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Sports and fitness | As distance learning or part-time continuing educationThe German sports and fitness market is undergoing major change. It is particularly driven by the social consensus that exercising in fitness and sports facilities is an elementary and active health precaution. More and more people devote their free time to health activities. The development of new fitness concepts and formats and the emergence of new fitness chains is correspondingly leading to a fitness industry that is well positioned in terms of quantity as well as quality.

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distance learning sport and fitness fsd distance learning direct

The IST University of Management stands for the successful combination of established learning methods and digital learning media and offers a comprehensive education program (Bachelor, Master, MBA, university certificates) in the field of sports, fitness& Health at. Our field reports confirm the high quality of the distance learning courses resp. Distance learning.

From "IST University of Management are at present remote courses / remote courses of studies in the following categories to the topic ?sport and Fitness? offered:

– "Excellent provider" (2022) – "Excellent provider" (2021) – "Excellent provider" (2020)

Important facts for the correspondence course resp. the occupation-accompanying further training sport and Fitness

Description of the distance learning program. of in-service training

Also for the Wellness and Kosmetikmarkt in the last ten years clearly positive signals were set. The striving for health, but also for relaxation and deceleration leads to the increased demand for offers. Accordingly, wellness and beauty facilities have not only increasingly established themselves, but have also specialized to meet the needs of their customers.

For the occupational fields in this area, however, this results not only in an increased demand, but also in the need for further development. The new challenges bring a differentiation and expansion of the competence and task spectrum of the professions with them. The strategy lies in the mix between generalization and specialization.

Development of the German fitness and wellness market

According to a study by DSSV, there are currently 9.08 million. members in over 8.000 fitness facilities registered. By 2020, the forecast even foresees that the number will rise to a total of 12 million. members will rise. In the range Wellness and health the boom is noticeable: Approximately 5 million Germans visit regularly a Wellness or Kosmetikangebot. Correspondingly, the steadily increasing sales trend in the health care sector. wellness is clear – according to the latest figures, the industry was able to turn over around 105 billion euros in Germany alone.

Job opportunities in the sports and wellness sector

Already now the fitness industry alone offers 211.000 people a job. In the wellness and cosmetics sector, the numbers will probably be even higher. However, the numbers cannot be clearly delineated due to the proximity to conventional health professions. In both areas, in addition to training, companies focus primarily on studies and continuous further training in order to secure the demand for skilled workers.

Important for the professionalization and attractiveness of the occupations is an optimized training and qualification of the individual occupational fields. In the area of the further training by a correspondence course therefore in the last years many new advanced training measures were developed, which align themselves to the changed authority spectrum. Above all, the changing demands of the population in terms of health and well-being, require a new orientation in professional training and further education.

What are the career prospects or. Career opportunities in the sports and fitness sector?

In the last years a multiplicity of new occupation, training and training further possibilities developed following to it. Thus there are individual and personal coaches, mental coaches or also the manager for operational health management or the Wellness coach, advisor or Kosmetik.

But also other established professions from related fields such as the alternative practitioner or the masseur have found their way into these areas. Also the Physiotherapeut, nourishing advisor and Fitnessstrainer and are in this industry meanwhile frequently to be met. Fitness and Wellness go meanwhile as naturally hand in hand, appropriate offers are noticed particularly also gladly in the vacation. Because often complement and overlap the individual application areas from sports, health and wellness. Many of the professions are offered as continuing education in the form of courses or workshops. Often, the professions in the process build on existing training from the health or service industries.

How much are the costs in the field of sports and fitness?

For a correspondence course sport and fitness costs of 29 € (certificate) to 14.352 € (Bachelor) to.

What duration of study should you expect?

The duration of the distance learning course varies between 1 and 48 months.

