Depression in cats causes symptoms treatments tips

Can cats be depressed? Unfortunately yes! In fact, depression is not uncommon in cats. They do not eat enough, neglect grooming and appear listless.

But what are the causes? How to recognize depression in your cat? How can you help your cat out of its slump?

Is the cat simply balanced or depressed?

A few days ago, Lissy the cat was whirling around the house, running outside through the cat flap to romp around all day, and has shown no signs of fatigue even in the evening. Two days ago it started: The cat became calmer, didn't want to go outside as much, and moved to a quiet corner during the day. No frolicking, no jumping over cat trees or furniture. There appeared to be calmness. However, this calm is deceptive. There are features that are clear signs of depression in cats. But first, it is important to clarify what depression is in the first place.

Keyword Depression

Depression is a mental illness that manifests itself in depressed mood, listlessness, loss of interest, listlessness or loss of appetite. In Germany, about five percent of the people are affected by it. How often depression occurs in cats is not recorded. But the fact is also that the symptoms are similar. Exception: In severe depression, about 10 to 15 percent of those affected die by suicide. This is not the case with cats. Nevertheless, depressions in cats are not to be taken lightly.

What are the causes of depression in cats??

As already described, the causes in case of a depressed cat can be manifold. In some cats it is due to changes in life circumstances. Bad experiences with people or illnesses are one reason why cats suffer from depression.

depression in cats causes symptoms treatments tips

Causes of depression

– A new environment due to a move – Another cat moves into the house – A familiar family member is suddenly no longer there – due to death, separation or moving out – Lack of species-appropriate housing – Not enough sleep or food – No social contacts with other cats – No regularly clean litter box – Lack of exercise or play opportunities

Depression is often homemade

It seems at first sight to be quite difficult to avoid a depression in the cat. On second glance, however, there are many things you can eliminate by keeping your cat in a species-appropriate manner. Changes in the home environment should therefore be made carefully. Offer your cat a varied life. Then many causes are already once from the table. With illnesses it looks naturally differently. It depends on the nature of the disease. What measures we or the vet can take for recovery.

Recognize depression in cats – which symptoms appear?

depression in cats causes symptoms treatments tips

Cats are not people who seem to be depressed by their basic mood alone. On the contrary, as has been described so many times, cats try not to let diseases or disorders get out. From their former nature they were then in illnesses prey animals for other hunters. The behavior also domesticated cats simply do not get out.

Symptoms of a depressed cat:

– The cat seems less cheerful – The cat sleeps more often and longer – When approached, it turns its head, its gestures indicate that it wants to be left alone – Loss of appetite spreads, it spurns even its favorite food and has no desire for treats – The cat toy remains in the corner and even the passing wind-up mouse attracts no attention to itself

Keyword trauma in cats

Is it possibly due to your cat's past that he shows signs of depression? This may be the case if your cat came to you at a legal age. For example, from the shelter or by giving it to others. Therefore it is never possible to look exactly behind the facades. So it can be that your cat has therefore experiences behind itself, which burned themselves into the soul.

A tragic event in the former home? A sorrowful experience in a boarding kennel or physical torture by the previous owner? Therefore, it is important to invest a lot of time in your new roommate to build trust. Cats are creatures of habit and can therefore find it very difficult to get rid of experiences or certain habits.

How can I help my depressed cat?

depression in cats causes symptoms treatments tips

Since the causes of depression are very diverse, you must therefore invest a lot of time in your cat. The first thing to do is to determine if there may be a disease behind it. If there are movement restrictions or pain due to an illness or even an injury, this can be a reason for depression. So it is best to visit the vet once. Have the depressed cat checked out. If you can exclude these points, now other possible factors come under the magnifying glass.

By the way, the health check at the vet is covered by cat health insurance. In addition, the cat health insurance also covers the costs of medical treatment for your cat.

Leads growth in the family to depression?

Cats are creatures of habit and appreciate it when you take care of them with devotion. Family growth or a new pet can quickly lead to the fact that the cat is given less attention. She suffers from a deficit of attention, which in turn leads to depression. Make sure that you do not lose sight of your cat in spite of growth, whether human or animal.

Helps distraction against depression in cats?

