dental lab products you need to ensure your dental lab runs smoothly and effectively.

Working in a dental laboratory is complex, detail-oriented and often requires intricate minimal movements that require highly specialized dental laboratory products. Our K-ERGOgrip handpiece for dental laboratories is specifically and primarily designed for ergonomics and your comfort. It is lightweight, smaller in size and specially designed to reduce handpiece heating for dental labs. All KaVo handpieces for dental laboratories are also equipped with a soft grip recess to reduce the strain on the hand that can develop over time.

KaVo handpieces for dental labs are designed with the busy dental lab in mind, in addition to convenience. Each dental laboratory handpiece has a minimum number of individual parts to ensure easy maintenance and repair. A universal control unit offers flexibility because it ensures that the various handpieces for dental laboratories can be changed easily.

The fine dust produced in your dental laboratory is not only a nuisance. Research has proven that the substances in this dust can cause long-term health problems for you and your employees. Continuous inhalation of these particles can lead to scarring of the lungs, skin allergies and even some forms of cancer. An important part of the equipment for dental laboratories is a suction system, which removes all the dangerous material that can be found in the dental laboratory or in the dental lab. accumulates in the dental laboratory.

When designing a dental laboratory, it is important to, to use a company that has decades of experience with equipment for dental laboratories and offers high-quality products for dental laboratories. KaVo can develop a customized concept for a space that optimizes efficiency by using the latest ergonomic principles and research.

Our KaVo MASTERspace is a high-quality dental laboratory workspace perfectly designed to maximize space, functionality and efficiency. We offer three packages from which you can choose to customize your KaVo equipment for dental laboratories to your practical needs and prices. If your equipment more flexibility for dental laboratories you should consider the KaVo FLEXspace dental laboratory equipment. This product line offers workspaces in a wide range of heights and widths, specifically designed to fit your limited space. It offers a modular design so the workspace can be adjusted when you move to a new location or change dental labs. In addition, you can customize the design by selecting numerous design-. Set up functional elements individually in your dental lab. The use of dental articulators has increased diagnostic. revolutionized therapeutic dentistry. Depending on the model selected, our articulators either minimize the size of the facebow or require no facebow at all, making them very convenient for your patients. Our KaVo PROTARevo is an innovative piece of equipment for dental laboratories that was developed in collaboration with dental professionals. It offers top-notch handling and precision while delivering a beautiful representation of your work.

KaVo equipment for dental laboratories can help your dental lab or dental laboratory. Take dental lab to a new level, Whether you are looking to replace just a few pieces of equipment or intending a comprehensive upgrade. At KaVo Dental, we can help you choose the dental lab products you need and design the dental lab to your specifications. We pay special attention to functionality, efficiency and patient safety and comfort.

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