Helpful reviews and experiences for the category Sport and Fitness

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of the distance learning and distance study courses of the category Sports and fitness

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Yoga Trainer of the provider Akademie fur Sport und Gesundheit Academic Top Provider (4,7)
IU distance learning non-academic top provider (5)
KAF Academy

Interesting experiences of participants

Dawid, 20 years old, has the distance learning course: "Dual Bachelor Fitness Science and Fitness Economics" of the provider IST-Hochschule fur Management am 14.12.Valued in 2017. Total ratings: 183

I like the concept of the distance learning course of the IST university, since one can plan for example by the on-line Campus everything well and this is also simple to serve and at the same time everything contains and a good overview offers for example by the installation of an internal calendar, which indicates all booked dates. Also the choice and spectrum of the appointment possibilities is wide and thus offers many possibilities to select appointments for people who have many appointments. The lecturers seem competent and convey the lessons in an understandable and at the same time knowledgeable way. This makes it easy to follow the lessons and you don't get bored and memorize the material better. In addition, they are nice and helpful which gives you a safe feeling, so that you do not have to be shy if you do not understand something or if you do not know what you are talking about. one would like to inquire. Also the materials like z.B PowerPoint presentations, illustrations and videos are understandable and rich in content. The visual makes the lessons more exciting and informative. Because you also have the possibility to go to the nearby fitness studio, the lessons are also often learned practically, in that we can directly apply what we have learned there and this is shown again practically, whereby you can learn much better, for example by seeing how the muscle works where on which equipment and what you have to pay attention to. However, it would be better if you could come to the seminars more often, as the lessons help you to memorize the material better and you can ask questions at any time. But IST University came up with an idea that will probably be used by many, which is to build in days when people can meet there for voluntary study. Thus a communicative exchange is possible, where one can query and exchange information with each other. The support at the IST University is very good and individual. You can always ask during the lessons and also in the breaks you can address the lecturer in the meantime for all kinds of questions, which are then answered directly. You can even email the instructors and even call them if you need an urgent explanation. Even if you send an e-mail to the IST University, it will be answered quickly and extensively. If they can't answer the questions, you'll be referred directly to someone who knows the area, so you're not left in the lurch in the end. The organization is impeccable and clearly structured, when where what takes place, so that one knows very early and one can plan in time. In the end, IST University is a university equipped with competent lecturers that prepares you very well for the future with the necessary expertise. However, it is a pity that one does not have the opportunity to participate in the classes so often.

Melina, 16 years old, has completed the online course: "OTL diploma to fitness trainer" of the provider OTL Academy – Online Trainer License at 28.12.2020 assessed. Total ratings: 111

They talked and said to me "You will never make it, no matter what you do"!t". I, as a 16-year-old student could not say much against it. I knew that a report of 1.5 would not be able to convince them of my abilities. Why also, I want to prove to other people what I can do? Certainly not. So, as an amateur athlete with a passion for sports, I decided to further my education in the field of fitness and nutrition, not to prove something to other people, but to prove something to myself. That despite my young years I can achieve something, know more than many others my age. That I have discipline and with the help of required willpower to achieve my goals. That not only the report marks play an important role, but what I love and gladly make. For a long time I had to convince my father to help me finance the license. And to this day have not regretted it at all. He sees my progress, the effort I put in besides school. The graduation of the fitness trainer B license made possible by the OTL was not only a personal experience for me, but much more. An initiative further development to prove to myself that I can do it. So I invested the time in the summer vacations to work through all 12 modules and learn, so that I with diligence even in the vacations an examination date with my lecturer agreed and even passed the theoretical as well as practical exam. What I have achieved? My goal!! I have come one step closer to my big goal in life. Helping people, motivating them to take control of their lives, that they too can make it no matter what their past is. It leaves me with an infinitely good feeling to be able to answer people's many questions about fitness and nutrition. Not only that, but I have changed, both mentally and physically. The knowledge I have gained in this distance learning course has given me access to myself to achieve ALL the goals I set for myself. It feels so incredibly good! And now I am continuing my education with the personal trainer license. Because what is better than to change independently with a lot of motivation the life of other people into the positive, as it has changed the own life positively? I'm so thankful to OTL for the variety of licensing and educational opportunities. At the same time 100% flexible, so that an education can be integrated into every day life. No matter what time regardless of where you are at the moment, learning. It doesn't get any better than this! Oh yes, motivated and mega well trained instructors with years of experience who are available to you around the clock. OTL offers you this and much more, simply incredible!

