Do you have a rottweiler.

Breed portrait: RottweilerAlthough the Rottweiler is considered a list dog in some states, it has never been bred as a fighting dog. It can be kept as a family friendly dog. Here you will learn all the essentials about the breed.

General information about the Rottweiler

In 19. In the nineteenth century City of Rottweil in today's Baden-Wurttemberg native shepherd dogs crossed, which bred the Rottweiler. The city of Rottweil was known for its cattle trade. Dogs were used to keep the animals in check on the way to pasture. At first these dogs were called butcher dogs, but later they got the name Rottweil because of the city Rottweil.

In addition Origins in Rome suspected. Theories say that the Rottweiler was also used there for livestock and came with the Romans over the Alps to the city of Rottweiler. In the year 1910 the Rottweiler, due to its strong muscular build and fearless temperament, was officially designated as a Police dog recognized.

Appearance of the Rottweiler

Size: male dog 61 to 69 cm, female dog 56 to 63 cm
Weight: 42-50 kg
Coat: sticky, dense, close fitting
Colors: Black with brown markings
physique: muscular, stocky and strong
Powerful dentition

Character and features of the Rottweiler

Because of its character, the Rottweiler serves very well as a Service dog, guard dog, rescue dog or guide dog for the blind. He is eager to work, leader and self-confident. But he can just as well be used as a Family dog be kept as he is friendly, peaceful and fond of children. His characteristics at a glance:

Education and attitude of the Rottweiler

The right Education plays a big role with a Rottweiler. If you keep him as a family dog, education is very important in order to keep his human-friendly nature to promote. You should give your Rottweiler from the beginning his position in the family hierarchy clear. You must give him consequently educate and be dominant, so that he listens to you and respects you. You should act thoughtfully and calmly when raising your Rottweiler. Thereby you show your Rottweiler your positive leadership qualities. It is important that the education already in the Puppy age begins. So he will become a faithful companion for you. In addition, the Rottweiler needs a adequate exercise.

If you are not consistent and dominant enough or train the Rottweiler wrong, he can develop a dangerous behavior. The education of the Rottweiler therefore plays a very important role.

Care and nutrition of the Rottweiler

The coat of the Rottweiler is very easy to maintain because it is rather short to medium length. Occasional brushing is enough to remove the impurities in the fur. The paws, eyes, Ears and claws must be cared for to the usual extent. Like any other dog, the Rottweiler needs a species-appropriate nutrition. The dog food should not be too greasy and low in protein in order to Overweight to prevent. You should feed your Rottweiler in moderation.

Common diseases in the Rottweiler are hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. These are maldevelopments of the respective joints due to a genetic disposition. You can prevent the diseases if you make sure that your dog does not become overweight and gets enough exercise. Another hereditary disease is leukoencephalomyelopathy. It occurs very rarely, but leads to progressive paralysis in young animals and is not curable. The Rottweiler has have a life expectancy of 8-10 years.

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Do you have a rottweiler

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