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Prepare a clean sample bag (plastic bag, envelope, etc) for each sex determination.) with indication of the bird species and ring number before.

2. Fill in the order form

You can fill out and print the order form directly on your PC. If you do not have a computer, simply include a handwritten accompanying note with the samples with the appropriate information (address, desired analysis, bird species, ring number, date and signature).

3. What feathers are needed?

From larger birds (z. B. Grey parrots, cockatoos etc.) two to three breast feathers are sufficient, from smaller birds (z. B. Agapornids, finches etc.) we need two medium sized flight feathers. If blood adheres to a quill, a single quill is sufficient. Put the feathers in the prepared bag or envelope.
Important: Feathers must be freshly plucked; feathers that have fallen out or have been plucked by the bird itself are useless for analysis.

5. Dispatch of the feathers

Send the samples together with the completed order form to: Tauros Diagnostik GbR Niederwall 5 D-33602 Bielefeld, Germany

6. Notification of results

Within one to two days after receipt of the mail you will receive a certificate with the result for each DNA sex determination. If you provide us with your email address, you will be automatically informed about the receipt of the sample and the results of the analysis.

Quality and safety

The sex of a bird is determined in our laboratory by two independently performed DNA analyses. Only if the results are congruent, the sex is documented in a certificate. For a few species we unfortunately have only one diagnostic available.

Payment methods

Within Germany you will receive an invoice for the examination costs together with the results. You can pay them afterwards by bank transfer.

We would like to ask our foreign customers to transfer the resulting examination costs in advance to our account promptly with the dispatch of the samples. We cannot release results to you before payment is received.

Please transfer the amount due to the following account:

Account holder: Tauros Diagnostik GbR

Bank: Sparkasse Bielefeld IBAN: DE95 4805 0161 0000 0394 12 BIC: SPBIDE3BXXX

Please indicate your name on the remittance slip.


DNA sexing is based on the specific detection of DNA sequences that can be used to unambiguously determine the sex of most birds. For this purpose, certain sections of genetic information that are only found on the sex chromosomes of birds are amplified using PCR technology and made visible with a special procedure.

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