Isabel, 22 years old, has the distance learning program: "Bachelor Fitness and Health Management" of the provider IST University of Management on 15.12.2017 rated. I have been a distance student at the IST University for a good year now. Wouldn't go back to a "normal" one either Want to change studies. The contents are really super prepared. Will be taught as practically as possible. I also like the format of the study materials, because the study books in A4 are simply much more pleasant than the documents sent in folders at other universities. In combination with the materials provided in the online campus it can be worked very well. The online campus is also very clear. Easy to understand structure. The only small point of criticism here are the sometimes long loading times despite a perfect Internet connection with high speed, but this can be overlooked. Really ingenious is that there is now almost every month an exam date on 1-3 exams can be taken, there I really have to express a lot of praise, because the flexibility is thereby almost no limit set. I find it a bit of a pity that the dates of the seminars/presentation phases and partly of the online tutorials are inconveniently located and thus cannot be integrated very well for some working students. Of course there is the possibility to watch the recordings of the online tutorials, but for me as a student there is more to be gained from active participation. It would also be great if there were more locations for the seminars, in Munich there are already presence phases for dual students, but pure distance learners still have to go to Dusseldorf. From the side of the university there was already the statement that it is to be worked on still. I personally would like to attend more seminars, because the lecturers are excellent in terms of their professional and social skills. The care provided by the IST staff is excellent. Both by telephone and by e-mail, one receives information, answers to questions and information in all matters really very promptly. I have not had a single unfriendly employee on the phone, it doesn't get any better than that! On the whole, I am really very satisfied with the IST University and can highly recommend a (distance) study at this university!

Francesca, 18 years, has the online course: "Fitness trainer B-license" of the provider OTL Academy – Online Trainer License at 09.06.2021 rated. Total ratings: 594

My experience is based on something that is a bit more serious to me. Already since 2015 I suffer from an eating disorder. I have managed the anorexia I had at the time well over time. But it always played a decisive role in my life. In 2020 I finally started a more intensive therapy in addition to my high school diploma and mini-jobs to get my life under control. At the same time I met OTL. I progressed online from one module to the next in a very comfortable, non-binding and easy way. I got to know the body from the cell, to the muscle inside up to the nutrition and learned increasingly, how vital the food is for our body. I also got myself the "Fitness Trainer License B" -Book purchased and browse page by page every day in this book to manifest all the knowledge learned in the modules. Furthermore, the customer receives e-mails notifying him/her of the next live webinar, which can be attended free of charge by registering in advance. Live, expert answers are then given to all questions about the contents of the B license. Additional features such as articles to read, the calorie calculator and much more, have also been an exciting journey into health. I thank OTL deeply, because since the training I have understood that a "perfect" Body is not created by starvation. In order to be able to train with passion, our body needs food and it took an incredible amount of momentum in my life to create so many new recipes that fit exactly into my previously created training plan. I am looking forward to helping customers to achieve their goals as well. As bumpy as the road can be, I want to use distance education to help others, to show them that someone believes in them and will not lose that belief.

Emre, 25 years old, has the distance learning course: "Bachelor Sportbusiness Management" of the provider IST University of Management on 14.12.2017 evaluated. Total ratings: 104

I am absolutely thrilled with IST University. Not for nothing have great personalities in sports such as Eberl, Preetz, etc. Took a course at the IST. Here are some key points that spontaneously come to mind for my university. -Classes are highly modern and relaxed on a laptop, PC or even smartphone. You can either be there live, or watch the lectures online afterwards. -In many places in Germany, you can write exams. -The learning content is understandable and the teaching letters, which one always receives punctually before the start of the semester are not too long and are also sufficient to write good grades. -The lecturers are always responsive and always ready to help, even with private problems. -When I started, thanks to the structure of the online campus, my fellow hikers and I were able to get in touch and form successful study groups with each other. -just recently i got to spend a whole day at hertha with some colleagues. We have seen the complete stadium with the interior premises and were also allowed to catch a glimpse of the youth academy and received additional lectures from Hertha employees from the academy and the marketing department. In addition, there was a Europa League match live in the stadium afterwards. This and many other events are offered free of charge by IST.

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