This is not scientifically proven, but can not hurt. Since cats are very playful, it helps to animate their hunting instinct. A new toy, which really makes you want to chase, can already do a lot of good. The main thing is that your cat comes to other thoughts. If there is then still a small reward in the form of treats, then it does the soul good. Under certain circumstances it makes sense to procure so-called fiddling boards for the cat. These are usually made of wood or other solid materials. Offer the cat thereby a lot of variety in the procurement of treats. It keeps her busy for a while.

Must the veterinarian treat depression in cats?

It simply depends on your cat's condition whether your veterinarian needs to jump into treatment. In case of a severe depression this makes sense for sure, so it is hard to say at what point a severe depression is present in your cat. In any case, a treatment is useful if no measures are effective and the cat still acts like a heap of misery. In these cases the veterinarian prescribes psychotropic drugs. However, you must not resort to self-therapy. Wrong medicines can therefore cause the most serious damage to your cat.

Can you treat depression with Bach flowers?

The Bach flowers go to the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach back. Depending on the clinical picture of the cat, different Bach flowers can be used as essences. Although there is no scientific evidence that an effect is generally. However, many cat lovers report positive effects in the context of the application with their cat.

Which Bach flowers can be used?

depression in cats causes symptoms treatments tips

For example, Hornbeam, Mustard, Olive, Wild Oat or Wild Rose can be used for depression. As a rule, the Bach flowers are administered in the form of drops. This works best as an addition to drinking water or food. Therefore, let the vet advise you on which Bach flowers can be used here. Positive: You can not use false Bach flowers. The Bach flowers, which are not suitable for use in depression, therefore simply do not have any effect.

Out of the depression

It takes a lot of time to get your cat out of depression. Earlier life circumstances, new habits or unfamiliar environment – thereby many things in the life of the cat to the negative develop. Therefore, in many cases a lot of attention, variety and employment helps to cure depression. The risks of depression are that the quality of life suffers enormously.

Listlessness, loss of appetite or even aggression are only a few points, how a depression can affect your cat or your tomcat. Unlike humans, however, cats are not suicidal because of it. We hope that your cat will be well for a long time and that you will be able to successfully fight against depression.

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Yes my Cindy has a depression because I moved I am to blame but make it good again and look for us something larger and with garden can buy yes a harness for her

the harness is certainly a good idea. Was your cat an outdoor cat before the move?? If not, you should slowly get them used to the garden and the hustle and bustle outside. It can also take time until she accepts the harness. Finally it is something new for her. The important thing is that you don't overwhelm her. Just be there for your cat. With attention and employment you get her depression certainly again under control. Who knows, maybe she just needs some time to recover from the stress of the move.

Kim from the

I also think that my cat is in depression. She had her spay a week ago. Must wear a bodysuit for almost 2 weeks because of this. Since then she does not move, does not react to toys and hides in her little cave in the cat tree and comes out only a few times a day. Mainly she only sleeps. Before she was very active and always playing and romping with her brother.

I hope that when I can finally remove the bodysuit, that you will feel better again.

I would ame that this change is the reason for your cat's behavior. Because such a body is already very unusual. A restriction for your velvet paw.

Unfortunately, from a medical point of view, this cannot always be avoided, but I think that your little darling will regain his full zest for life afterwards.

I would definitely not classify this under the category of depression yet. Love greetings. Get well soon.

Manfred from the veterinary online directory. A good contribution. He opens his eyes. I have been watching our cat for a long time. After the last hospital stay of 3 days (suspected intestinal obstruction) and many different procedures in the clinic, he became unusually calm at home. I would never have thought that a stay in a clinic can be so hard on a cat's psyche. He is actually already very sensitive and not a very open cat – but that it comes so, makes me really sad. He sleeps very, very much and also eats he does relatively little. We have a balcony where he is always allowed to go out. The other cat spends hours out there but Sam just doesn't feel like it like he used to. It is so sad to watch. I despair. Bought a harness now too. I plan to go outside with him. I have also bought a harness. I plan to take him outside. And hope it will bring him back some zest for life. Twice a day I play with him mind. half an hour and he is immediately there, as soon as you stop he curls up in his corner and sleeps again. Sometimes he sits in one place. Just stares at one point. How can I help him?

with my cat it is exactly the same. After a 3 day stay in the clinic. May I ask if you got it under control and if so, how? It is so sad to see. She was always so full of life and now she just lies in the cave and sleeps and is totally listless.

