Do khyi tibetdog dog finds

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The Do Kyi is a mountain dog from the Himalayas. The Tibetan dogue is considered to be a well-balanced, but very territorial and independent guard dog. As a large Molosser, the Tibetan Mastiff is kept and bred only by a few fanciers in Germany to this day.

Profile: Do Khyi

The Tibetan Do Khyi is said to translate tethered dog mean. Because as guard dogs and companions of the travelers they are often chained to protect villages, camps and dwellings.

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings

from 61 cm from 66 cm

ca. 30-55 kg ca. 40-70 kg

Dog type
Mountain dog

Life span
10-15 years

History and origin

The Do Khyi belongs to the primitive and ancient dog breeds, whose ancestors already lived in Asia a long time ago. These large quadrupeds have actually been living for a long in the Himalayas v.a. As guard dog and Guard dog of Tibetan monasteries, villages and caravans Kept.

The range of distribution is vast and there is Many different types of these mountain dogs. In Mongolia it is known as Bhankhar, in Nepal as Bhote Kukur and also in other languages there are designations for these Molosser. It is nevertheless primarily considered to be Tibetan dog breed.

Marco Polo already mentioned these dogs in the 13. Century in his travel reports.

Do khyi tibetdogge hundefunde

Tibetan dog ca. 17. Jhd. (from Ten Prized Dogs, Giuseppe Castiglione)

Today it is known that a crossbreeding of a now extinct Grey wolf of the Tibetan highlands the ancestors of the Tibetan dog apparently an early Advantage in surviving at extreme altitudes brought [7] .

For Tibetan doggies come through this adaptation better able to cope with the oxygen-poor air in the Himalayas than other dogs.

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings

monastery guard dog 1911

For a long time these large dogs were bred relatively isolated by external influences.

When the first Tibetan dogs from the middle of the 19. Century reached Europe, cynologists were so impressed by the imposing dogs, that they saw in the Do Khyi "the origin of all Molossians. However, this could not be confirmed.

The dogs were exhibited in zoos and apparently sporadically also used for breeding of some European dog breeds. Because we now know from genome analyses that there is a genetic relationship between Tibetan dogs and various large dog breeds exist [8] .

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings

Thibetan Mastiff 1907 [6]

It is possible that towards the end of the 19. Century sporadically a crossbreeding of the particularly large Tibethunde u.a. at Pyrenean mountain dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rottweilers, Bernhadinern, Newfoundlands, Bobtails or Leonbergers took place. Because the admiration for the Asian Molossians was great. breeding of especially powerful quadrupeds in fashion.

1961 was the Do Khyi recognized by the FCI. Because of his size and his independent character he could not really establish himself as a companion dog.

Headlines makes the dog breed until today especially again and again as a status symbol, for which especially Chinese buyers spend a lot of money. Because of the tense political situation the Tibetan Do Khyi is naturally understood in China as a Chinese dog breed.

size and appearance

At the shoulder height of these dogs is as a minimum 61 cm for bitches and 66 cm for males given. So the dogs are not so huge as one could believe from some pictures in the internet. However, the breeding standard of course leaves a lot of room for improvement.

The Do Khyi therefore belongs to the large dog breeds or the very large dog breeds.

As a molosser is the Do Khyi quite heavy and powerful built. The dogs are altogether a little bit longer than high. The gait is deliberate, but powerful.

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings

The head is large and strong. Especially large older dogs have sometimes some loose skin and skin folds on the side of the head. The strongly pronounced occipital spine often disappears in the long mane coat. And also the Hangeohren are not always visible in the long coat.

The Muzzle should not be too shortened and is square. The lips are heavy. Somewhat overhanging. A neck ruff occurs especially in males, but should not become too plump.

The abundantly feathered tail rolls up when excited.

Do khyi tibetdog dog breed

The Top coat becomes only medium long, by the undercoat the coat looks nevertheless very voluminous. Just the ruff, the tail and the trouser legs can become very bushy.

With the Tibetan dog different coat colors occur. So there is the Do Khyi in black and black-tan, blue or blue-tan or golden to reddish blond sable.

With the Tibetan Dogue there are different types in breeding. Some dogs are therefore larger or more luxuriantly hairy than others. Here you will find Do Khyi picture gallery.

Do khyi tibetdog dogfinds

Temperament and attitude

The Do Khyi is a independent and self-reliant dog. He is strong nerves and sovereign, calm and dignified.

Due to its field of use as guard dog it is very courageous, self-confident and extremely territorial.

It was finally over millennia its task to protect his family and their belongings from danger. Towards strangers Tibetan dogs are therefore distant to distrustful set.

And as a primitive Molosser he does not think much of long training sessions and gets bored quickly. obedience training in the classical sense requires Dog knowledge and patience.

bitches, by the way like wolves usually in heat only once a year.

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings

The dogs can be very lively and playful his. Otherwise they belong rather to the energy saving models and like to lie around and watch their territory.

As apartment dog or beginner dogs they are not really suitable. they hair, bark also sometimes at night and need a lot of space. An acquisition should be as with all guard dogs and large Molosser be well considered.

Breeders in Europe or the USA usually pay attention to an affable temperament of their offspring. Good breeders also certainly like to advise prospective buyers on the suitable housing conditions for such a dog.

Do khyi tibetdog dog findings


Originally, these dogs were considered to be above average long lasting for dogs of their size. They are extremely tough, frugal and winterproof.

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