Doberman disease 1

The nursery of the Doberman was not the best. The foundation stone for the breed was laid by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector and night policeman born in Apolda, who also worked as a knacker and dog catcher.

He bred man and predator sharp dogs from previously unknown breeds, which could neither be bribed nor impressed by blows and shots. A courageous and spirited guard dog, the Dobermann, was born.

Today he has fallen somewhat into disrepute, because there were and are people who promoted his protective characteristic and used it to their advantage. Nevertheless he is a recognized service dog.

Appearance of the Doberman

An elegant physique, a shoulder height of up to 72 cm and a weight of up to 45 kg this dog brings with him. Males are bigger. Heavier than bitches.

The coat is short in black with markings, brown or blue, although the breeding of blue Dobermans is prohibited (Blue Doberman Syndrome).

Character and behavior of Dobermans

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