Do khyi breed description character co dogbible

Do Khyi breed description: Character& CoDer Do Khyi is also called Tibetan Dog or Tibetan Mastiff. He is assigned to FCI group 2, section 2.2, which are mountain dogs, assigned.

Although the appearance suggests it, the Tibetan dogue is not related to Molossians or the Great Danes.

History: the Tibetan

For centuries the Do Khyi lived more or less isolated from the outside world in Tibet, as a guardian of house and yard, with the nomads additionally as a guardian of the herds, with the traders as a protector of the caravans.

The climatic conditions are hard, the tasks are clearly defined.

The result is a strong dog with a thick coat to protect him from the weather, who reacts cautiously, but fearlessly puts every intruder or attacker in his place.

Already Marco Polo has described him, and that was after all 1271.

In the last twenty to thirty years, however, the powerful dog from Tibet has become fashionable in China, among other places. By crossbreeding with Great Danes and Mastiffs he has been bred to even greater body mass and fetches horrendous prices. But all this is at the expense of his health. The lips no longer close, the eyes are often deep-set, the coat wrinkles, the joints more and more often cannot support the body.

Where the Do Khyi is truly purebred outside of Tibet, there is another problem: the gene pool is quite small, making it difficult to avoid inbreeding and the associated health consequences. In Germany the International Club for Tibetan Dog Breeds in the VDH is in charge of the Do Khyi breeding. The number of puppies is extremely low.

Do khyi breed description character co dogbibleDo khyi breed description character co dogbible


The nature of the Tibetan dog: cool stubbornness

The many hundreds of years of being a guard dog are still shaping the Tibetan Dog today. If your Do Khyi is well socialized in your family, he will love the children and protect all of you – including any other animals you may have.

The Tibetan dog is loyal and caring to its family and patient with children. Strangers will see it more as a potential attacker -. She is not intimidated by them. Male Tibetan Dogs can also be very dominant towards other male dogs.

The Tibetan Dogue is very independent and will not do anything it thinks is pointless. At the same time she remains cool and calm. If she wants, she can be very docile, but often she soon has no more desire.

Education: nothing for beginners

The strong-willed Tibetan dog is not a dog for beginners. It needs a consistent boss who always remains fair and has fun dealing with the animal with a strong character. It takes experience and dog savvy to do justice to the intelligent dog and train him to be the good-natured and loyal housemate he can be. Ideally, a unique relationship is formed. It is recommended to visit a competent dog school.

The Tibetan Dog in Central Europe

Already because of its size, the Do Khyi is not suitable for a small apartment. It simply needs space. In addition, he needs a territory that he can protect. A solitary house with a large, securely enclosed garden is ingenious.

The guard dog life lies in the blood of the Do Khyi. But it also makes a good tracking dog and is suitable for some dog sports, as well as a rescue dog. He shows sensitivity as a therapy dog, especially for children.

The Do Khyi needs regular exercise, but not too fast and intense. Long walks are a strain on him.

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