Dermatologist career advancement income study

Job profile: dermatologistsDermatologists recognize and treat skin and sexually transmitted diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, herpes or skin cancer. The term derma comes from the ancient Greek and means skin. Dermatologists are also responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mucous membranes, hair and nails. The path to becoming a specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases takes more than ten years and includes a medical degree as well as a residency training program. Almost 60 percent of all dermatologists in Germany are women.

Dermatologist career advancement income studies

dermatologist career advancement income study

Dermatologist jobs for you:

Budding dermatologists have a long road ahead of them. First, they complete a general medical degree program, which comprises at least twelve semesters and concludes with the second state examination. This is followed by specialist training to become a specialist in skin and venereal diseases. It lasts five years.

Dermatologist Study

In medical school, students are taught the basics in lectures, seminars and courses that will enable them to practice their future profession. These include, for example, knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry and physiology. After the fourth semester, the preclinical part of medical school ends with the first medical exam.

Clinical part:

This is followed by the clinical part. The curriculum now includes subjects such as general medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, human genetics, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics or pathology.

Practical year:

Semesters eleven and twelve are dedicated to practice: the practical year is on the schedule. Aspiring dermatologists complete it in the hospital in the fields of internal medicine, surgery and in an area of their own choice. After that, medical studies conclude with the second part of the medical examination, the second state exam.


This is followed by the specialist training or. the specialist further training, which takes another five years. During this time, aspiring dermatologists specialize in their area of expertise. The job candidates no longer sit exclusively at the university bench, but complete their residency as an assistant, for example, at a university hospital. After passing the specialist examination, they are officially allowed to use the title of dermatologist or. Skin specialist-. Carrying venereal diseases.

Dermatologist Jobs

Dermatologists can be employed or self-employed. You have the opportunity to open your own practice or find employment in a practice, hospital or rehabilitation clinic.

In total there are in Germany according to the German Medical Association 6.223 dermatologists, including 3.621 women (as of 31.12.2020). By comparison, general practitioners total more than 44.000.

Of the 6.223 dermatologists work 4.759 outpatient, of which 3.471 as physicians in private practice and 1.288 employed. The remaining 1.076 dermatologists work as inpatients in a hospital, 160 of them as senior physicians.


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