Diabetes in dogs symptoms treatment pezz life

Diabetes is common in small and medium-sized dogs, but can affect dogs of all breeds and ages. In this disease of the metabolism, organs are damaged in the long term. Even in young dogs, diabetes can lead to death if diagnosed too late. How to recognize the first signs of diabetes, how treatment works and what you can do preventively, you will learn here!

How to recognize that my dog has diabetes?

First signs of diabetes are weight loss despite normal eating behavior. Weight loss occurs because the body gets the energy it needs from fat tie and protein instead of blood sugar (ketoacidosis). In this case, the timely detection of the disease becomes vital, because in the worst case the dog can overacidify and starve to death.

Similar to chronic kidney failure in dogs, signs of the disease only appear when the function of various organs is already impaired:

– The dog loses weight, although the diet remains the same – He can also completely lose his appetite – He drinks more and urinates more – Feeling pain when urinating – The dog seems dull, listless and inactive – Tiredness despite increased sleep – The dog vomits several times

How to detect diabetes early?

In order to detect diabetes early enough, regular check-ups are essential. Dogs only show the first signs of elevated blood sugar levels when organs are already damaged. Dogs can hide pain instinctively. Act healthy even long after the onset of the disease.

Regular check ups do not always require a direct visit to the vet. Urine tests like our urine test kit for dogs offer the possibility to detect diseases like diabetes in the early stages and to avoid long-term damage to the organs. The urine test strip integrated in the urine test cup detects the following parameters:

blood sugar (glucose): Dogs with diabetes have too much glucose in their urine.
Specific gravity: Glucose in the urine carries water with it, which is why dogs with diabetes produce urine that is not very concentrated.
pH: animals with ketoacidosis are hyperacidic. This can be partially detected in the urine.

Detect signs of diabetes now at home

Diabetes in dogs symptoms treatment pezz life

The urine of the dog should be checked at least four times a year. With the Pezz Urine Test Kit for Dogs, dog owners can perform clean and hygienic checks at home. By scanning the urine test strip in the associated Pezz app, a reliable test result is evaluated within a few hours.

Nevertheless, a general examination should take place at least once a year at the veterinarian, especially in dogs from 5 years of age. Additional blood tests can help veterinarians diagnose diabetes. You can bring the results of the urine test with you to the appointment. The earlier the disease is detected, the higher the life expectancy and quality of life of your dog.

What treatment options are available?

Diabetes is mostly incurable. Usually, once diagnosed, the sick dog is given daily insulin at an adjusted dose. It can only be administered by injection. If the dog is overweight, weight loss is also necessary. As a rule, a change in diet is also necessary after diagnosis.

During home therapy, glucose levels are measured in the blood or urine several times a week. Dog owners must constantly monitor their dog's health and pay particular attention to changes in general well-being, drinking and eating behavior, and weight.

Even if the treatment lasts a lifetime, the disease can provide a high quality of life for the dogs if the therapy is carried out carefully.


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