Thank you in advance Greetings Sabrina

My Milo (7 months) got a girlfriend (Luna 3 months), since she is here he does not want to play with us, sleeps a lot, does not come to cuddle . Before the new addition he sometimes drove us crazy . He meowed a lot, scratched the walls and sometimes lay on top of us while sleeping . But now I am worried that he has fallen into a depression. But we took care of him as well as we did with the new addition . I don't understand it . Milo. Luna because? Or is there a fight between them? If they get along, maybe his behavior has nothing to do with Luna. For example, tomcats are often sexually mature at 6 months of age. So maybe he is just unhappy that he can not live out his sex drive. If he additionally meows a lot and even marks, this is even very probable. Of course, only if he has not been neutered yet. Otherwise there could be an illness or an injury behind his behavior. It is best to take him to the vet. Lets check him once through there.

since 6 days we have taken in a little cat-opi (16 years old, pure indoor cat, with hyperthyroidism). He gets medicine 2x a day. He is very open and curious, got used to the house very quickly, and always walks around with his tail upright. He walks around the house all the time as if he is bored and wants to be entertained. He is very, very affectionate, you can hardly take a step without him coming after you. When we close the bedroom door at night he meows. Try to open the door. He always wants to be petted and cuddled, but shows no interest in toys, scratching post, balls, cat grass, scratching post. Only the laser pointer can animate him to move, but not for more than 30 seconds, then he runs away again disinterested or simply does not react anymore. I am quite helpless, because I don't want him to get into a depression because of boredom, but I can't spend 9 hours a day with the cat. What would you say can be done to prevent it??

It is nice that you give a cat opi a nice home for the last years.

Give him a little more time to get used to it. You are his new family now and he will probably want to get to know you. It can take a while and he has to accept his toys and favorite places. There's not really much we can say about it as a precaution, because it's only day eight in the new home now. Just wait for the development, I can't imagine that he will get a depression in the second week already. Many love greetings from Bottrop. All the best for your senior.

Hi Christina, I have been lucky enough to have very old cats with me twice and I can say that at 16 it is completely normal that they don't run after every toy anymore and are just happy to have a quiet place to sleep. They don't want so much movement at that age. Sometimes even jumping on the couch is a bit difficult. In this respect, completely age-appropriate behavior. As for the attachment. He just has to learn that. You have to ignore the meowing in the night. He will stop at some point. The more beautiful is the reunion after getting up. All the best

I was now a week on a business trip. and she stayed at home with the family. everything as always. but didn't eat anymore and looked sad and lost weight in one week and now I'm back and she ignores me and is totally mad at me. I don't really know what to do. she grew up with me and is totally fixated on me.

I know, cats are very particular, if there are changes in their environment. This can be in your case also a work-related absence.

The only thing that helps is bribery with treats, lots of affection and cuddling. If she won't let you get close to her, give her time to work out her "frustration". I don't think your cat will get depressed from this.

I also got a new playmate for my cat. Before she came, he was totally playful, cuddly and always wanted our attention.

Since the little one has moved to us, everything is different. At the beginning he was quite aggressive, hardly let us touch him, he was constantly hissing. he sleeps a lot and doesn't even play with his favorite toy anymore. Eating and eating treats he still does like a king.

The relationship between them is sometimes good sometimes bad. there are days when they clean each other& cuddle. But sometimes they chase each other.

My cat was unfortunately also given away much too early, so that he is also not well socialized.

I have been observing the two for a long time and I notice that the little one always starts the quarrel and my tomcat actually does her no harm.

Both are not yet neutered.

I use Feliway and give also very little Bach flowers, his behavior improves only a little.

I really try to give my cat the full attention, but he doesn't react on it and just sleeps on.

What can I do?

Good day, our cat has had a long treatment + surgery for ear polyps last month and now shows since approx. 1 week the above described depressive signs. He reacts to attention and speech, mews, but immediately goes back into his hiding place as soon as you stop. My concern now: how much of Bach Flower Drops would do him good?? He is slim, weighs approx.4000 g and refuses to eat anything at the moment. I would be very, very grateful for any answers. I greet you cordially Uschi Falkenberg in Cologne

Good day, I have to my brother tomcat pair still another tomcat in the same age 2 weeks later in addition got. Since then Lui is not the same anymore. He only sleeps.. watches the other two playing. Doesn't run around anymore. In addition he has got strong acne. And the vaccination he has also reacted more Ti that the had to be canceled. The new tomcat brought giardia with him, we are fighting with that now as well.

