Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

Changing these 10 harmful habits will help your mental health.

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

Depression isn't always triggered by external factors, like a death, the end of a relationship or the loss of a job. Even the little habits that are with us day after day can affect our negative moods – without us even realizing it. The American health magazine "Health Explains which habits prevent us from being happy in the long run and can even make us mentally ill.

1. You go through life in a hunched posture?

Depressive 10 habits that harm your mental health

Our attitude affects our mental state, according to a study in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. People with poor posture showed worse moods in the study than those who walked upright. Those people who go through life in a hunched posture also tended to remember negative things more easily than positive ones.

Tip: Don't let yourself down! Back straight, chin up – and enjoying the positive aspects of life!

2. You simply take pictures of EVERYTHING?

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

Instagram addicts take note! According to a new study, notoriously taking photos leads to us not being able to remember the beautiful moments properly at all. "The lens is like a veil in front of our eyes and we don't realize it", says psychologist Dr. Diedra L. Clay.

Tip: When taking photos, focus on the things you are photographing rather than randomly snapping shots. Even better: don't take your cell phone camera with you for a while. Enjoy the moment just like that – it makes you mentally stronger.

3. You do not do sports?

Depressive 10 habits that harm your mental health

Although we may have heard this a thousand times before: If you exercise regularly, you benefit not only physically, but also psychologically. Fact: Fitness three times a week lowers the risk of becoming depressed by 19 percent. Every time we exercise, our risk of depression drops by 6 percent.

– And start taking a walk NOW! Then increase from week to week.

4. You put things off?

Depressed 10 habits that are harming your mental health

Those who always postpone important tasks until later – whether because they cause them anxiety or stress – have a bad conscience, which is nerve-wracking in the long run.

Tip: Try to distract yourself with an enjoyable activity before tackling a challenge that stresses you out. Whether listening to music or

– do things that help you reduce your sense of anxiety. How to associate difficult tasks with fun and not with stress.

5. You sleep too little?

Depressive 10 habits that harm your mental health

"Sleep affects everything", US Psychologist Dr. Diedra L. Clay "on both our emotional and mental capacities, as well as our bodily functions." So to be happy we need enough sleep.

Tip: Try to find out where your sleep problems come from and set up a restful environment for yourself.

6. You are never alone?

Depressive 10 habits that harm your mental health

People who are constantly in company and have no time for themselves may experience depressive moods in the long run. Psychotherapist Dr. Erin K. Leonard recommends consciously setting aside time for yourself: whether it's 10 minutes, an hour, or an entire day.

Tip: Make an appointment with yourself – and keep it!

7. Virtual contacts are no substitute for real conversation!

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

You're constantly on Facebook and handle most of your conversations via chat, emails and text messages? That is unhealthy. "We are unlearning how to have face-to-face conversations and are only conversing virtually", according to behavior coach Dr. Michael Mantell. In the long run virtual friends do not replace real people.

Tip: "How many followers we have doesn't matter. What matters in the end is how many real friends we have", appeals Mantel. At least once a week you should therefore devote yourself to your social contacts and meet friends or family.

8. You're addicted to your smartphone?

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

When was the last time you were completely without cell phone and wifi?

it can also have a negative impact on our mental health. "Our smartphones can do so much – but that leads to us being overstimulated", means Clay. "When we're constantly online, we can't get any rest. Our brains and bodies can't regenerate themselves." Sooner or later it can lead to depression or anxiety disorders.

Tip: Plan abstinence from cell phones into your daily routine. Even if it is only once a week for half a day.

9. You are in an unhealthy relationship?

Depressive 10 habits that harm your mental health

A relationship should be something that benefits both partners. But Leonard reveals, "Many of my patients suffer from anxiety and depression because they are in a toxic relationship." The psychotherapist: "Often the self-confidence of my clients is undermined by their partners. They are made to believe that they are incapable or selfish. Some people, however, only realize after years that their mental problems are due to their relationship and that they have been literally taken apart by their partners."

Tip: You will probably need help, but if you are in an abusive relationship, you should end it. Consult a psychologist or confide in a family member resp. a close friend.

10. You take life too seriously?

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

You trip on the open street and instead of laughing about it, you might sink into the ground in shame? Probably you take life too seriously. "Many studies show how laughing positively affects our health – including our psyche", Leonard explains. "Laughter is the quick medicine against anxiety and depression."

Tip: Whether watching funny comedies or having a good laugh with your friends, be open to humor! Volunteering with children also puts a smile on every curmudgeon's face!

11. Nothing works without multitasking?

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

Once and for all: Multitasking brings nothing but stress! Those who work through their do-do list step by step are known to finish at least as quickly, but exhaust themselves less. Those who multitask are stressed and unable to communicate effectively.

Tip: Whether on the job or in your personal life, focus on what you're doing and don't get distracted. Allow your brain to process what's going on and your psyche will benefit from it.

12. Don't get bullied!

Depressed 10 habits that harm your mental health

Teased is not only at school. Workplace bullying also negatively impacts mental health. And mobbing is far from being an isolated case! Over 70 percent of people surveyed have already experienced bullying on the job, according to Dr. Erin K. Leonard. "Being constantly attacked in a place of pride and confidence can be devastating." You shouldn't wait so long that you have trouble getting out and going to work.

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