Dermatology in the dermatology practice dormagen

Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in the dermatology practice DormagenA beautiful, fresh skin is associated with health and well-being. But unfortunately many people suffer from different skin changes and diseases that need to be treated medically. These do not occur due to malaise, but due to metabolic or immune disorders, hormonal fluctuations or environmental influences. The huge number of different skin diseases is based on just as many causes. Finding this out and treating it accordingly is what Mrs. Dr. med. Ghassem Zadeh sees as the most important task.

Dermatology Dormagen treats many different dermatological conditions. From chronic inflammatory wounds of the skin as well as sudden skin changes, hair loss to skin cancer, all dermatological diseases are diagnosed and treated with modern medical procedures. Patients receive a warm welcome at the dermatology practice in Dormagen. Here they have the opportunity to have the skin diseases competently examined. The primary goal of Dr. med. Ghassem Zadeh is that the patients again feel comfortable in their skin. Therefore, each case is treated individually in the consultation.

Dermatology in the dermatology practice dormagen

Dermatology in the dermatology practice dormagen

Classical dermatology diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

Skin diseases can drive people to despair. When the skin is constantly itching or painful, it interferes with everyday life. In addition, those affected suffer from visible skin changes that can be caused by a dermatological disease. Mrs. Dr. med. Ghassem Zadeh offers help to these patients and makes sure that the skin is treated medically. It gets to the bottom of the causes so that specific therapies can alleviate or completely eliminate the skin disease. For diagnosis. Treatment sets Mrs. Dr. med. Ghassem Zadeh relies on comprehensive examinations, a friendly and dedicated team, and modern equipment in her practice. In the dermatology consultation your patients are in the foreground. Smaller treatments can be done directly. If there are chronic wounds or long lasting skin conditions, then a therapy of the skin can extend over several sessions. Also surgical treatments can be carried out to a certain extent at Dermatologie Dormagen.

The range of services offered by Dr. med. Ghassem Zadeh is versatile and extensive. In addition to diseases of the skin including allergies and cosmetic treatments, adjacent mucous membranes and venereal diseases are examined and cured.

The following disease patterns are examined in the general dermatology Dormagen:

PDT (Photodynamic Therapy): Treatment of precancerous lesions of light skin with red light photosensitizers

wIRA therapy (water-cooled infrared A-radiator): Wart therapy – scar-free and painless

Dermatology in the dermatology practice dormagen

In addition, patients with health insurance and private insurance can receive many different iGEL services as well as cosmetic treatments. If desired, various methods of Skin Rejuvenation performed, which can be used to remove age-related skin changes such as pigmentation spots or wrinkles.

Laser treatments in the dermatology practice Dormagen

Do you want to remove a tattoo from your youth? Then the dermatologist's office in Dormagen is also the best choice! In our practice we use the most modern YAG lasers, which have proven themselves in the removal of tattoos.

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