Little Lui worries me so much, he salivates very much. Were already umpteen times at the doctor. I think he is so dead unhappy that his immune system is also down. What can I do?

Separate myself from the third male cat again? I have the feeling that his brother Leo does not play with Lui anymore.. because he has also simply no more desire.. I am so sad Please help

that sounds sad of course and also a little bit worrying. Apparently the problems mentioned are related to the arrival of the third velvet paw.

Unfortunately there are also cases where the integration of the new addition to the family does not work out. To sit it out would not be the right way from my point of view. Basically, the consideration arises, whether because of this an animal is given away again. Such a decision should always be handled with care. Unfortunately in some cases – like yours – there is no way around it.

I think you can only restore Lui's mental balance if your third cat is given into other loving hands.

I have a 3 year old cat girl, she was probably hit by a car, according to the x-ray she has a broken collarbone and there is also something in the spine in the upper neck area, what exactly the vet can not say. After getting cortisone and painkillers, she started to walk again and was hungry all the time, because she was wandering before the accident. Thursday she got the last time cortisone for 48 hours, because of a wrong info of the doctor's assistant that this would be a long-term cortisone we are only on Monday morning again to the vet, now she has long-term cortisone for 10 days. Unfortunately it is not so lively. In a good mood like the first days. Is the long-term cortisone lower dosed?

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we can not help you, because we do not know which preparation was given.

In such cases it makes more sense to contact your veterinary practice directly and ask for advice.


thank you very much for your contribution. Maybe this behavior was really only due to the disappearance of the male cat.

Just keep us informed if your cat should behave unusual again.

Manfred from the veterinary online directory. I also fear my cat has a depression. It is so sad to see this. We moved two weeks ago and at the same time I started a new job and am now out of the house a good 12 hours a day. She is not yet six months old and has been with me for 2,3 months. She is just waiting to go out, but she is not allowed yet because she is not sterilized (the vet does not do this until she is six months old). Now she doesn't eat for days, is totally exhausted, doesn't react to any toy, doesn't run after me anymore or jumps around or is interested in anything.The little sweeper in her is totally gone. Do I have a chance that she will be happy again??

in the life of your still young cat two things have now changed considerably. On the one hand she has to get used to a new environment, on the other hand you are not there for her anymore. At least during your rather long absence. After two weeks I would not go so far and consider this as a depression. It may well be that your cat will come to terms with the situation in the coming weeks. But now it is important that you invest as much of your free time to play with your darling or at least to encourage him to do so.

I think that my cat also has depresionu. We moved last week from own home to an apartment 700km away. She was free range. Now it is not possible. We are in the process of building a net on our balcony so that she can at least "get out". We want to build her a climbing wall but that takes time. She squats all day in the closet, is too little and is very quiet. When I take her to me she laces. Cuddles up but then goes to lie down in the closet again. I am very worried. Her condition makes me sad. How should I help her? Thanks for the answer! Kind regards Andrea PS. cat is 10 years old

after one week it is too early in my opinion to talk about a depression. That they now first deal with the new environment. You have to keep a close eye on the behavior of your cat, because the cancelled free access is quite a bitter cut. You should in any case create enough play opportunities in your apartment.

Look here, you will find a lot of advice on the subject:

I have 2 cats. the big one is a female and 9 months old, the small one is a male and 6 months old. Since I have my 6 month old cat my big one is unhappy or seems unhappy to us. I noticed this only when I left my cat with my parents for a week, because the big one had to be neutered and I wanted her to have her peace because he always attacks her to play. When he was with my parents she was like a changed person. She played with me again, was very cuddly, talked so much (meowed) and was suddenly so full of life as never before and that already the next day when the little one was not there. When I picked up my cat from my parents on Monday she called him 1 month old. she hissed at us and withdrew again and slept on the chair most of the time, so she behaved totally inconspicuous again. Does that mean that she does not accept him ? We have the little one since 4 months, he is not neutered yet. Maybe that is because? But as soon as he is in the apartment, she wants nothing to do with us.

if cats change their character, this is among other things because a new quadruped moves in. To talk about depression at this stage is a bit premature for me. It is true, however, that the behavior of your cat is strongly influenced by the small male cat. You should keep an eye on it over a longer period of time. If both do not provide each other over a longer period of time and your cat does not get better, you may have to take a drastic step and give the cat away again. The cohabitation of pets can unfortunately not be forced in every case to the good.

