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Bacteria, viruses and co.

Disgusting survey: Germans so rarely change their mouth-nose protection

Hygiene routines: What do we keep doing, what do we leave?

FFP2 masks are basically even once products that should be disposed of after each wearing. But if you make sure to air the mask sufficiently, there's nothing to be said against more frequent use. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices recommends not wearing masks for several consecutive days and airing out the used mask for seven days. But even then, an FFP2 mask is ready for the garbage can at some point.

Young people are more hygienic

The survey found that young people tend to change their masks more often: The majority of 18- to 29-year-olds change their mask at least once a week, 30 percent even daily. In as many as six percent, the mouth-nose covering was discarded after each wearing.

The opinion research institute was able to make an interesting observation in addition to the wearing habits: The test persons were not only asked about their own behavior, but also about an assessment of their fellow human beings. They estimated that they were much worse than they actually were: only nine percent were thought to change their mask every day. In fact, 22 percent stated that they use a new mask every day.


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