Do you know the different rare diseases a dog can have dog world

If we have a dog, the safest thing to do is to get established a very good relationship So much so that we feel they are part of our family, so we will always do it try to make them healthy and that they have no disease.

But often we protect them so much that we forget that diseases can also affect them indoors.

The "rare diseases in dogs

It is important that we know this There are many diseases that can affect the health of our petSo you must always pay attention to her symptoms and consult a specialist if you notice any problems. So if you are thinking of taking in a new family member, it is important that you seek information about these the rarest diseases that can suffer and the bacteria that can infect it.

If you do not know anything Dog diseases and you feel very agonized about it, you don't have to worry because we will talk a little bit about it then diseases from which they can suffer, most people don't know about, either because they aren't common or because they haven't searched for anything about them.

disease called Rucellosis

The first one we will tell you about is the Rucellosis, A disease that causes abortion, testicular inflammation and it can lead to sterility.

This is caused by bacteria which is transmitted through sexual contact and by ingestion of infected residues. In women, it can cause abortion while waiting for the arrival of babies, and in men, it can cause testicular inflammation, which can lead to sterility.

On the other hand we can find Leptospirosis It causes vomiting, coughing, muscle aches, fever and breathing problems is a disease caused by bacteria, which is acquired when dogs have contact with water infected with mouse urine. This is a disease that can be prevented by vaccinating the dog.

Hip dysplasia

La Hip dysplasia is another disease that affects pets. The most common symptoms are inflammation, lameness and a lot of pain.

Usually It is possible to detect the disease Since there is lameness and pain in the inflamed area, since this disease can be observed by X-rays and you need to treat it, you need to go to a veterinarian and he can send medications and gymnastics therapies in addition to diet control.

Disease called mastitis

Mastitis It is a disease that always or mostly affects female dogs, as this causes inflammation of the mammary glands, which can be of infectious origin, and to cure this disease you need to clean and Disinfection of the affected area and a veterinarian should be consulted.

It is also necessary Canine distemper, which causes coughing, vomiting, tearing and diarrhea. Mainly The infection begins with a coughThen the dog begins to run and tear, and later vomiting, pneumonia and diarrhea appear, which is a contagious disease that can even be fatal.

It is necessary, Consult the veterinarian when these problems exist, as this is an infection that can be fought with antibiotics if treated in time.

One of the conditions that can cause a dog the most pain is called disease Canine parvo virusThis causes diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding, and the animal transmits this virus through feces. To prevent this serious disease, it is recommended to vaccinate the dog regularly and provide it with serum so that it does not become dehydrated. Another of these is Pyometra, which causes feverDiarrhea, difficulty moving and a lot of urine can cause the death of the animal in severe cases due to the toxins released in the blood.

Disease called pododermatitis

Pododermatitis causes lameness, sores, infections and skin tears. The animal will show Pain and symptoms can be due to dampness and by disinfectants used for cleaning.

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