Manfred from the veterinarian-onlien

Hello, Took a 4 year old cat in care today via animal welfare from Hungary. The first 2 years of her life she lived as an apartment cat, then her master died and so she lived the last two years in the shelter in Hungary. Of course with many cats in one room. She never let me pet her, she just layed on her place. I think that has already a depressive behavior. This feeling has increased today. Since yesterday morning (before leaving Hungary) until this evening, she has not drunk, eaten or visited her toilet. She lies quite hidden under the cupboard. Does not move.Her eyes look very sad.Her eyes look very sad. I have already tried everything, but she only looks at me sadly, How can I help her?? I feel really helpless and sad, because I don't know what I can do for her. And because she has not drunk for such a long time, I am also afraid that she will get dehydrated. What can I do? Kind regards Barbara

nice that you offer a cat from the animal protection a new home. I am sure it will be with a lot of affection and passion.

Now you should look at the change of apartment from the perspective of your cat: Everything is just turned upside down – new home, new caregiver and the conspecifics are also gone. A cat needs a little bit of time to get used to it. Just give her a little time, because as you describe, she is only the first day with you.

Hello, I have a cat with me for half a year, now almost 9 years old. A mixed breed with a lot of Siamese. She is very affectionate, wants to lie on me all the time. I am the fifth place where she is definitely allowed to be now. After she was found in an apartment with a suicide. She makes the impression of being on guard a lot despite her attachment. Has been brought up very strictly I think. Always wants to play the same Other irritates her immediately. Because of strong scratching in the ears( no mites) bloody with claw. whining about it I have changed to anallergy food. Nina is moderately enthusiastic, still scratching. But the belly is calm now. The stool does not stink anymore. She is/was much on the balcony. My worry; she almost doesn't demand to play anymore. We also no longer come into the "river". She never had wild 5 minutes. She has learned " sit. But she is very difficult to motivate.. she doesn't paw, doesn't climb, doesn't break anything;-) I was told that she doesn't tolerate other cats, I'm away for about 6 hours a day. I have just moved the 2. Trying with a harness started.. I would like to go outside with her. I think she is underchallenged but I don't know how to change it? I have already spent a lot of money.. 🙂 I have time for her, she likes to cuddle so much.. but it is a bit nerve-wracking that she never wants to be for herself. I know, Siam.. she has only me .. How could I motivate her to "work" with me? ? Clicking, searching, chasing, playing hide and seek… just keep her busy? Thank you

Addendum: I am the 5. Person within 3 months where she may be now. And Nina has never been an outdoor dog. Could she still become that? Would be nice for her. However, I live in the 1. Stick. ( = let out and fetch again) With the harness I would have liked to show her everything.. first it would have to be accepted..

really great that you care so much for your cat. The last months were of course very turbulent for her. She must first come to terms with this. So it could be that she will thaw out even more. You already have some good ideas to keep her busy. Just try everything you think she might enjoy. But first you should get her used to the dishes in the apartment. If this works, you can go outside with her. First of all, it is best if there are not so many cars and strangers on the street in your area. Then there are less fear triggers for them. Clicking could of course also work. She also seems to be very willing to learn, if she even listens to "sit. 🙂 With a food ball or other intelligence toys she could also pass the time when you are not there. Just try it out.

Many greetings Kim from the veterinary online

Hello, I have two BKH cats at home. Once the mother (Alissa). your son (Vince). After the birth they were very bonded, always cuddling and playing. After some time I had Alissa neutered (she was unfortunately always rolling :(..) and a few weeks later also Vince. Alissa has always been a bit shy, but after the neutering it got worse.. Moved. At the beginning everything was ok. She was a bit shy and timid which is obvious, Vince was totally open-minded and romped through the apartment. So my real problem is Alissa, she is very aggressive since a few days and does not even let us touch her, she attacks us and bites us. That was not usually so.. She probably doesn't groom her fur anymore, it looks so dull and shaggy. I bought brewer's yeast. Mix it always under the food. With Vince it shows effect, his fur shines soooo beautifully. But somehow nothing happens with Alissa. In addition, she sometimes has some feces on her fur, which she smears nicely in the apartment on the floor.. or throws up from time to time.. I do not know what to do? I have also changed the food.. Is it worth to go to a vet or directly to a cat psychologist in such a case??

thanks for your contribution. I am really sorry to read how much your Alissa is changing. There are certainly many factors that play a role in triggering the behavior.

