Dermatology atlas dog disease patterns and typical distribution patterns

The Dermatology Atlas Dog was published in 2014 by Germany's recognized veterinary dermatologists and skin specialists Dr. Stefanie Peters and Dr. Hans-Joachim Koch published by Enke Verlag.

The book contains 3 sections: in 1. Part are the dermatoses with their typical clinical signs – divided into different predilection sites, such as the muzzle and mouth, eye region, ear, neck, trunk, tail, limbs and paws.

The practical tips are also an added bonus. It is pointed out for example, when the sarcoptic mange evtl. can be confused with an allergy.

In the 2. In the first part the diseases are listed in alphabetical order. Starting with acral lick dermatitis. end with the zinc reactive dermatosis.

Here the authors go besides the clinic also on the etiology and the treatment in more detail. In addition, each disease is illustrated with a sketch of the typical skin lesions. Provided with less typical distribution patterns.

The last part contains the different therapeutic measures in veterinary dermatology which are most relevant at this moment. These are clearly listed in tables. In addition, the authors also provide important information on dealing with multidrug-resistant infections.

Those colleagues who are unsure about topical treatments, including shampoos, or who would like to deepen their knowledge, will also find clear answers here.

The Dermatology Atlas Dog, with its more than 700 illustrations, is an invaluable guide to the challenges of daily practice.

For those who do not regularly work with dermatology, it proves to be a good tool to quickly find differential diagnoses or even a final diagnosis.

But even those colleagues with in-depth dermatology knowledge get their money's worth! The broad dermatosis repertoire, with excellent illustrations and interesting cases, allows the dermatologist in us to fully enjoy the beauty of dermatology.

Ana Rostaher, DVM, dipl ECVD

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dermatology atlas dog disease patterns and typical distribution patterns

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