One point that makes me think, however, is the burgeoning aggressiveness and biting. Such things indicate from my point of view that Alissa possibly has pain. The first step for me would be to take her to the vet. Have a health check done, maybe there is something that is causing your cat pain.

Give us nevertheless times a feedback, what the veterinary surgeon said.

Manfred from the

My cat was very lively then I was five days in the hospital but his master was there and now he is since three days only sleeping eating he still does but that's already all

We have a pair of siblings at home. And our cat, normally very active like the sister, is since a few days noticeably quiet. He has no injuries, he has been checked, there have been no changes in his life, only the weather has become a little worse, which normally does not bother him-. And still he sleeps much more, doesn't like to eat, doesn't like to go out anymore or is still max 1/2 hrs a day outside Previously on average 7 hrs. I have no idea what is going on.

Thank you for your contribution. After a few days it is not possible to say anything concrete, because cats can have more than one bad day in between.

It is important that you have already been to the doctor to rule out possible diseases.

Keep us up to date on how things are going.

Manfred from the veterinary online

Good day, my little Stormy has suddenly also changed very much. Since we can only keep him in the apartment we decided to get a congener in the apartment (Stormy is 12 weeks old and came to us too early, Bengi, the new one, is 5 months old). Stormy was very affectionate before and played a lot and also slept with us in the bed. Bengi is rather shy. Was only a week under the couch. But since Bengi dares to go under the couch Stormy has changed. He hardly plays with us anymore, sleeps most of the day and very rarely comes to cuddle. When you pet him and Bengi comes out of his hiding place, the cutting stops immediately and we are no longer interesting. His tail position has also changed since then (before the tail was in the height now it is always lowered and points to the ground) and he does not sleep with us anymore.

You can hear the two at night, as soon as my friend and I go to bed, romp. However, we are worried that Stormy is unhappy because his behavior towards us has changed so much.

many thanks for your contribution. I can imagine that this is a really hard time for you.

After all, little Bengi is completely new territory for Stormy. He must first get used to it. He also notices that Bengi also demands your attention.

In this case it is no wonder that Stormy has to get used to the new situation. I think, there remains only wait and see, to draw conclusions from it now, would be premature in my view.

Report to us, how it goes on with Stormy.

Hello my little Thorvi (6 months) had had a not so nice accident. Unfortunately we had forgotten to close the balcony window. She hung her head inside for a long time. But she was really very lucky. Since a short time she scratches everything behind her ears. Have already been to the vet. Healthwise nothing was found. I think that it is also the psyche with her. That she might think that she was still hanging in the window. At the moment she gets COPD drops prescribed by the vet. Only what else can I do?

first of all it is good that your little velvet paw got out of the situation physically unharmed. That could have turned out differently.

Such reactions are quite conceivable after a shock event of this kind. That must have been very unpleasant in the head area.

I hope that one or the other cat friend here can share his experience with you.

Hello My 5 months young cat (Loki) was always very happy and active. Since I work long hours I wanted to get him a playmate. No sooner said than done, on friday I got a tomcat (3 months) in addition. In the beginning Loki was very curious. He growled at the new cat but never became aggressive. They have even played together. On Sunday Loki threw up. Since then he does not eat. I was at the vet but everything is fine. Sometimes I can animate him to eat a little bit. But after 2TL he always stops showing interest in food. He is also very absent. Sits/lies rather apart. I give him much more attention since the new cat is there and still nothing changes. Does anyone have any advice, because I despair and it hurts my soul to see him like this.

sorry, completely overlooked that you were already at the TA..

I hope Loki is better in the meantime.

Hello Jacqueline, Since cats can't tell you what's wrong with them, maybe you should take Loki to the vet, maybe he has a different problem. My little one has suddenly stopped producing red corpuscles. I only noticed for 3 days she hardly showed any interest in anything until I took her to the vet. (if there hadn't been a weekend in between, I would have gone earlier) However, in the meantime it was already so bad that she had to go to the clinic immediately! – I had not registered that the sweetie already had a white tongue! I would have noticed much earlier.. ! My 11 months young cat was put to sleep the same day! – because the clinic did not want to do anything without the certainty that we could pay the 1800 € in one go! Please don't wait too long if you notice that something is wrong!

I always thought cats are indestructible, now I am wiser! And so that something similar does not happen to our tomcat, he now gets a complete health insurance. I press you. Your Loki the thumbs!

Our Nelly seems to have a depressive phase. The history: 4 months ago we had to put our Louna to sleep. Both cats grew up together with us. They are Maine Coones. They are/were 10 years old. Had half a year difference. We were with Louna often at the doctor, until the final diagnosis of kidney failure was determined and we had to let her given forever. In the illness they had very withdrawn. She was almost only in a basket in the outdoor enclosure.

Since then Nelly has not been going out. She eats well, but almost only lies down and sleeps – in the bed that Louna used to use! She doesn't play much, although she used to go crazy with her ball track. We have to encourage her to come to us for a cuddle when she gets up. From time to time she does that in the evening too. She used to come immediately when someone barely sat down.

Sure, she is already 10…. But because of these changes we are now considering to get a new companion to them. We have a 4 year old female Maibe Coon neuter from a cattery in mind. We do not want a kitten because of the big age difference.

Whether it can help Nelly to have a companion again? Can this be the solution?

Hello, I am seriously worried about my cat. I got him and his brother on Christmas 2021 from Spain, from the animal welfare organization. He has already been Inez the calmer of the two, however, lately it is extremely. He doesn't play at all anymore, hasn't even eaten anything today as far as I know and just lays in his den and sleeps. When I try to animate him, he looks but does not do anything. Before he was already more agile, even cuddled and played with his ribbon. So it can not be due to the acclimatization. He has never liked treats, not even wet food. He only eats dry food, so I can't even do him any good there. How can I help him? Don't want to drag him to the vet again, the 2 have been through a lot and he just recovered from a spot on therapy he was allergic to. But that was 3 weeks ago now. So far, everything was actually ok… Thanks already for tips.

it is nice that you have given a new home to the two pussycats. That was about eight to nine weeks ago now. Basically you can only wait, because the period of acclimatization varies. With one cat it goes faster, with the other cat it takes longer. I would not consider this a problem now.

It is important that both are healthy. Otherwise you should simply give your problem cat enough retreat possibilities, so that he can withdraw.

My cat and I were inseparable since 2012. We have done everything together. 2018 a stray has been added. I have decided to take him in with the option of making a friend for my cat ev. Both have hated each other. Mine was aggressive. The other one subjected. I could not give the other cat away with a heavy heart, and hoped for a miracle. Now my beloved tomcat has been run over. Did he take his life because I took the other along and he was older….? My life is destroyed and I don't know what to do with the other one. I have feelings of guilt that paralyze me….

I can well imagine that you are burdened with guilt in this situation. But you should shake them off quickly, because they are really out of place. Cats are by their nature rather survivalists and therefore do not have the tendency to commit suicide. We humans commit suicide when our problems are so big that we don't know how to get out of them. Such thinking is completely impossible with cats. They do not distinguish between their existence and death, so suicide in cats is absolutely unthinkable.

This will not help you get over the grief, but you should definitely say goodbye to the thought that your cat was driven to his death by the domestic rival.

Many dear greetings from Bottrop.

Hello I have taken a BKH 4 days ago. His mistress has died. Bobby is 71/2 years old. Since he is with us, he hides behind the coutsch where he can even be stroked. But since today he is only in the cellar. Since Bobby has been here, he has not eaten anything. Whether he has drunk something I do not know. I have several bowls with water. His food put down. How long can it be before he gets what Frist I'm worried about him getting sick .

you definitely have to give Bobby more time. Finally from he has lost his caregiver with whom he lived for more than seven years. Cats don't digest that easily. If Bobby is altogether healthy, he will sooner or later take to the food.

But no one will be able to tell you how long this can last. Unfortunately nobody can see into Bobby's psyche. From my point of view it will be dangerous if he does not drink. Then there is definitely the danger that he dries out. Please keep a close eye on this. Otherwise you have to take him to the vet.

Thanks for answering I gave him tuna today He didn't want to eat it But he couldn't resist freshly grilled chicken though only a little but he always let himself be brushed behind the coutsch He drank a little He uses his toilet He is just a sad soul of a tomcat.

I'm glad to hear that. Then I keep my fingers crossed for you that things will slowly get better again.

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